Challenge for PathFinder *

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Challenge for PathFinder *

Post by Hope »

Dear Andrea "Apple" Anderson,

Although you bested me in my freshman attempt at an Opal I have not lost the will to go further in my career. My Sophomore attempt ended just as poorly however I can't help but wonder..... Well, t'is best not to dwell on the past. I heard my name a few times in a certain film starring you and I figured, why not give the crowd what they want? It's part two now red; I'm coming for PathFinder.


Clarice Queen
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Andrea Anderson
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Post by Andrea Anderson »

I was hoping you'd get the hint and come for a rematch. I accept.
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Post by DUEL Kal »

This challenge is valid.


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Post by DUEL Claire »

So Queenie got her rematch tonight and I got to see it happen.
Duel One:
Green Rock 1-1: Clarice is off to a good start, beating Andrea's snap. (Snapkick/Jab) 0-1 Queen!
Green Rock 1-2: Um...ouch? Apple's evidently having none of that. (Jab/Fancy Leap) 1 All!
Green Rock 1-3: Queenie takes it right back though. Retribution in its finest form. (Sweep/Jab) 1-2 Queen!
Green Rock 1-4: Clarice is going for a one-two, Apple's got other ideas, like tying it up. (Flip/Chop) 2 All!
Green Rock 1-5: Apple's getting away from the grapple...maybe? Yeah, nope. (Fancy Dodge/Feint Flip) 2-3 Queen!
Green Rock 1-6: Andrea tries to copy Clarice...after all, imitation's the finest form of flattery or something like that. I don't know. Anyways. It didn't work, and Queen's at match point. (Feint Flip/Sweep) 2-4 Queen!
Green Rock 1-7: Andrea goes big, wait, no she doesn't. Doesn't matter anyways, Queen pops her and ends the first match. (Feint Uppercut/Jab)

((Queen .def. Apple, 5-2 in 7))

Duel Two
Green Rock 2-1: Andrea's down low. Clarice says no. Do I get points for rhyming? Nappy would give me points if he were here. (Sweep/Jab) 0-1 Queen!
Green Rock 2-2: That would have been a solid kick had Clarice not taken Andrea's feet out from under her. (Spinkick/Sweep) 0-2 Queen!
Green Rock 2-3: Queen's on a roll here, with a repeat of round one! (Sweep/Jab) 0-3 Queen!
Green Rock 2-4: ~No chance, no way, I won't say it, no, no.~ Oh, and Andrea tries to give Clarice the boot. That's not happening. (Snapkick/Chop) 0-4 Queen!
Green Rock 2-5: Is it over? Oh lookie there, it is! Apple just can't get high enough. (Fancy Leap/Fancy Spinkick)

((Queen .def. Apple, 5-0 in 5))
In two matches, Clarice Queen beats Andrea Anderson in her quest for PathFinder! Well won, Queenie and well fought Apple.
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