Project Rubber Band

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Project Rubber Band

Post by Maria Graziano » Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:30 pm

GnomCorp - Office of the Vice President of Public Relations

For Immediate Release to All Media Outlets
January 4, 2010


RHYDIN - GnomCorp and HDT Enterprises announced today a joint venture with Maria Graziano and Graziano-Bojangles Incorporated studying the impacts of extreme sports on the human body. The program, named Project Rubber Band, is designed to lessen the time needed for human athletes to recover from the consequences of severe physical training, allowing the athlete to train more intensely and "bounce back" at a quicker rate. The ultimate goal is to create a better professional athlete and to elongate their career by limiting the stress that such training puts on bones, muscles, tissues, ligaments and organs.

"Looking into rejuvenation of the human body is something that I have great, personal interest in, being human myself," said G'nort Dragoon-Talanador, President and CEO of HDT Enterprises. "Aside from the benefits to myself in terms of lengthening my own existence, the profitability from such research to benefit other humans is incalculable. And we all know that I am always eager to make a profit. So, in personal terms, this research is killing two birds with one stone."

Implementation of the first series of magical and scientific procedures will begin after Graziano's upcoming baronial challenge match to determine the impact it will have on her recovery time. "It will be a great initial test," Patricia Davis, house counsel for Graziano-Bojangles Inc., was quoted as saying. "Our client experiences pain on a daily basis. Injury is, unfortunately, just a part of the job. We are confident that this endeavor will add at least a decade onto her career and allow her to dedicate herself to her sport more intensely than ever."

Financial terms of the GnormCorp and Graziano-Bojangles Incorporated deal were not disclosed.

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