The 119th Overlord

Lilith Anderson

After winning the 2020 March Madness Final, Lilith Anderson challenged Jewell Ravenlock for the title of Overlord using the Mad Test Free Challenge Grant. The Mad Test Free Grant was a special grant, allowing the challenger the choice of format in their duel versus the Overlord. Lilith chose a Best of Three format. Lilith took the first match 5.5 - 3 in 7 rounds, in the second match Jewell returned with 5 - 3 in 9 rounds. The last match saw Lilith take the title with 5 - 2 in 6 rounds. Lilith not only gained the title of Overlord, but she is also the tenth person to achieve the elusive Triple Crown title. It is rumoured that Jewell Ravenlock held a party on the Overlord Yacht that extended well into the wee hours of the next morning before handing it over to Lilith. (Details)

The first challenge to Lilith came from the top placing warlord from the All Ranks tournament, Jay Capistrano. The challenge was fought in the best of three format and was a grand success for raising funds for charitable organizations in RhyDin. Unlike many of the challenges in which the Overlord had been interceding for her loyal Barons, Overlord Lilith was on her game and rallied back after a very close (4-5) first duel loss to win the next two (5-3 and 5-4) duels. Notably all three duels were concluded in 24 rounds to make the challenge relatively short. (Details)

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