The 112th Overlord

Terry King

Terry was the only one to show for the Warlord tournament held in the Fall of 2017 and became the de facto winner, earning herself an intercession free challenge to the Overlord. Initially dubbed a Dirty vs Wrecking Crew brawl, the challenge was actually more a holiday charity event. Many members of the community stepped forward and pledged their nobles to the winner's choice of charity which, with the challenge taking place so close to Christmas, seem apropos. On the night of the fight, both stood below the respective banners of their teams. Terry was seconded by Claire Gallows and fought for the honor or Gabriella Alexandros and Lisa Takamine (kissing up to the caller of the night!). The Overlady fought without a second and in the honor of the charity she championed. It was a nice gesture, but ultimately Myria's charity of choice would see nothing out of the night as the challenger was not to be stopped. Terry was first on the board and took a 2 point lead by the 7th. Myria tried to launch a comeback and landed a thrust in the 10th, but that would be all she could manage. After 13 rounds Terry claimed her 2nd Overlord title by a score of 5.5-2 and took away several thousand silver for the Old Market Woman's Shelter. (Details)

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