The 117th Overlord

Michelle Montoya

Duel of Swords was without an Overlord! With Mallory stepping down to claim the newly established title of Baron of Cadentia upon winning the Summer Spellblade Spectacular, it was up to the Barons Council to decide the fate of the sports top title. It took a few days until six of the eight Barons announced their plan: a round robin tournament to see who would become the newest Overlord. While only four of those six barons joined, it was Dragon's Gate's Michelle Montoya who remained undefeated throughout. Michelle, with her victory in the Barons Tournament achieve, stepped up to begin her first reign as Overlord. (Details)

Many were in attendance on the eve of the Overbaker's first defense. Mairead Harker stood up to be the first to challenge Michelle Montoya with her prize grant from the All Ranks Tournament. The best of three contest brought out a plethora of spectators on both sides to cheer for the challenger and the incumbent, both having established pedigrees in the sport. The first of the matches proved to be a case of tug of war. The lead shifted twice in the bout while the score managed to remain within striking distance for most of it. Michelle managed to clinch the first in a deciding 5-2. The second bout proved to be far more difficult for the reigning Overbaker. Out of the gate Michelle took an early lead and soon secured match point. Mairead showed her prowess and battled back taking the bout to sudden death. For 7 consecutive rounds the only gap in score was .5 before Michelle eventually closed it out after 17 rounds. (Details)

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