Challenge for the Tower of Fire

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Challenge for the Tower of Fire

Post by KC »

The Chae Clan can't all be defeated! You waived so THIS IS YOUR THIRD CHALLENGE!
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Post by Hope »

How many are in this clan? Pending validation I accept your challenge.
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Post by DUEL Lem »

Due to the keeper waiving grace, this challenge is valid and may proceed.

::a parchment with a list of callers is tacked to the board::
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Post by DUEL Sadie »

We got together tonight for a quick and dirty best of three series to see if Hope can keep up her hot streak or if we'd get a new keeper in KC Chae. KC got off to a good start, taking commanding control of the first match only to be edged out right at the end. The second match was all Hope though and she was going, going, gone for her third defense in like... a week's time.

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Firestorm 1: Hope's startin' off with a bang but KC's all nope, return that t'sender. (RF/MB) 1 KC
Firestorm 2: Not one to dwell on past failures, Hope takes the point righ' back, whippin' those blades t'oblivion (WB/MW) 1 All
Firestorm 3: In a reversal of fortune, Hope's on the receivin' end o' what she jus' did t'KC. (MW/WB) 2-1 KC
Firestorm 4: Reachin' out wasn't the best idea Hope's had an' KC's choppin' at her like this it's time for sushi. Mmmm, I could go for some teppanyaki now... (WB/FT) 3-1 KC
Firestorm 5: That, m'friends, is what we call big damage. Whoooooooosh. (FAR/FMW) 3-2.5 KC
Firestorm 6: Aww an' here I thought I'd be waitin' til New Year's for fireworks! Kaboom! (FMB/FMB) 4.5-4 KC
Firestorm 7: Sad facin' here. We go from such beautiful action to a whole lotta posturin'. (AR/RF) 4.5-4 KC
Firestorm 8: That's hot. (WB/EF) 4.5-5 Hope
Firestorm 9: With a last minute surge, Hope overcomes her deficit t'take the first match. (FF/GF) 

Brimstone 1: Missed 'er! Try again. (MW/DP) .5 Hope
Brimstone 2: *head tilt* They're doin' stuff. But uh, I don't think either are scorin' any points in their favor. How do ya'll tell? (DP/GF) .5 Hope
Brimstone 3: Down came the rain an' washed the KC out (MB/FMS) 2 Hope
Brimstone 4: Can run. Ya can even hide. But not from that nasty stuff. Maybe this was an appropriate name for the ring. (FDP/FF) 3 Hope
Brimstone 5: Weeeeeeeeeell. KC's on the board. But they're doin' that wonder twin powers activate fire punchin' stuff so Hope's awfully close to defendin' for like... the third time in a week. (FMB/FMB) 1.5-4.5 Hope
Brimstone 6: KC's sneakin' away one way, Hope's sneakin' another way. An' we're at a temporary impasse. (GF/DP) 1.5-4.5 Hope
Brimstone 7: *low whistle* Daaaaaaaang (RF/AB)
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