Diamond Quest 71! *

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Diamond Quest 71! *

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Round Robin Style.. oh.. oh oh oh oh.. Round Robin St... oh, sorry.

The stage was set, the seats were full (of dust. Well, not really cause Jasper cleans, but you know, there's LOTS of invisible friends, magic and other such that fills these places!) and the drinks were poured! (Along with some umbrella picks that Matthew Simon ordered and Caedia hates.)

It was seeded so that King and Rachael faced off first, Rena and Vinny were in another ring and Xanth and Myria rounded out the matches in the third ring!

The girls fought hard with King maintaining a sure but steady lead, Rachael looked to almost make a come back but King shut her down!

Vincent and Rena were lots of fun, Rena started faking it in the end, but I guess Vinny's used to that sort of thing.

Myria and Xanth were pounding it out hard and heavy, switching who was leading like a bad set of dancers on Dancing with the Stars.

The second round picked up nicely.

Vincent was trying to restore his manhood after Rena started faking it with him and started out hard and fast, determined not to give King the same chance. King got herself a cute little cheerleader though and soon it was SUDDEN DEATH! Then it was SUDDEN DEATH THE SEQUEL! The tension was mounting, you could cut it with a knife! Unfortunately, everyone was pretty much only carrying swords or daggers, so the tension stayed. In the end, it was cupcakes that won the fight. Literally. Hope Gabby pays up.

Round Two started out neatly and innocently enough, Xanth wasn't buying any of Rena's jokes but she did manage to distract him a bit by talking and took the lead then kept it for a few before Xanth got wise and caught up. The two kept it pretty close, then, not to be out done by Vinny and Rena, decided to give their own SUDDEN DEATH! a try. They say sequels are never as good as the originals, but man, it's hard to say if this was as good as or worse than the first movie.

Myria and Rachael were just quietly duking it out, knee shots were Rachael's specialty tonight, but perhaps the leather bound beauty was bound too tightly? Regardless, she started working the stiffness of the new leather out and moved in to tie then lead as the round heated up! Rachael then won the match

The Third Round started off quickly!

Rachael had gotten the leather worn in and was starting out strong and finished it up rather nicely, Vinny made a move to secure his manhood again and beat out Xanth this round, and Mryia was determined not to be displaced and quickly ended the round in a 5-0 in six!

Round number the next one, King soundly thwhalloped Rena, Xanth fell prey to Rachael's tight leather and was too distracted to win, or maybe he was just distracted by Rekah's calling him a wizard... hmm. Vinny was determined for another shot at it and won the last round to shove us into


If you thought the rest of the match was tense, you should have seen this! King all suave with her cheerleader on Rix's shoulders, the fire in Vincent's was enough to light the Outback on fire, luckily, we have Suncatcher that keeps things like that from happening!

Things started out with King trying to hit on Vinny, or maybe it was a jab, either way, he did some fancy footwork outta there for the first point! Second round was rather drab with King trying yet again to hit Vincent but the ancient one was.. who knows where doing who knows what.

Third round picked up as King jabbed down Vinny's feinted jumpkick (proving, yet again, dear readers, why you shouldn't fake things!! Women! Take note!!!!)

King tried to sweep Vinny off his feet but she wasn't batting her lashes enough and Vincent pulled ahead! So she tried to go down instead, but he smacked that idea out of her head and pulled further along!

Both of them then tried to sweep each other off their feet, which.. just ended up badly if you ask me. THEN both decided to try and dance. Let me tell you folks, they would have been voted OFF of Dancing with Rhydin's Stars. Cause ... welll... just watch the footage tapes.

The next round.... we'll skip... because really. I mean. Really?

Luckily! They made things more exciting as Vinny swept King off her feet for the diamond!!!

Congratulations and well fought everyone!!!
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DUEL Jasper
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Duels by Round:

King: Rachael

1 FA Dodge 1 Snapkick
2 FE Flip 2 Jab
3 Sweep 3 Fncy Armblock
4 FE Jab 4 FA Duck
5 Sweep 5 Jab
6 Jumpkick 6 FA Dodge
7 Jab 7 Jab
8 FA Dodge 8 Flip

Rena: Vinny

1 Dodge 1 Snapkick
2 Duck 2 Sweep
3 FA Arm Block 3 Flip
4 Jab 4 Jab
5 Flip 5 Sweep
6 FE Jab 6 FA Armblock
7 FE Uppercut 7 FA Dodge
8 FE Hook 8 Flip

Xanth: Myria:

1 Jab 1 Sweep
2 Uppercut 2 Jab
3 FA Dodge 3 Sweep
4 Flip 4 Jab
5 Jab 5 Sweep
6 Flip 6 FE Snap
7 Sweep 7 FA Leap
8 Jab 8 FA Dodge
9 Snapkick 9 Chop

