The 14th Overlord


(Will edit these soon.)

The Madman Cometh

Last Thursday, in a five round bloodfest, MadMadMax defeated Overlord Valmion for the

coveted title. This match was shrouded in controversy as rumors of Max's kidnapping of

Valmion's baby son to use as blackmail against the Overlord were flying around the inn in record

numbers. Did Max steal the child? If not, where did he get the infant that he turned over to

Valmion after the duel? If he did indeed steal the child, what does this say about the state of

dueling? What have we become when a child's safety is in danger over a title? Is MadMadMax a

trustworthy person at all? Should he be stripped of the title? Did Valmion throw the match?

Hard questions.

A week before the duel, Valmion's child was kidnapped. Eyewitnesses to the event claim that

Max was responsible. In the hours that followed, Max was seen in the shop of a local witch,

buying magical diapers, and in Star's End getting a large can of Similac from RDI Gloin. When

questioned about the event, the shop witch agreed that Max did in fact have a baby but that he

claimed it was named LilLilMax, and that a woman on the street gave it to him. Later reports had

Max in a spaceship which exploded taking away part of a storage facility for a shopkeeper up in

the orbital station over RhyDin. Max himself claims that he is innocent of all charges.

Equally disturbing is this new Charity fund Max is running. According to an announcement

made on the boards barely 2 days from his victory, Max is now charging duelers for his calls in the

ring. Three gold pieces per duel to go to the Retired Dueler's Home. Where is this home? When

we went looking for it, we couldn't find a thing. Is Max abusing his power as Overlord and new

duel caller to make a tidy profit? Some say yes. Several people who did not want to be

identified, have reported that when serving drinks in the inn and the Stars End Bar and Grill and

Roach Motel, the Max pockets the gold, and mates credsticks to his own rather than scanning

them into the Inn's cash registers.

The duel itself was quick and efficient and shows a great example of a successful slash.

Max Valmion

Fancy Sidestep Fancy Circular Parry

Thrust Thrust

Low Cut High Cut

Slash Fancy Lateral Parry

Low Cut Fancy Duck

Still whatever his politics or hobbies, the Overlord title demands respect. And as the saying

goes, salute the uniform if you can't bring yourself to salute the man. This editor can't help but

wonder if black leather is going to be mandatory dress from now on.

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