Diamond Quest #7

The seventh Diamond Quest took place on October 25, 1996. What follows is the historical recap of the tournament as written by Jake Thrash in Dueling Today Volume 3, Issue 12.

Diamond Quest VII, hosted by RDI Rand, took place on 25 Oct. Participating in the event were LordRannos, Gamelord 3, Goldglo, Sharise DA (standing in for Shanni Ctn), Kyttn and JakeThrash.

Notable about this particular Quest, previous winner Dare l'Tan elected not to participate, and Sharise D'Amato stood in for Shannon Colton who, due to her medical condition, was unable to participate herself. Also absent from this Quest was Percival, long time favorite and the only two-time winner of the event. AragornKoG had orginally indicated his intent to participate, but when he was unable to show, Gamelord who had originally elected not to participate, jumped in to fill the empty slot.

The event, returning to its previous format after an experimental double elimination style during the last quest, was a round-robin style event and every dueller was expected to fight every other dueller to determine just who was the toughest of the lot and would get to hold the coveted title of Diamond.

The event began with Gamelord facing off with Goldglo, Sharise battling Jake Thrash, and Kyttn combatting Lord Rannos. First match to finish was the match-up of Jake and Sharise, for while she fought with all the skill that her mentor could provide her, her skill fell to the aggressive orc 5-3 after 7 rounds. Next to finish were Kyttn and Rannos as Rannos stole victory from her 5-3 in 10 rounds. In the longest match of the night, Goldglo defeated Gamelord 5-4 in a match that went into overtime, finally finishing in round 16.

Entering the second round of match-ups, Goldglo faced off with Lord Rannos, Gamelord took on Sharise, and Kyttn faced Jake Thrash. Lord Rannos was on a roll as he took his match 5-3 in 8 rounds. Gamelord, duelling Sharise, found redemption this duel, recovering his loss in the first match-ups, by defeating Sharise 5-1 in 10 rounds. Highest score of the night, Jake and Kyttn went to 6-5 before Kyttn finally took the victory in round 10 as her lithe agility proved a match for the lumbering orc.

As the third round of duels began, Jake coming off of his loss to Kyttn, found himself soundly beaten by Gamelord, 5-2 in 9 rounds. Kyttn, following her victory, battled Goldglo and took her match 5-1 in 8 rounds. Sharise, still hurting from her loss to Gamelord, found herself shut-out by the able Lord Rannos who was well on his way to claiming the Diamond.

For the fourth round of matches, Gamelord faced off with the agile Kyttn, Goldglo was paired with Sharise, and leader of the event Lord Rannos battled Jake Thrash. Sharise fought mightily but fell to Goldglo 5-1 in 9 rounds. Gamelord claimed a victory from Kyttn 5-3 in 9 rounds, which placed his record at 3-1 and put him 2nd in the running for the title behind Lord Rannos. In the match-up between Lord Rannos and Jake Thrash, the orc was able to slow Lord Rannos' flight to the title down as he defeated Rannos 5-3 in 7 rounds. Due to his previous wins, Lord Rannos was still in the top spot alongside Gamelord, both of them with records of 3 wins, 1 loss.

As the records of Jake (2-2), Kyttn (2-2), Goldglo (2-2) and Sharise (0-4) were less than 3 and 1, it was determined that it was unnecessary that they duel in last match-up. Instead, all of the participants turned their attention to Gamelord and Lord Rannos who duked it out for the title of Diamond.

The final match went as follows:
Gamelord Lord Rannos Results
Fancy Dodge Flip <--- Gamelord sneaks away from Rannos for a Point, 1-0 Gamelord
Jab Feint Hook <--- Rannos Feints and pulls back to leave both with Adv's
Dodge Feint Spinkick <--- Rannos could have scored but "Percy's" instead
Jab Jab <--- Rannos and Game close and slug away, 2-1 Gamelord
Fancy Dodge Fancy Leap <--- Adv's to both for their Fancy style
Legsweep Jab <--- Rannos tags Gamelord with a fast punch, 2 all
Snapkick Fancy Dodge <--- Rannos dodges around Game's punch, 3-2 Rannos
Fancy Dodge Duck <--- Rannos ducks, Game dodges but gets an Adv
Armblock Feint Hook <--- Rannos feints his hook and steals the Adv from Gamelord
Dodge Jab Dodge - Jab <--- Gamelord returns the favor! Converting Adv to Point, 4-3 Rannos
Fancy Armblock Snapkick <--- Gamelord stops the kick cold, 4 all
Dodge Jab <--- Gamelord evades Rannos' attack for the Adv
Feint Armblock Fancy Dodge <--- Gamelord converts by stealing the Adv, 5-4 Gamelord

With his defeat of Lord Rannos, Gamelord became the 7th to hold the title of Diamond.

Asked after the event for comments, the following duellers replied:

<#FFFF00>From Gamelord

"Well, to tell you the truth, I was completely overwhelmed with the entire Diamond Quest. First of all, I was in a room with many other Emeralds that have a whole lot more experience than me. Most of them have double my wins in the standings. I thought that the DQ was run rather smoothly, but I haven't been to prior DQ's to compare it with.

As for my win, I was totally shocked. For one thing, I had somehow gotten myself in a tie with LordRannos at 3-1 and then I actually won! I came into this DQ thinking that I didn't really have a chance. I figured that showing up and getting beat would help me prepare for the next DQ. I did have somewhat of a strategy, although I didn't stick to it fully. I basically went in and tried to go for as many adv. as I could and I didn't go for direct points that often. I used my Fancies and stuck to reliable moves, in other words, I didn't take that many risks.

All the duels I was in were challenging. Obviously the one that I lost against Goldy and the final duel were the most challenging. I'd like to tell Sharise that as a lower rank, to get in there with us Emeralds and sticking it out took a lot of guts and that she was really competitive in a couple duels. Good Job Sharise!!

The main thing that led to my success was the great help I had early on in my DoF career from AndersStof, Aragorn, Jake, and several others. I also had wonderful support from Kelli, DR and Coynz.

It was a pleasure to compete in the DQ, and I hope to be competing next time.. "

<#FFFF00>From Lord Rannos

"I always thougt that I had a fair shot at becoming the Diamond. So I wasn't surprised that the I made it to the final round. I was surprised that Gamelord was my opponent for the title. I expected Jake to be the one to beat... ::chuckles:: Of course, he did beat me in round 4... Breaking my right hand in the process....

Even with the broken hand, I felt that I could beat Game... I even took a 4-2 lead... But I couldn't put him away... And in the 14th he finally nailed me for the win...

I gave everyhting I had, but it wasn't enough... My hat's off to Gamelord..."
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