The Ward, The Rift, The Rings

Notices and stories concerning events in the legendary basement of the Duel of Swords.

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The Ward, The Rift, The Rings

Post by Xenograg » Thu Jun 10, 2004 11:12 pm

Despite their injuries, Xenograg and his companions returned to the Arena the night after their interrupted first attempt. The Binding Ceremony was then completed by Alais, Teleperien, and Xenograg. Exhausted, they departed for their homes after returning the Baronial Rings to Chris Graziano.

The following days were first spent resting, then testing. Alais and Xenograg again consulted with Klytus; he confirmed their own judgment. They even explored the rift, going so far as to have Alais step through twice while Xenograg served as a psychic anchor. She returned safely each time--and did not encounter Deluthan.

Xenograg is overdue for notifying the dueling staff of his findings.

To Master Chris Graziano, greetings.

It is with regret that I must inform you that the Binding Ceremony has not repaired the Ward. Shakira's use of Mordrahan's Mirror disrupted the Wards further. The Baronial Rings are working to stabilize the Ward, but they only heal this side of the Rift. Lady Alais of Nitesong informs me that the Rift is worse on the other sides--yes, sides, as there is more than one destination through the Rift. We do not know the total number.

I have consulted with Grand Magi Klytus. He agrees with Alais and I that the Rift must be stabilized on all sides. This will require that some Baronial Rings be taken through the Rift to the destinations beyond, and remain there until repair is effected.

I appreciate the difficulty you will have in implementing this recommendation. We have found no other alternatives, though, and we urge you to act decisively for the sake of the Sport and Its participants.

Xenograg kathu-Darelir
Fourth Overlord of the Duel of Swords

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Post by QueenTeleperien » Fri Jun 11, 2004 8:21 am

Tired was an understatement. Teleperien stripped off her clothes then mail and fell on the bed.

Constance was there.

"Lady, any nurishment?"


"Ye must have somethin' "

"If ye insist." Was the short answer. Truth be told Tele was just as unhappy that wraiths roamed free. She sat up and pulled on a light gown that Constance thoughtfully laid. She took quick inventory of the happenings in Eldicor. Borin and Gwindor were missing, Lady Murelle was seeking her husband's killers... and Xenograg was facing the challenge of his life.


Could it be more complicated?
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Going places

Post by Chris Graziano » Sun Jul 18, 2004 11:47 am

"I have consulted with Grand Magi Klytus. He agrees with Alais and I that the Rift must be stabilized on all sides. This will require that some Baronial Rings be taken through the Rift to the destinations beyond, and remain there until repair is effected. "

Chris let out a sigh as he read Xenograg's letter to him for the 57th time. It had been many weeks since Xeno and his allies had completed the binding ceremony and sent Chris this letter; however Chris was slow to act. The effects the rift were having weren't clearly visible on this side of the Ward, however Chris knew that this was not something he should ignore completely.

Since he had received the letter, Chris was in constant argument with himself over how many rings would need to be sent in order to ensure stability. He could only assume that in order for stability to be reached on both sides, an equal number of rings would need to be present.

This assumption left Chris in a little bit of a quandary as he dropped the letter back onto his desk. The letter fell alongside the four vacant rings Chris had possession of. The whereabouts of two rings were particularly troubling to Chris. The Twelfth ring, formerly held by the murdered Jenia Aedroud, never reached Chris after the binding ceremony. The Ninth ring, as well as its holder Goon, had completely vanished off the face of Rhydin. Chris had numerous eyes in the area looking for Goon; however no sign of him could be found.

Chris was in no mind to go to the community directly and report that he may have lost two Baronial rings, so he convinced himself that somehow, during the commotion and confusion of the binding ceremony and the events that both preceded and followed it, those rings had already crossed through to the other side of the rift. The idea was not impossible, as Chris also received reports that Deluthan vanished the night of the binding ceremony.

The time had come for Chris to put an end to this, but he still had too many questions. How do you get these rings across to the other side? How were the Ninth and Twelfth taken across? And more importantly, if a person has to go through the rift to carry the rings across, how can they return... if they're able to at all?

Luckily, some of the answers to his questions were buried in various surveillance videos that Chris had yet to poke his nose through.
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