The 106th Overlord


When becoming the Overlord, Harris had set a bounty on the titles of any renegade barons. To counter this, Shadow (renegade baron of Dragon's Gate) and Claire Caelum combined to set a significant reward for any who would unseat the blue haired Overlord. When news of this prize reached Nayun, she was quick to return to RhyDin proper and look to collect. As promised in Overlord Proclamation #1, Nayun's challenge was met with the Test of Worthiness, Harris having tapped "Baby Baron", Mairead Harker of Old Market. The Baron of Seaside, Bile, who had originally declared himself loyal to Harris switched alignments two hours prior to the match and stepped forward in the Right to Challenge fight. In a 10 round nailbiter, Bile came out on top to secure Nayun's path to a fight with Harris. In the main event it looked as though Nayun would sail easily through to claim the win when she drew first blood and quickly took the match to 4-1 by the 6th round. To his credit though, Harris kept with it and mounted an impressive comeback, actually taking a lead in the 13th round with a timely thrust to bring the score to 4.5 - 4. The next two rounds swung back the other way however; ducking a parry and then thrusting below his high cut, Nayun took the winning points and with them the Overlordship. Oh. And a whole lot of silver. Details

Nayun's first challenger should have been Spider Zauvirr who took first place in the Fall Warlord Tournament of 2015. Prize in hand, Spider issued his challenge and things looked to be proceding as expected, but two days before the match was to take place he rescinded. (link)

After Spider rescinded his challenge, Nayun addressed the barons as a whole in an Overlord Proclamation and banished the loyals to renegade, inviting a challenge from each of them.

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