Diamond Quest #2

The second Diamond Quest was held in July, 1995. What follows is the historical recap of the tournament as written by Jake Thrash in Dueling Today Volume 2, Issue 15.

In conjunction with the end of the cycle, the Outback has also held it's second ever Diamond Quest Tourney! The contenders for the Diamond included: PrinceFyre, Siera Red (current DoS Overlord), JakeThrash, Dallara, Percival & ShanniCltn.

Photo: Percival is caught in the middle of a Fancy Duck, by Siera Red's chop across the forehead

Caption: Siera eschews the glitz and glamour of fanciness, and with a simple move, she advances over the heavily favored Percival! (SC)

Going by the records posted in the standings, the most likely candidate for the new Diamond looked to have been Percival. However, sometimes the odds don't make the win.

Beginning at 9:30pm eastern time, Monday, the 24th of July, in the RDI Duelers Arena the fun began as RDI Panthr held a single elimination round that resulted as follows:

*** Elimination round ***

PrinceFyre over DaIIara, 5-2 in 8

Siera Red over Percival, 5-1 in 6

ShanniCltn over JakeThrash, 5-1 in 10

Photo: PrinceFyre comes down with a Jab, to stop Dallara's legsweep cold Caption: Stephen waits just long enough for the wily Dallara to drop, then strikes to put her down! (SC)

Ordinarily the rules dictate that single eliminations will be held until there are 4 duelers who then duel in a round robin fashion to determine the winner of the Diamond. Because of the number of Emeralds, the rules were amended for this event to best accommodate 6 duelers.

Caption: Round 1 was not a good one for Fancy moves, as Shannon's spinning kick impacts before Jake can duck away! (SC)

After a very short break as the eliminated duelers headed for the bar and the supply of ale, Panth picked things up again by calling a series of 3 matches which pitted each of the elimination round winners against each other. The prize going to whomever managed the most wins. The final rounds went as follows:

*** Final Round Robin Competition ***

PrinceFyre over Siera Red, 5-4 in 11

ShanniCltn over PrinceFyre, 5-3 in 11

ShanniCltn over Siera Red, 5-1 in 8

Bout 1:

Photo: Siera Red lashes out with a thunderous Jab, as PrinceFyre dodges away so Fancily that Siera is entangled in the ropes

Caption: Stephen shows his prowess at brilliant defense, using Siera's momentum against her to notch a semifinal win! (SC)

Bout 2:
Photo: PrinceFyre swings around into a very Fancy Legblock, just as Shanni Colton's Jab impacts upon his temple

Caption: This time, defense is not enough, as Shannon demonstrates her reputation for brutality.. (SC)

After the 3 matches were over, Panth formally brought out a large Diamond and presented it to ShanniCltn, who needed a little help standing at that point, convinced as she was that this was all a dream. It's no dream Shanni ;) Congratulations! Long Live the new Diamond Shanni Colton!

Would also like to thank all of the Emeralds who were able to participate. There was some excellent duelling that night and it was clear why they all deserved their rank. Thanks again for your support and well fought!
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