Keeper Tournament Results

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Keeper Tournament Results

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Last evening Twilight Isle picked a new Keeper each for the Tower of Fire and the Tower of Earth via the Keeper Tournament. Tellius walked away with the Key for the Tower of Fire; Harris walked away with the key for the Tower of Earth.

The Tournament was done in a Round Robin format. Here are the Results:

Tellius def. Xerzes 5.5-2.5 in 9 rounds
Naiya def. Chase 5-3.5 in 16 rounds
Harris def. Tellius 5-2 in 10 rounds
Chase def. Xerzes 5-3.5 in 11 rounds
Tellius def. Chase 6-4.5 in 20 rounds
Naiya def. Harris 5-2.5 in 12 rounds
Harris def. Xerzes 5-4 in 8 rounds
Tellius def. Naiya 5-1 in 15 rounds
Harris def. Chase 5.5-2.5 in 8 rounds
Xerzes def. Naiya 5-0.5 in 8 rounds

That left Harris and Tellius as the only two with a 3-1 record for the tournament. Tellius generously granted Harris to pick the key he wanted. So there was no need for additional duels.

As witnessed by Topaz
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