Relaunching a Career

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Relaunching a Career

Post by Mercedes » Wed May 30, 2012 12:03 am

Mercedes was sitting upon a stool in Cor’s kitchen with numerous headshots, fully clothed photos, and lingerie shots strewn upon the counter. Amidst the professional photographs, sat a thick stack of papers that she was going over carefully. A legal dictionary lay open next to the papers and a barely warm, half drunk cup of coffee.

Having been home with no intention of leaving for the rest of the evening, the model was slumming around in a tee shirt and a pair of leggings with her her lustrous hair pulled back into low ponytail.

He was happier of late, and the main reason for that happiness hadn't been seen in many, many hours. He was intent on changing that fact, so, after a few casual stops along the way, he made his way towards Cor's humble townhouse. He'd gotten a bit distracted along the way, but eventually he did make it there. He stopped in front of the door, pondering who might open it, but then, he didn't care. So he raised his empty hand and Knock Knock Knock. "Merci." Knock Knock Knock. "Merci." Knock Knock Knock. "Merci."

Lifting her head at the sound of the knocking, she listened for a moment as she heard her name called out. She knew that voice and the owner of it had been quite missed during the moments of quiet in her hectic day when she could think of him, though they were few and far between.

”Crap. My hair!” Then she looked down at what she was wearing and frowned as she heard the second set of knocks and her name called again. Slipping from the stool, she smoothed hands over her shirt then pulled her hair from the ponytail. The holder was tossed atop the open law dictionary before she was moving towards the hallway to let him in.

The third set of knocks sounded just as she reached the door, both hands were utilized to fluff her hair before one reached down to pull the door open.

”Well, the big bad wolf is at my door. I wonder if I should let him in.” She snickered lightly then reached out to take one of his hands so that he could pass through the wards that protected Cor’s home.

”To what do I owe this pleasure?”

The door opened, and he looked up, smiling as he saw she had been the one who answered. That was less awkward and all. ”Wow, took you long enou... did I wake you?" He looked a little surprised at her appearance. It wasn't her normal state of beauty. More relaxed. Which is not to say she wasn't still gorgeous, because he liked her just the way she was. She just seemed not up to her usual standard of red carpet fashion.

'Actually,' he tilted his head to think about it, 'she looks pretty hot like this.' Though he probably would have thought she looked hot with bees coming out of her eyes. She took his hand and pulled him into the house. ”Well, I was just in the neighborhood.." Lies. ”...and thought I might take a moment to see how my girl was doing, today."

He smiled as he looked her over. Yes, this look for her was quite pleasant from the normal have to work to look this beautiful style he was used to. He pulled his other hand out from behind his back. ”Oh, and I also brought you a couple of things. Trifles, really. But, I saw them and thought of you." He held out his previously hidden hand to reveal a half dozen white roses and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. ”I do so hate to drink alone, maybe you'd like to join me?"

”No darling, you didn’t wake me. I was just working on something that I am grateful to be distracted from, honestly.” Her free hand lifted to self consciously smooth over her hair as he stared at her. Finally she laughed at his scrutiny, ”I have been posing in front of a camera nearly all day, so if you want to take a picture...what is one more?”

Listening to his explanation of how he came to be upon her doorstep, Merci grinned a little. ”In the neighborhood?” A delicate brow was arched in moderate disbelief, though she was definitely not going to call him on this. She was quite happy that he was standing there in front of her. The headache of launching her career again and all of the mundane details had flitted right out of her mind as soon as she saw him smile.

”Oooh how beautiful! White are my favorite, how did you know that?” She didn’t reach for the roses or the wine immediately, instead pulling the real present closer to her with a hand gripping the front of his shirt. Standing on tiptoes, she kissed the corner of his lips. ”I’m happy to see you. Thank you for the roses and I would love to join you for a drink.”

She released him a bit reluctantly, and took the roses in one hand and his hand in the other and led him to the kitchen. ”Please disregard the mess, as I mentioned, I was working.
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Post by Mercedes » Wed May 30, 2012 12:05 am


He does really like how that feels, having his shirt pulled for a kiss. He smiles and returns it lightly. ”I'll worry about pictures, later. I already have you memorized in my head. Actually, I didn't know white was your favorite, I just didn't think you to be a conventional 'Red Rose' type of woman." He gave a soft laugh. Then he followed her towards the kitchen, pausing by the table as she settled everything down with the wine and roses.

