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Notes from the Isle

June 2nd - June 8th

-Week 7 of 9-

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The June 2024 Archmage Tournament has been announced! Come on out to Twilight Isle this Saturday, June 15th, at 8:00 PM to participate! The first place finisher will have the chance to challenge current Archmage Rachael Blackthorne for the key to the Citadel of the Stars! The runner up will walk away with the Keeper’s Blessing, and every duelist who takes part will receive a special item Bonfire Ring to take home! Sign up now and/or show up on Saturday for some spelltacular fun!

Note: Nikolai Aristotle Vevea-Allen won the Tidecaller’s Trident on 3/17/24 in the Spring All Ranks tournament. This awards the usage of Elemental Fury in regulation matches until the next All Ranks tournament.


The Governor of Rhydin, Gatito Lindo, has recently announced the upcoming Pride Week, scheduled to begin on Sunday the 16th! This week long event runs all the way through Saturday the 22nd. Stay tuned to the local news bulletins for more details on what to expect!

NEWS FROM OTHER VENUES: The Challenge for FireStar was concluded this past Wednesday. Nero Zhir defended against challenger Gillette Brooke in two quick and decisive duels. Immediately after the results were posted, he made a public declaration to waive grace for any other eager challengers. And just yesterday, Kruger “the Anvil” Allen issued a Challenge for IceDancer to Rhydin’s famous fashionista Koyliak VanDuran-Simon. Stay tuned to the cork for more details on when this footwear feud will take place!

Using the grant gifted to her by youngest Overlord Abby Fenner, dueling enthusiast and Master-At-Arms Hailey Winters has issued a Baronial Challenge for Old Market to legendary old man Matt Simon. This challenge has been validated, and we eagerly await further details. In the meantime, hop on over to the cork and sign up for the recently announced 2024 End of Spring All Ranks Tournament, scheduled to take place next Saturday the 22nd at the end of Pride Week! A number of tantalizing prizes are available, including two Baronial challenge grants! Sign up today! 

DEBUTS: No debuts this week.

ADVANCEMENTS: No rank increases this week.

THE RING OF KLYTUS: The holder for this cycle is Rachael Blackthorne! The ring grants an additional focus over the normally allotted amount, but is still limited to the maximum of 3 foci.

General Info: If you find a mistake in these standings, to select a spell upon reaching Mage, or to request reinstatement, please send a message to the DoM Standings Keeper, Claire Gallows. Or you may contact the DoM coordinators, Claire or Matt Simon, via PM on the forums.

The histories of our mystical bloodsport are chronicled at this address: (DoM Histories) Someday, you may be in these histories too! If you want to know how to get started, or what the rules for the ranks are, go here: (Game Guide) (Rules of Rank) To discuss with the Duel of Magic community, or with the entire dueling community at large, go to the corkboards, located here: (Forums)

Not listed in the current standings, but sure that you have a past record? Find your listing on the Old League of Duelists table and duel at your old rank. Just make sure you tell your opponent before the duel begins.

Current Standings Cycle Rankings

Keepers of the Isle

Celestial Keeper / ArchmageRachael BlackthorneGained: 2024-04-25
Keeper of AirColleen MacLeodGained: 2024-05-26
Keeper of EarthSal DelahadaGained: 2024-05-26
Keeper of FireMairead HarkerGained: 2024-03-28
Keeper of WaterDroetGained: 2022-07-31Defended: 2023-07-12 # Defenses: 3
Titles in italics, above, indicate towers under challenge.
Entries in bolded purple, below, denote Keeper of Twilight Isle.
Name ForumName W L T Spells Last Dueled


[ 3 Foci ]

Rachael Blackthorne [ RoK ]265 0 0NR, IM, EF2024-05-24

~=Mage Emeritus=~

[ 3 Foci ]

Ebon Ilnaren 38 0 0NR or IM2024-05-20
Eregor 84 0 0NR or IM2024-05-17
Gatito Partly Cloudy60 0 0NR or IM2024-05-24
Gren Blockman 50 0 0NR or IM2024-02-13
Mairead Harker 144 0 0NR or IM, EF2024-05-24
Matt Simon Goldglo79 0 0NR or IM2024-04-23
Rachael Blackthorne [ RoK ]265 0 0NR, IM, EF2024-05-24
Xanth Van Bokkelen XanthVanBokkelen127 1 0NR or IM2024-06-02


[ 3 Foci ]

