The 118th Overlord

Jewell Ravenlock

The 118th Overlord Challenge was one of mystique, intrigue and drama. Michelle Montoya had been undergoing a radical process of going rogue within the Arena causing strife and chaos. Her acts progressively got more severe, including stabbing an Arena goer, to the point that her own teammate Jewell Ravenlock stepped up to challenge her for her mantle. Prior to the night of the challenge Michelle banished her last remaining Loyal Barons to Renegade, but neither opted for the right to challenge her, meaning Jewell's could proceed.

On the night of the challenge the crowd supported Jewell as their champion. As she prepared to face Michelle it was announced that she would face a Test of Worthiness by the Warlord Bile. He made his intentions known that his involvement was not at the behest of the incumbent but rather to spite the challenger. To counter this test the Renegade Baroness of Cadentia Mallory opted to face Bile. In a grueling 14 round bout where the Overlord's Champion had led by two, the Renegade Baroness came out on top at a score of 5-4 to ensure the Challenger their chance at the crown.

The challenge proceeded and the Challenger found herself two leads equalized in the early rounds. While it seemed contentious at the start it did not take long for Jewell to reach match point at 4-2. With her back to the ropes Michelle managed to battle back and secure sudden death despite the disparity she had faced. For a moment the thought lingered in the air that just as Mallory had prior Michelle might secure a mystifying comeback win. Jewell made quick work of this by securing herself a 5-4 victory in the end, earning her second reign as Overlord.

The night appeared to be over as the match concluded. Both parties began to make their respective ways out of the venue before an unknown assailant managed to infiltrate the venue and assault the newly appointed Overlord. Little is known of this time of their identity or allegiances. (Details)

By means of a grant won during the All Ranks Tournament, Mairead Harker proceeded with a challenge to the incumbent Overlord Jewell Ravenlock. On the night of their meeting it was decided by Jewell that challenge would continue as a single bout. The challenge commenced and within 6 rounds it would culminate in similar fashion. The affair could only be described as torrid. Jewell scored on all but one rounds, which was a null for both fighters, and ended up only surrendering one point on the final round of the bout. The challenge spanned 15 minutes in total marking one of the swiftest challenges no doubt recorded. With a final score of 5-1 in 6, Jewell defended her title as Overlord. (Details)

Jewell faced her second challenge via the same path as the first where the recipient of the Winter 2020 All Ranks Tournament challenge grant Myria Graziano had placed third out of twelve in a grueling competition. Choosing for the second consecutive time a single duel challenge the match began with two rounds of no scoring before the Overlord went on a 4 point streak to take a 4-0 lead. Two more rounds of no scoring left the challenger 8 rounds in the match without a point. The ninth round would not see the defending Overlord shut out the challenger as Myria scored, and then scored again in the tenth. However, Jewell completed the defense in the 11th round to finish the single duel with a 5-2 win. (Details)

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