He looked down at the scattered pictures, pausing to linger over the lingerie ones. He thought about that, for a moment, the idea that his girl would be pictured so scantily clad. But that thought drifted away just as fast. He'd seen models wearing less and it was part of the job, nothing out of the ordinary and completely innocent. So, that fleeting moment of jealousy was gone, since there really was nothing wrong with them.

He shifted a few of the pics, looking for the best ones. ”You look like you've been busy. These are pretty good." He nodded, then looking up from the pictures to face her, turning to lean against the wall ”The mess doesn't bother me. Remember, I run the Arena, and was living alone the past several years. Your place is downright sparkly." Chuckling as he watched her.

”You have me memorized in your head? Aww, that is so sweet, G. What am I wearing?” She held back the laugh that wanted to surface and tried to smile innocently.

She released his hand and reached into a cabinet to retrieve a vase. Adding water and then the roses, she leaned forward to smell the sweetness of the blooms. ”These are gorgeous and smell so good. Thank you.” The vase was placed in the middle of the table before she opened another cabinet and pulled down a couple of wine glasses and a corkscrew from a drawer.

Seeing him looking over the pictures she planned to put into her modeling portfolio, she tilted her head as he lingered over the lingerie shots. He didn’t have that usual grin upon his face that she had grown used to seeing when he was leering, so she couldn’t help but wonder what was going through his head.

”I hope they are good, they cost a small fortune to have done. I never took care of any of the specifics with my career. Jorge, my...manager, always took care of the mundane details. I just showed up for the photoshoot and did what I was told.”

Amber gaze dropped to the corkscrew in her hand and she thrust it out towards him with a faint laugh. ”I suppose you might need this if we are going to have a glass of that fantastic wine you brought.”

Her gaze traveled over the various photographs and she shrugged. ”It has definitely been a busy day. I have decided to try to relaunch my career. Since I am likely never going back to Earth in my time, I might as well see what I can do here. Keep myself busy.”

She shifted her gaze from the photos up to his face and smiled. ”Your ship is immaculate. It really is quite impressive how well you seem to take care of yourself.” A mischievous giggle followed that statement.

What was she wearing in his mind? ”Not much" he chuckled as he watched her move, reach for the vase and then smell the roses. He grinned, thinking of the saying about stopping to smell the roses and how lately, it seemed like that was what he was doing. He simply nodded cheerfully at her thanks, adding a light shrug as if to say it was nothing to worry about. Then, he moved back around towards the table, taking out a chair for her, and one for himself to sit down and start to relax.

”Oh, they're good all right. Don't be surprised if one or two mysteriously disappear." Laughing softly, again reaching out to toy with one of the pictures on top. He listened with interest about how her career had taken place, nodding at the right moments. ”If you need any assistance.. financially, I mean.. I don't mind giving a little help. Completely professional and everything, I understand the need to pay your own way for some things. It's good to have a career. Adds more purpose in life." He raised a hand almost defensively, to let her know he meant no offense by the statement.

He smiled and took the corkscrew from her, then the bottle, going through the motions of getting it open for them both. With a loud Pop, the cork was freed, and he let the bottle breathe a moment or two before finally tipping it over the glasses to pour. ”My ship is okay. I cheat in order to keep it clean. I know you don't like magic, but I like cleaning even less."

”Speaking of going back... There's something I simply -Must- show you soon."
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Post by Mercedes » Wed May 30, 2012 12:33 am


”I assumed as much.” Laughing at his admission about what she was wearing, she took the offered seat, smiling her thanks for his gentlemanly manners.

Looking towards the photos again, she smiled. ”I will give you some photos of me if you wish, but these are off limits. Need to rebuild my portfolio. I don’t think even you could convince me to part with them.” It was a challenge, obviously.

Brows furrowed slightly at his offering of financial assistance. She knew he meant no offense and she wasn’t offended but she definitely didn’t want him to think she couldn’t take care of herself. ”I appreciate the offer of assistance. It is quite generous and kind of you but I am doing far better for myself than might be obvious upon first glance.”