Amaris 20 0 0IM2024-04-23
Colleen MacLeod PrlUnicorn22 0 0NR, EF2024-05-18
Doran Ilnaren 20 0 0IM2024-05-29
Droet Droet the Bold50 0 0IM, EF2024-05-29
Gillette Brooke 45 0 0NR2024-06-07
Jackson N Jackson56 0 0IM2024-03-25
Kruger Allen Kruger15 0 0IM2024-02-24
Mew 16 0 0NR2024-01-01
Michelle Montoya 41 0 0IM2024-03-25
Mira Burke 36 0 0NR2024-01-04
Rhiannon Brock 20 0 0NR2024-05-13
Rhys Germain 24 0 0IM2024-06-08
Sal Delahada Delahada71 0 0IM, EF2024-05-24
Sheridan Driscol BardGallant35 0 0NR2024-06-08


[ 3 Foci ]


[ 2 Foci ]

Abby Fenner [ Mentor: Eregor ]9 0 02024-05-30
Blue Through the Door8 0 02024-05-23
Nikolai Aristotle Vevea-Allen [ Mentor: Mairead Harker ]Nikolai Allen7 0 02024-05-24
Sly Demonblade [ Mentor: Gillette Brooke ]SlyDemonblade7 0 02024-06-07


[ 1 Focus ]

Bayliss Cartier 2 0 02024-04-23
Julia Winters 2 0 02024-04-23
Nero Zhir [ Mentor: Anya de la Rose ]4 0 02024-03-09
Rika Adia 3 0 02024-03-16


[ 0 Foci ]

Ambrosia Lark Ambrosia_Lark0 0 02024-05-22
Em Locke Doppelgangster1 0 02024-04-30
Juliane Smith 1 0 02024-03-07
Kanki 1 0 02024-02-05
Laylah Rose Dolivo 1 0 02023-12-30
Marcella Brooks 1 0 02024-03-16
Mary Tabula Rasa1 0 02024-01-17
Nyx Hendrix 1 0 02024-01-09
Theodosius "Theo" Carson Theo Carson0 0 02024-04-20

(ForumName above listed only when different from Character Name. ForumName in [brackets] is an RDI name and listed only when no RoH name is known.)

Cycle Ranks Through Week 7

Cycle rankings show how duelists perform over the course of the cycle, with the top performer earning the Ring of Klytus (provided they began the cycle below the rank of Mage). To balance percentage performance duelists are broken into 3 brackets based on number of duels fought, with top accolades achievable by only those in the upper tier. Duelists are ordered first by bracket, then by winning percentage, followed by the number of wins and lastly by low rank to high.

(click column headers to sort the table.)

Bracket 1: 8+ duels   |   Bracket 2: 4-7 duels   |   Bracket 3: 1-3 duels
Name Record Win % Bracket
Sal Delahada 18-08-0069.23% 1
Rachael Blackthorne 19-10-0065.52% 1
Abby Fenner 05-04-0055.56% 1
Eregor 04-04-0050% 1
Mairead Harker 04-05-0044.44% 1
Gillette Brooke 26-34-0043.33% 1
Sly Demonblade 07-10-0041.18% 1
Gatito 06-11-0035.29% 1
Ebon Ilnaren 03-01-0075% 2
Blue 02-02-0050% 2
Sheridan Driscol 01-00-00100% 3
Em Locke 01-00-00100% 3
Matt Simon 02-00-00100% 3
Xanth Van Bokkelen 02-01-0066.67% 3
Doran Ilnaren 01-01-0050% 3
Amaris 01-01-0050% 3
Julia Winters 01-02-0033.33% 3
Nikolai Aristotle Vevea-Allen 00-02-000% 3
Rhiannon Brock 00-02-000% 3
Bayliss Cartier 00-01-000% 3
Colleen MacLeod 00-01-000% 3
Ambrosia Lark 00-01-000% 3
Droet 00-01-000% 3
Rhys Germain 00-01-000% 3

Duels fought for Week 7

Date Caller Duelist 1 Result Duelist 2 Score1 Score2 Rounds
2024-06-02 Otto Kollar Gillette Brooke def. XanthVanBokkelen 5 3.5 8
2024-06-03 Otto Kollar Gillette Brooke def. SlyDemonblade 4.5 3.5 15
2024-06-04 Otto Kollar SlyDemonblade def. Gillette Brooke 5 4 12
2024-06-07 Otto Kollar SlyDemonblade def. Gillette Brooke 5 4 10
2024-06-08 Otto Kollar BardGallant def. Rhys Germain 5 1 7
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