The 13th Overlord


(Will edit properly soon)

The Overlord challenge that took place back on the 7th of this month was fast and clean. The

duelists, Vixxenish and Valmion dueled a fair fight and as I reported briefly in the last issue,

Vixxenish especially reacted in a very honorable and polite manner that is not often seen in the


::Photo of Vix slashing with her deadly dueling teabag as Valmion low cuts with the Sword of

Imperators. Blood is just appearing on her neat pantyhose::

The crowd was quite vocal in their support of their favorites, although one sign did seem rather

offensive, but the perpetrator seemed to realize that he was being unnaturally rude and took it

down after a few choice glares from the audience.

::photo of Vix sidestepping in a lavender blur (thanks for that visual Red) as Valmion's sword arcs

up in a metallic flash heading for the side of her head::

::photo of Valmion slashing out and catching his blade on the mighty teabag of Vix's stop hit::

::photo of Valmion following low with another cut to Vix's blooded leg, only to find the teabag in

a move so fancy it stopped his blade cold. Both battlers have a dark look in their eye as they

realize the score is now tied::

::photo of blood spurting from Vix's midsection, and soggy tea splooshes from Valmion's as the

pair trade thrusts in a dual impalement::

::photo of Valmion, face urgent with concentration swinging his blade up high to connect with

Vix as she sidesteps right into the blade, her face equally concentrated::

::photo of Vix snapping Max's fingers making a lavender sash and tiara appear on Valmion after

the fight::

The title was passed and a new Overlord was crowned.

Honor in the Rings

Valmion and Cullyn Darelir met in the ring recently in a very exciting match that will not soon be

forgotten. With all the pomp and color of previous duels, this match began with the marvelous

calling of Siera Red. Valmion and Cym both thrust for their opening move, tying the score

immediately. Cym went on to take the lead by sidestepping Valmion's thrust, thrusting into

Valmion's low cut, and low cutting the Overlord's slash. Cym did the almost unheard of

Quintuple cut maneuver, coming up with two points for the effort. But in a comeback quite

typical of the Overlord, the next two points were his, followed by one to Cym and then three

more in quick succession to the Overlord.

The moves:

Valmion Cullyn

Thrust Thrust

fancy circular parry circular parry

thrust sidestep

low cut thrust

high cut high cut

slash low cut

fancy duck high cut

fancy circular parry low cut

sidestep high cut

low cut lateral parry

thrust low cut

fancy lateral parry thrust

Another note may be made that Cym did not use any fancies which should be proof enough to all

you commoners out there that it *can* be done. The victory was within Cym's grasp. So do not

fear fancies... plan for them.

A Matter of Politics

On December 15, Lord Valmion of Questrion successfully defended his title of Overlord against

Connor MacLeod. Much to the surprise of many, QnLuthien stood with Connor against her old

friend Valmion. Seems that Valmion had once promised Luthien that he would choose her as

second when it came time for him to challenge the Overlord. When the time came, he changed his

mind and chose the most honorable Shadowrun in an attempt to attain honor by proxy. In his

efforts to prove his honor to a crowd that was mostly unconcerned with it, he showed an

appalling lack of it by not standing true to his word. Could the tombstone crest he wore at the

fight mean a death of his honor?

But whatever the politics behind it, the fight itself was quite good. Called by the famous dwarf,

Gloin, the match lasted nine rounds with the points trading back and forth. At the seventh round,

they were tied at 3 a piece then the Overlord showed his abilities and won on the next to points,

fancy duck and high cut.

The rounds:

Valmion Connor

fancy duck high cut

fancy circular parry fancy circular parry

low cut thrust

fancy duck stop hit

thrust fancy circular parry

fancy lateral parry high cut

thrust thrust

fancy duck high cut

high cut fancy circular parry

A great display of fancy use was made by both competitors. And after the bout, a fine show of

good sportsmanship was made as Connor and Mamusia both graciously congratulated the winner.

The animosity between Luthien and Valmion was still quite apparent as the elven queen was

seemingly ignored as she wished the victor congratulations.

Valmion did declare that MadMadMax was next on the list of competitors and that he was

looking forward to the fight with keen interest. This magazine also looks to that fight as being

quite interesting. If you can't make it to any other match this season, this may be the one to go to.

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