Diamond Quest #3

The third Diamond Quest was held in the latter third of 1995. What follows is the historical recap of the tournament as written by Jake Thrash in Dueling Today Volume 3, Issue 3.

The end of cycle happened since the last article, which means that it was time to hold another Diamond Quest to find out who's the baddest of the bad. Took a while to arrange since some of our duellers and our refs had to accommodate difficult schedules, but it did finally take place and surprise, surprise the winner of that tourney was this very same orc!

The Tourney took place in a slightly different format from previous tourneys, and in a very different way from the Archmage and Overlord challenges. The Diamond Tourney is a Round-Robin event that makes every dueller face every other dueller to prove just who's the toughest of the bunch! The round-robin is also different in that the previous Diamond has no advantage, they too have to duke it out and try to prove they are the best.

The Tourney went as follows:

Ian R MacK def. ShanniCltn, 5-0

JakeThrash def. SajaIyones 5-1

AragornKoG def. Ian R Mack 5-3

ShanniCltn def SajaIyones 5-2

AragornKoG def JakeThrash 5-3

Ian R MacK def SajaIyones 5-3

JakeThrash def Ian R MacK 5-3

AragornKoG def ShanniCltn 5-3

This last win put Strider (Aragorn) at 3-0, with the best chance of taking the title. Jake, with his 2-1, still retained some hope if he could manage to defeat ShanniCltn, the current Diamond, and if Strider were to lose to Sajalyones, the newest Emerald. The duels went just that way too!

JakeThrash def. ShanniCltn 5-3

Sajalyones def AragornKoG 5-4 in Sudden Death

At the caller's discretion, Jake and Strider finished the tourney in the Jello ring, the winner taking the title.
Strider Jake Thrash Results
Fancy Dodge Jab Point to Strider
Feint LegBlock Chop Advantages to both
Feint Leap Feint Legblock No Score
Legsweep Jab Point to Jake
Jab Feint Legblock Advantages to both
Feint Uppercut Feint Hook No Score
Jab Jab Points to both
Fancy Dodge Jumpkick Point to Strider
Feint Legblock Jab Advantages to both
Jab Fancy Dodge Point to Jake
Snapkick Fancy Leap Point to Jake
Flip Jab Point to Strider -- Sudden Death!
Legsweep Snapkick Point and win to Jake!

Percy was quoted as saying it was a masterful match.

The only unfortunate part of the tourney was that Percy himself was unable to participate as he stepped aside to play referee. The Emerald duellers who were able to participate are very thankful to Percy and appreciative of his willingness to step aside and call the event.

I know that when the next Tourney happens, Percy will be itching for his shot at the Diamond.
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