The 113th Overlord


When no one claimed the Overlord Challenge grant in the Spring Warlord Tournament, E Smith took advantage of the opportunity and slipped in a challenge to Terry King. Less than two weeks later, the pair met amidst plenty of good natured heckling and even a little awkward tension on both sides of the ring. Terry fought under Team Dirty's black and pink with her fiancee, Gabby Alexandros, as her Lady of Honor and Dirty teammate Claire Gallows as her Second. E fought under his FIGHT E FIGHT banner with Dockside squire Misery Postu as his second and Melanie Rostol, King's ex-wife, as his Lady of Honor. Awkward? Just a little bit. Despite some initial weirdness, the night went off without a hitch. Terry elected not to test the Baron and thus they were set for a single format duel that was resolved in 8 quick rounds in E's favor, making him the newly crowned 113th Overlord. (Details)

E's first challenge came from one time Overlady, Jewell Ravenlock, who had taken an Overlord challenge grant for placing in the Spring Warlord Tournament. The challenge was the first ever fought in The Hold and Conner Reid did the calling. E fought below his typical banner with Mel once again as his lady of honor. Jewell picked up a couple of guys at the bar for her honoraries, according to Conner's report. The challenge went down in a best of three format, though E would need only two. Close fought duels both, but the Overlord prevailed 6.5-5 in 14 rounds in the first and 5-4 in 8 on the second. ((Details))

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