Diamond Quest #5

The fifth Diamond Quest was held across two days: May 4th and May 10th, 1996. What follows is the historical recap of the tournament as written by Jake Thrash in Dueling Today Volume 3, Issue 11.

The Outback has a new Diamond! And that Diamond is an old one? Percival, winner of Diamond Quest IV, retained the title of Diamond by winning Diamond Quest V which took place on 4 and 10 May.

The event began on 4 May with Emeralds, Lord Rannos, Goldglo, Stof Anders, Jake Thrash and AragornKoG meeting up with Percival to once again find out who's the baddest of the bad in the Outback's Round Robin Diamond Quest. As has been noted before, the Diamond Quest differs from it's sister sports in that the winner of the tournament does not get to challenge the title holder, the winner of the tournament IS the title holder. Which means that the Outback is no place to let yourself become rusty.

Diamond Quest V was hosted by RDI Rand, who was assisted by RDI Rask and by guest caller I Banda.

The event opened up with Jake facing Percival, Stof facing Rannos, and Goldglo facing Aragorn. Jake slaughtered Percy, 5-1 in 7 rounds, proving that brute force has its merits. Rannos and Stof duked it out the hard way reaching sudden death (4-4) in round 10 and not finishing for another 4 rounds when Rannos finally defeated Stof with a Fancy Dodge. Gold defeated Aragorn 5-3 in the tournament's longest match of 16 rounds.

Round two saw Jake facing Gold, Stof battling Percy, and Rannos facing off with Aragorn. Jake defeated Gold 5-2 in 9 rounds and was starting to look like the unstoppable force. Percy overcame Stof 5-4 in yet another close match on Stof's part as it went to sudden death in round 13, and ended in round 14 when a risky SpinKick tagged the Fancy Dodging Stof. Over in ring 3, Aragorn started to get warmed up and managed to defeat Rannos, 5-3 in 11 rounds by utilizing a judo throw on a wary but unlucky Armblocking Rannos.

As round three began, the orc had to face Aragorn, Percy encountered Rannos, and Stof took on Gold. Stof showed his mettle in this round as his youthful speed led him to a 5-1 victory in the tournament's fastest match of 5 rounds. Percival managed to defeat Rannos 5-3 in a 9 round match by making judicious use kicks and dodges. Finishing up the first night, Aragorn proved that rangers do know a thing or two about fighting orcs as he battled Jake to a 5-4 sudden death victory in round 14.

At the end of the night it was still possible for anyone to win the tournament, but Aragorn, Percy and Jake were tied in the lead with 2 wins, 1 loss; while Rannos, Gold and Stof were tied at 1 win and 2 losses.

After the first night of duelling the contenders were asked how they felt the tournament was going, and Dueling Today was able to get these comments:

Goldglo - "Things are looking to get very interesting. Those who won their first matches started losing and vice-versa. Of course, there are always those who seem as if they could never lose...like Jake..."

Percival - "I think the competition has been spectacular, and I wish all the duelists the best of luck in the final rounds. I certainly plan to do my best."

LordRannos - "I got my ass kicked 2 out of 3 times, what do you think?"

AndersStof - "Good spirits, great dueling. I've been hitting my personal bests, and couldn't ask for better company to do it around. As for the finals...Percy's probably the favorite to win, but at this point, it could be anybody's game. I'm just glad and proud to be a part of it."

AragornKoG - "The Diamond Tourney, as much as we like to bet on it, is very unpredictable. The competitors here are all formidable, and all have their own fighting styles. Whether it be to pound the stuffing outta someone, like an orc, or the Pokey all about the ring, like those Ranger guys. But, all in all, it ain't over 'til the "Last Round" bell sings."

JakeThrash - "Damn that sneaky ranger..."

Regrettably, Aragorn was unable to attend the second night of the tournament, and his duels were disqualified from the tournament. Which left Jake at 2 wins, no losses, Percy at 2 wins, 1 loss, Rannos at 1 win, 1 loss, Stof at 1 win, 2 losses and Gold at 2 losses.

As on the first night, spirits were high and taunts were many as the duellers re-entered the rings on 10 May to hold the second night of the event. It was obvious to the crowd that the duels were more intense as the participants sweated out these last duels.

In round four, Jake faced off with Stof, while Gold took on Rannos. Percival dueled an exhibition match with DoF Demon to get warmed up. Stof managed to defeat the brutal orc, winning 5-4 in round 14 of a match that went into sudden death, by Flipping the Jabbing orc from the ring. In the mean time, Gold lost to Rannos 5-3 in a 10 round match when Rannos tagged Gold with an impressive JumpKick.

In the final regular round of combat, Percy dueled Gold, and Jake faced Lord Rannos. Stof, in another exhibition match, combatted DoF Demon. Percy was hard pressed as their match entered sudden death in round 11, but managed to pull out the win in round 14 with another risky but effective SpinKick over Gold's attempted Flip. This left Percy with a 3-1 overall standing, and in the running for winning the title. Over in Jake and Rannos' ring, despite a valiant attempt on the part of Lord Rannos, the orc once more took the win as he LegSwept a Fancy Dodging Rannos to win 5-4 in 10 rounds. The orc's win left him also with a 3 and 1 record and meant that the orc and the paladin were required to face off in a tiebreaker match to determine the winner of the tournament.

Final results of the regular tourney left Jake and Percy tied at 3 wins, 1 loss, Stof and Rannos tied at 2 wins and 2 losses, and Gold with 4 losses.

In the final match, as the paladin once more faced the orc who had defeated him in the first round of the tournament, it was obvious that the opponents were holding nothing back.

Round by Round
Round Results
Round 1 Jake and Percy come out fast to Jab each other for mirroring Points. 1-1
Round 2 Jake Fancy ArmBlocks a Fancy Dodging Percy. Advantages to both for being Fancy
Round 3 Jake and Percy both Feint, Hook and Armblock respectively. No score.
Round 4 Jake Feints a LegBlock to steal an Advantage from the Fancy Dodging paladin.
Round 5 Jake throws an unwise Jab and gets Flipped by Percy. 2-1 Percy
Round 6 The paladin and the orc go down as they both SpinKick each other. 3-2 Percy
Round 7 Jake tags a LegSweeping Percy with a hard Jab. 3 all
Round 8 ) Percy uses a Feint LegBlock to steal an Adv from a Chopping orc. Adv's both.
Round 9 Percy pulls a "Percy" and Feints at the wrong time as his ArmBlock is wasted vs. the orc's hard Jab. No score.
Round 10 The orc and paladin tag each other hard with Chops and Jabs respectively to bring the score into sudden death. 4 all.
Round 11 The wily paladin uses a fast Fancy Dodge to escape a heavy orcish SnapKick, to win the match 5-4.

Percy's victory gave him the title, and the distinction of being the first dueler of the Outback to have won the title twice. His title was once again well earned and does credit to the Outback. Congratulations Percival! Wear your title with pride.

Regrettably, there were some absences from the tournament, most notably DoF Demon, who was rumored to have an excellent shot at winning the title and a duelist we strongly suspect will win in the very near future. Worthy of note, in his exhibition matches, Demon defeated Percy 5-4 in 10 and Stof 5-3 in 10. Also missing from the event was long time favorite, past Diamond, and dueler extraordinaire Shannon Colton who retired in protest from the sport after a disagreement with the reigning Diamond. Regulars of the Outback, including Percival himself, have indicated they will miss this remarkable dueler.
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