Merci would most definitely not tell him how well she was doing for herself or exactly how. He knew she took some freelance modeling jobs and hopefully would think they paid far better than they actually did. There was a slight pang of guilt for not being entirely honest with him, but at the same time she didn’t feel she was exactly lying either.

”When I said Jorge took care of the mundane details, I didn’t mean that he financed my career. I paid quite dearly for his services and he also had direct access to most of my money to pay for expenses. I hope you didn’t misunderstand.” She was a prideful woman and quite independent.

Glad to move past the unpleasantness of Jorge, she laughed when he admitted he used magic to clean. ”I don’t trust it, no...but I admit that it has its uses and that sounds like a wonderful use.”

Brows arched at ‘Speaking of going back...’ and she felt her heart thump. A little over a month ago, she would have jumped at the opportunity to go back to Earth and resume the jetset life she led. Now...things were complicated. That complication was given a warm smile.

”I would love to see whatever it is that you simply must show me.” What would she say if he had found a way to get her back home?

He raised a brow at that challenge. He may have to try something in order to finagle one or two of those pics out of her portfolio. Most likely the ones she doesn't choose for it, but then, you really do have to pick your battles. He grinned and let that go, for now. There were other ways to get what he wanted.

It was probably best that she would turn down his offer of financial help. The saying goes that you should never do business with friends. One would assume you do -less- business with lovers. That would undoubtedly get quite messy. He listened to her, quietly, as she discussed Jorge and how he handled the business aspect of her career, nodding and understanding. Then chuckles. ”No, I get it. Knowing Jorge, he probably skimmed a bit more off the top than he was entitled. That's the general practice, anyway."

He's a pleasant complication, not that she told him, but if he knew, he'd like how it sounded. In any case, what he had to show her was more likely to dash her hopes than get them up or make things more complicated. He had spoken to her about it before, so she would know what it meant.

”Well, the project I'd been working on. Oh, those clever gnomes you so distrust. The last couple years I had them making portable...portals..."

That sounded terribly odd. He would think of another phrase later. ”much like the one I told you about weeks ago. Anyway, I've since installed one on the 'Jammer, Not nearly as large as the first few at GnomCorp. I'm interested in trying it out. Might be fun to have some company, sometime, if you're interested."
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Post by Mercedes » Wed May 30, 2012 12:59 am


”Oh undoubtedly he did. I am moderately certain he was involved with my abduction as well, though I have no way to prove this nor do I really wish to dwell upon the matter.” She shrugged lightly, finally lifting the glass of wine to her lips for a sip.

”So, even if I could get back to Earth someday, he would have all of my money and likely had me pronounced dead or something. Not much to go back for now. Plus, I have started to move forward and live again. I’m actually...happy here.” She still didn’t know that he hadn’t found a way back, so she was just dropping hints that maybe she would delay the trip indefinitely. She would probably be quite relieved when she found out that he hadn’t found a way.

She continued to sip her wine and listen, wrinkling up her nose at the mention of the gnomes. ”Portable...portals. I see...” She didn’t exactly, but she was interested, nonetheless. The conversation they had several weeks prior had definitely piqued her interest.

”You want to take me through one of these portals that the gnomes made. A test run, most likely. The gnomes made it. We would be traveling through space and time without knowing where we would end up. The gnomes made it...” Repeating herself about the gnomes, just in case he didn’t understand the depth of her distrust of them.

She watched him for a moment over the rim of her wineglass and smiled. ”Sign me up. Sounds like a grand time...even if the gnomes did make it.” He was her pleasant complication, after all. How could she say no to the possibility of more complication?

He chuckled, reaching over to tap his glass to hers and adding a wink. ”Well, you know what they say. No reward without risk. And don't worry, they're clever little buggers." He chuckled again, glad to have a partner in crime for this sort of thing.

He looked down at the pictures again, tilting his head as he regarded them. If she was pronounced dead, and had no reasons to return, so much the better for him. Still, he didn't want to keep her from having a career she wanted, so he would gladly help out where he could. ”So then. These pictures. What's the problem with them?"

