Diamond Quest #4

The fourth Diamond Quest was held in January, 1996. What follows is the historical recap of the tournament as written by Jake Thrash in Dueling Today Volume 3, Issue 7.

An eventful month, besides the DoM Archmage Tourney and the DoS Overlord Tourney, the month of January also hosted the 4th ever Diamond Quest. There were seven participants in the Tourney, old-time favorites Percival and Shannon Colton, newcomers, MorganCrow and Lord Harvest, along with the 2nd-timers Saja Lyons and Aragorn, and the retiring Diamond Jake Thrash. The Tourney was a round robin event, and every dueller fought every other dueller.

The 7 participants were paired off randomly, and these 6 fought in the first round with the following results..
Matchup Results
Strider vs. Shannon Kimberly Colton AragornKoG def. ShanniCltn, 5 to 4 in 13
Jake vs. Morgan Crow JakeThrash def. MorganCrow, 5-4 in 12
Lord Harvest vs. Percival Lord Hrvst def. Percival, 5 to 4 in 15

The winners then moved up a ring, with Aragorn taking a break, allowing Saja to step in against Percy. Since the first three matches were so closely matched and took so long to complete (just 5 rounds shy of the maximum allowed!), Ian R Mack stepped in to help call the remaining bouts, and here's the result of round 2:
Matchup Results
Shannon Kimberly Colton vs. Jake Thrash ShanniCltn def. JakeThrash, 5 to 2 in 6
Lord Harvest vs. Morgan Crow Lord Hrvst def. MorganCrow, 5 to 4 in 12
Percival vs. Saja Percival def. SajaIyones, 5 to 3 in 6

Again, winners moved up to the next ring, Aragorn came back in while Shanni took a break, and in the third round, we saw:
Matchup Results
Jake Thrash vs. Lord Harvest JakeThrash def. Lord Hrvst, 5 to 3 in 12
Percival vs. Morgan Crow Percival def. MorganCrow, 5 to 4 in 14
Saja vs. Strider SajaIyones def. AragornKoG, 5 to 3 in 12

Things had to be shuffled around to make sure we were getting pairings that hadn't happened already, and in the next round of fights we saw this:
Matchup Results
Percival vs. Jake Thrash Percival def. JakeThrash, 5 to 1 in 8
Strider vs. Morgan Crow AragornKoG def. MorganCrow, 5 to 4 in 12
Saja vs. Shannon Kimberly Colton SajaIyones def. ShanniCltn, 5 to 3 in 11

By this time.. 3 fighters were standing out.. Aragorn, Percival, and SajaIyones.. especially after this round of duels:
Matchup Results
Strider vs. Jake Thrash AragornKoG def. JakeThrash, 5 to 3 in 13
Saja vs. Morgan Crow SajaIyones def. MorganCrow, 5 to 3 in 7
Shannon Kimberly Colton vs. Lord Harvest ShanniCltn def. Lord Hrvst, 5 to 4 in 11

Ian called the fight between Shanni and Hrvst rather quickly, and while the other two duels were still going on he called this bout:
Matchup Results Notes
Percival vs. Shannon Kimberly Colton Percival def. ShanniCltn, 5 to 1 in 8 This dropped Shanni from contention for her second title bid.

Then this fight saw Aragorn's chances for the Diamond fade away..
Matchup Results
Percival vs. Strider Percival def. AragornKoG, 5 to 2 in 11

Only one duelist had a chance to tie Percival's 5-1 record, and that was SajaIyones. If she could defeat Lord Hrvst and JakeThrash, she and Percy would have had to duke it out in a tie breaker. As it went, Lord Hrvst dashed those hopes in a leap-frog match that he busted open in the 6th round and took victory in the 8th.
Matchup Results
Lord Harvest vs. Saja Lord Hrvst def. SajaIyones, 5 to 2 in 8

Percival was then handed the covented Diamond rank-stone by his predecessor, JakeThrash, who graciously handed it over from his position on his back in ring 1, and then proceeded to bite Percy's foot. Sources are still checking, but this may have been some obscure orc ritual we witnessed there.

Here's the final tally..
Participant Overall Record Notes
Percival 5-1 *Diamond Quest Winner*
Strider 3-2 (one duel not needed)
Jake Thrash 2-3 (one duel not needed)
Lord Hrvst 3-2 (one duel not needed)
MorganCrow 0-6
SajaIyones 3-2 (one duel not needed)
Shannon Kimberly Colton 3-3

Percy's triumph was well earned, his skill at the art of unarmed combat puts him among the very best of the Outback's brawlers.
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