Challenge for PathFinder.

The happenings and goings-on out back in the home of the Duel of Fists.

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Challenge for PathFinder.

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I still need the green Opal, there's nothing that's changed about that. It's been my intent, since the very day that you helped me make rank, to hold each and every single one of the Opals. You've got one that I need, therefore I think the intent of this message is clear. With all due respect, and much more than is given is owed, consider yourself and Pathfinder under challenge.

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Friday, June 5th. 10 PM (EST).
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I was there for this one. Check it:

Code: Select all

Path 1: Where's Gren? He needs to drink for this. The two of 'em start off with a bunch of face punching (JB/JB) 1 All
Path 2: Harris sets up quite the block, look at those arms! But Mel, she doesn't want a ticket to the gun show and with some shifty maneuvering, pulls into the lead (FeJK/FAB) 2-1 Melanie
Path 3: Mel's down low for the sweep but a quickly fired jab on Harris's part sets the seesaw heading the other direction (LS/JB) 2 All
Path 4: Shifty shifty, will this be a moment Melanie regrets down the line? (FeFL/FAB) 2 All
Path 5: Harris keeps up the defense and with a smooth dodge, he's clear of Melanie's jab (JB/FDO) 2-3 Harris
Path 6: While the spectators discuss the merits of seeing at least one of the combatants in the ring stark naked, Harris sweeps Melanie off her feet. Fully clothed, thankfully. (FL/LS) 2-4 Harris
Path 7: Harris seeks to end it but Mel's still got enough in her to dance right on out of the way (FDO/JB) 3-4 Harris
Path 8: With some quick punching, Melanie brings us to SUDDEN DEATH! (JB/JK) 4 All
Path 9: With three points unanswered by the green rock's holder, Melanie dodges her way to victory in the first match (FDO/JB) 5-4 Melanie

((Final: Fourth .def. Harris, 5-4 in 9.))

Finder 1: Much like the previous match ended, Melanie starts off with some fancy footwork to evade Harris's flying fists (FDO/JB) 1 Melanie
Finder 2: Dual sweeps mean a clean ring and points for both (LS/LS) 2-1 Melanie
Finder 3: Harris gets a little feisty, I like it, really I do. But Mel's pretty no nonsense tonight and pops him before he gets that kick off (JB/SP) 3-1 Melanie
Finder 4: Not quite ready to give up the ghost just yet, Harris catches Melanie running (FDO/LS) 3-2 Melanie
Finder 5: I'm kinda liking the sound of Drunken Boxing. But that's definitely not what's going on here. Mel's throwing a clean punch, oh wait, nah, my bad. Harris is too quick for that. We're all tied up! (JB/FDO) 3 All
Finder 6: Well this is a whole lot of posturing, Melanie blocking high and Harris blocking low. Yawn. Hit each other! (FAB/FLB) 3 All
Finder 7: Mel drops it low but Harris thinks she would look better with a fist in her face. Match point Harris (LS/JB) 3-4 Harris
Finder 8: Again we find ourselves in sudden death with a come from behind shot by Melanie (SN/UC) 4 All
Finder 9: In a reversal of the previous match, Melanie jabs out to find that Harris is long gone and with that we move on to our final match (JB/FDO) 4-5 Harris

((Final: Harris .def. Fourth, 5-4 in 9))

Finale 1: I'm getting a major sense of deja vu here... (JB/FDO) 1 Harris
Finale 2: Harris has got hops but Mel's got mad kicks and claims a point for her own (JK/FaLP) 1 All
Finale 3: I think Ahni would call this the fancy pants dance. Too bad neither score (FDO/FDO) 1 All
Finale 4: Harris introduces Melanie to the mat. Say "Hello Mat" (JB/FL) 1-2 Harris
Finale 5: The mad hops pay off this time as Harris leaps over Mel's sweep (LS/FaLP) 1-3 Harris
Finale 6: Harris jukes his way to match point. Can Melanie scrounge up a win while fighting from behind? We'll see! (FDO/FeFL) 1-4 Harris
Finale 7: That was a whole lot of I can't even... I don't think either of them got what they were looking for there. (FeJK/SP) 1-4 Harris
Finale 8: Throat punch!! Wait, no, Melanie wants no part of that (FDO/CH) 2-4 Harris
Finale 9: ...I think that would have worked better had you followed through, buddy. (FAB/FeSP) 2-4 Harris
Finale 10: I think he might be losing speed, but Harris still has enough to get just out of Melanie's reach (JB/DO) 2-4+ Harris
Finale 11: Harris gives Melanie a hand and she says "Don't mind if I do." I'm sure she likes having another point (FL/AB) 3-4 Harris
Finale 12: This is familiar. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally familiar. We find ourselves once more in SUDDEN DEATH! Who takes home the green rock when all is said and done? Make your bets now. (FDO/CH) 4 All
Finale Final: So... it seems as if the third time's the charm. Melanie gets her hands on Harris and by proxy PathFinder is hers! (FL/JB) 5-4 Melanie

((Final: Fourth .def. Harris, 5-4 in 13 to claim PathFinder))
Soooo yeah! After three sudden death matches, Melanie finally bests Harris for PathFinder and takes hom the green opal. Grats Mel and well dueled Harris.
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