The 109th Overlord

Claire Farron

Two days after losing to Dimitrii Sixtus in her challenge for Dockside, Claire took second place in the Summer Cycle Warlord Tournament. (Details) and was awarded the intercession free Overlord Challenge. At the time, however, there was no Overlord to be challenged. It was another five days from then that the tournament of barons produced a new Overlord, in the form of Dimitrii Sixtus and setting up a rematch between the two with higher stakes. As always, Claire fought beneath the banner of Team Dirty, with teammates, and renegade barons, Hope and King cheering her on, while Six attempted his defense without honors. The format was single duel and a good thing it was, as the pair may not have survived multiple duels like the first. A close contested match to 14 rounds, they exchanged leads around midway through but stayed within striking range throughout. The young Overlord took too big a risk in the final round and looked to score with a slash, but it was Claire's cut to his legs that took the winning point. With a final score of 5.5 - 4, Claire claimed her 2nd Overlordship. (Details)

Shortly before Claire began her reign, a cleanup of the Arena archives unearthed the designs for an enchanted shield that would be a match for the weapons entrusted each of the baronial squires. Rather than file it back away, Claire would be the first Overlord to retain a squire and the shield crafted for this person, to be passed from squire to squire as with the others. Claire held a two week competition to select her squire with six prospects in participation. Nick Allen emerged with far and away the most points, his dedication and perseverance earning him the honor. (Details)

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