Diamond Quest #6

The sixth Diamond Quest was held across two days in June or July 1996. What follows is the historical recap of the tournament as written by Jake Thrash in Dueling Today Volume 3, Issue 11.

The Outback has a new Diamond, and his name is Dareiyl L'tan. In a surprise win, Dare, who has generally not participated in the Diamond Quests, entered the event at the urging of others, and managed to steal the tile away from the likes of Percival, Jake Thrash, Stof Anders, Lord Rannos, Goldglo, and first-timers DoF Demon and Kyttn.

The event started out with some confusion as some of the eligible Emeralds, including Percival the current Diamond holder, misunderstood the starting time, meaning that several of the participants arrived late. Originally starting as a round-robin event, the event was changed to double-elimination in an attempt to deal with the confusing situation. The change in format caused some problems and Lord Rannos chose to bow out of the event.

Percival, Kyttn, Goldglo and Stof Anders were the next participants to be eliminated as DoF Demon, Jake Thrash and Dareiyl managed to win their respective rounds. Dare was at this early juncture the favorite to win as he had managed to go undefeated. That was to end however when he faced off with Jake who was intent on giving him a run for his money.

With the three remaining participants all at one loss apiece, the night was ended and plans made for the remainder of the tournament to be held a week later. Unfortunately, DoF Demon, one of the Outback's fast rising stars of the ring, was unable to attend the second night and the final battle for the Diamond was fought between Jake and Dare.

A recounting of that duel went as follows:
Dareiyl L'tan Jake Thrash Results
Feint Dodge Snapkick Dare "Percys", no score
Jab Legsweep Dare takes the first point, 1-0
Legsweep Fancy Leap Jake takes a point, 1-1
Fancy Leap Flip Dare escapes the orc's attack, 2-1
Jab Jab Dare and Jake trade blows, 3-2
Jumpkick Jumpkick Dare and Jake do a flyby, still 3-2
Feint Legblock Jab Dare feints and steals an Adv, 3+-2+
Snapkick Feint Legblock Jake's turn to "Percy", 3-2
Fancy Dodge Fancy Duck Both duellers show off, 3+-2+
Flip Feint Hook Jake feints and both convert, 4-3
Jab Legsweep Jake ties up the score, 4-4
Jumpkick Feint Legblock Dare feints and steals adv, 4+-4+*
Jab Jab Dare and Jake trade blows, 5-5
Legsweep Fancy Dodge Dare takes Jake down for the win, 6-5

*(2011 Historical Observation: The description for Round 12 doesn't seem to match what happened, since, assuming the recording is accurate, Jake feinted and not Dare. Also, again assuming accurate moves, the result was a split-advantage, not advantage Dare.)

It was a great duel and Dare was well deserving of his victory.

In light of the confusion surrounding this event, the coordinator of this Diamond Quest RDI Rand, explained that the Double Elimination was suggested as an alternative to the round-robin, but that based on the results of the event which were less than satisfactory, it was unlikely that Double Elimination would be used in a Diamond Quest event again.
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