The 116th Overlord

Mallory Maeda

Theatrics on full display as Overlord Nat Candle and Battlefield Park Baroness Mallory Maeda met to do battle for the title of Overlord! With the Overlord electing a single duel the match became a close race between the two as they finished the 7th round with a tied score of 4 to 4.. but in the end it would be Mallory who continued the assault and saw herself coming out on top in the 8th -- 5 to 4 in her favor! With her victory the former Baroness took on the mantle of Overlord for the first time in her Duel of Swords career. (Details)

The Overwitch seemed to both be favored by not only the crowd but lady luck as well when she met against challenger Rachael Blackthorne to see who would take home the mantle of Overlord. The match started in Mallory's favor but quickly the tides turned to Rachael's corner as she tied up the match and took control to sit at match point with a score of 4-2. Mallory's comeback started with a sidestep away from the challengers thrust, then a quick low strike to sneak under her high parry -- with that the score was tied 4-4. At sudden death the following round decided the duel.. and, in somewhat poetic fashion, Mallory achieved her victory by using the same tactic which started her comeback. With a sidestep away from Rachael's thrust Mallory gained her first defense of her Overlord reign. (Details)

With the introduction of the Cadentia barony, Mallory and her squire Runt teamed up to participate in the Spellblade Spectacular Tournament. Upon winning the tournament, Mallory respectfully resigned her reign as Overlord to take over as the first holder of the new barony. Head of the Arena, Na-Rae called upon the barons council to join and decide when and what format a Barons Tournament would be taking place, if a Baron’s Tournament at all would held at all, or if it would be left as a prize in the upcoming Warlord Tournament which would be at the end of September, one month after Mallory had forfeited her status as Overlord. (Details)

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