Round 2:

Myria: Rachael:

1 Fa Dodge 1 Jab
2 Sweep 2 Jumpkick
3 FA dodge 3 Fncy Do
4 Flip 4 Chop
5 Feint Snap 5 Sweep
6 Sweep 6 Jab
7 Spin 7 Jump
8 Fncy Do 8 Fncy Do
9 Feint Flip 9 Snap
10 Feint Jk 10 Jab
11 Sweep 11 JK
12 Fancy Du 12 Feint Jab

Vinny: King:

1 Jab 1 Jab
2 Flip 2 Jumpkick
3 Jab 3 Jab
4 4 Fncy Do
flip fncy do
chop jab
fncy leap feint snap

(okay, so... I logged the duel, got behind and missed the rounds. Those that really wanna know, check the log or just pretend like they wrestled around in some jello flavor of your choice!!! Sorry!!!)

Xanth: Rena

1 Jab 1 Jab
2 Feint JK 2 Snapkick
3 Sweep 3 Feint Jab
4 Fake Jumpkick 4 Chop
5 Fncy Leap 5 Jab
6 Sweep 6 Flip
7 Jab 7 Fncy Du
8 Flip 8 Fncy AB
9 Jab 9 Jab
10 Feint JK 10 Sweep
11 Chop 11 Fncy DU

Round 3

Xanth: Vinny

1 Snap 1 Feint AB
2 Fncy Do 2 Feint JK
3 Jab 3 Jab
4 Jumpkick 4 Snapkick
5 sweep 5 Flip
6 Spin 6 Chop
7 Feint Jab 7 Jab

King: Myria:

1 Feint Jab 1 Jab
2 Fncy Leap 2 Jumpkick
3 Fncy Dodge 3 Fncy AB
4 Sweep 4 Snap
5 Feint flip 5 Sweep
6 Fncy AB 6 Flip

Rachael: Rena:

1 Feint Jab 1 Fncy Du
2 Fncy Duck 2 Jab
3 Sweep 3 Fake Chop
4 Jab 4 flip
5 Jumpkick 5 Jab
6 Sweep 6 Fncy Du
7 Jab 7 Chop

Round 4.

Rachael: Vinny:

1 Fncy Du 1 Sweep
2 Flip 2 Fncy Do
3 Jab 3 Fncy AB
4 Fncy Dodge 4 Sweep
5 Fncy Du 5 Fncy Du
6 Feint Jab 6 Flip

Xanth: King:

1 Jab 1 Fncy Do
2 Flip 2 Sweep
3 Fncy Do 3 Jab
4 Uppercut 4 Sweep
5 Fncy Dodge 5 Jab
6 Fncy DU 6 Flip
7 Flip 7 Fncy Do
8 Fncy Dodge 8 Jab
9 Jump 9 Fncy Do

Rena: Myria:

1 Feint Ja 1 Snap
2 Fncy Do 2 Jab
3 Sweep 3 Sweep
4 Feint jab 4 Fncy Do
5 Fncy Do 5 Jab
6 Jab 6 Fncy Leap

Round 5.

Xanth: Rachael:

1. Jab 1 Jab
2 Snap 2 Jump
3 Sweep 3 Jab
4 Snap 4 Fncy Do
5 Flip 5 Jab
6 Sweep 6 Jumpkick
7 Jab 7 Fncy Do

Myria: Vinny:

1 Jab 1 Flip
2 Fncy Leap 2 Spin
3 Fncy Du 3 Flip
4 Fncy Do 4 Fncy Do
5 Snap 5 Fncy Armblock
6 Jab 6 Sweep
7 Snap 7 Feint Jab
8 Jab 8 Chop
9 Snapkick 9 Fncy Do

King: Rena:

1 Sweep 1 Fncy Du
2 Fncy Du 2 Feint Flip
3 Feint jab 3 Feint Jab
4 Feint JK 4 Sweep
5 Flip 5 Flip
6 Jab 6 Feint Jab
7 Jumpkick 7 Sweep
8 Jab 8 Dodge
9 Fncy Dodge 9 Leap
10 Sweep 10 Flip
11 Feint Jab 11 Feint Jab
12 Sweep 12 Fncy Dodge
13 Fncy Do 13 Snap


Tie Breaker!

King: Vinny:

1. Jab 1 Fncy Do
2 Chop 2 Feint Flip
3 Jab 3 Feint JK
4 Sweep 4 Snapkick
5 Fancy Du 5 Chop
6 Sweep 6 Sweep
7 Fncy Duck 7 Fncy Duck
8 Feint Flip 8 Fncy AB
9 Fncy Do 9 Flip
10 Fncy AB 10 Sweep
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