She made no reply at all regarding how clever the gnomes were, instead shifting her gaze back to the photos strewn along the counter.”There really isn’t a problem, I don’t suppose. I am just trying to decide which I want to leave out. I might investigate into other photographers also. These were done by the one I told you about that day we had the picnic.” She waved a hand over the mess and grinned. ”If you would like to assist in the process, I would appreciate your opinion.”

”I would be glad to help you in your career choice, in any way you would like my advice." He smiled, then tipped back the remainder of the wine. He sat there a moment, staring at her, watching her go through picture after picture. He reached out and placed one hand over hers to stop her from bothering with them.

”Tell you what. Let's worry about that tomorrow. Tonight, though, let's just worry about how we're going to spend the rest of the evening relaxing. Work can wait for business hours, right?" His smile widened and he raised her hand to his lips, pressing them against the back of it softly.

”What do you say to a nice game of chess?" He chuckled, looking to her eyes.

"Sounds perfect. Your place or mine?"

Taken from live play and edited with permission. Thanks to the player of G.
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Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:38 pm

I Need an Assistant 5/31

He is sitting on the deck of the Jammer, having left her taking a nap after a morning of seafaring experiences. They were just coming into the dock, so the ship was running quiet and coasting the rest of the way, so he didn't think there was a need to bother her just yet. Soon enough, though, he could wake her and they could make their plans for the evening. Perhaps go bother some people in the Arena or go out and have dinner at a nice place. Either way, just being with her would please him greatly.

After docking, he came into the bedroom to check in on her and smiled as he saw her half awake, splayed out under the covers and looking extremely relaxed. He leaned against the doorway and crossed his arms over his chest. "Good afternoon, sleepyhead. Gonna sleep the rest of the day away?"

”Mm. I might.” Languid limbs stretched, bronzed and bare, before she lifted to rest upon her elbows. Amber hued gaze lifted to those green eyes that were always so full of life. ”We aren’t back to RhyDin already, are we?” Lips down turned into a bit of a pouting frown, indicating her disapproval of returning to their chaotic lives.

"Just got settled into port, m'dear. For a moment I was worried it woke you. But, glad you got your rest." He smiled as she rose a bit, liking the way she looked in that position. He moved from the door way and came over to sit on the edge of the bed, leaning down to give her a soft kiss.

"Don't worry, We'll be going out again before too long. By out, I mean out to sea. By too long, I'm thinking.. soon." He chuckled, reaching up and brushing aside a few of those sleep mussed strands of hair that only made her look sexier. Besides, Rhydin's such a Dull, Boring place. Nothing exciting ever happens here."

”Excitement isn’t what I crave. Time with you is.” Still pouting a little, mostly for his benefit. She turned her head to the side to kiss the inside of his wrist as he brushed aside her hair. ”We will get back and our schedules will rule our lives and there will be less time to just savor one another’s presence.” Sitting up more fully, she leaned towards the side of the bed where he sat next to her, and layed her head against his shoulder.

”Don’t be surprised if someday I just kidnap you and take you away for some grand adventure.” A teasing smile touched her lips briefly before they pressed to his collarbone.

He gave a little groan of enjoyment as she kissed his collarbone, shifting so that he could let one arm slide around her to give her more of him to lean against. He smiled and looked up slightly as he imagined what kinds of trouble they could get into. "That doesn't sound like half a bad idea. A nice little getaway to who knows where."

Since she was sitting up, he couldn't help but let his eyes trail over her body as she moved closer to him. He shook his head and chuckled softly. "You can't delegate your modeling career like I give everything to Mai?" He laughed, running fingers through her hair."You're so adorable. There's not much we can't get away with."

There was a little triumphant gleam sparking within those amber eyes as she heard him groan. If this had been a swordfight she would have just drawn first blood. That was always an excellent occurrence. Of course, the moment of competitiveness was over as quickly as it sparked and she leaned in closer to him as his arm sipped around her.

”Not a bad idea at all. Just you and me and no responsibilities to speak of.” She couldn’t say ‘no worries’ because the two of them would likely uncover a serpent’s nest of worries and cares while they were away. She was far too curious for her own well being and he was far too protective of her safety as well as just being recklessly brave.

She didn’t attempt to shield her body from his gaze. Since they were alone, there wasn’t any need to now that their relationship had changed. ”I sort of have to be there, G’nort. Though, I have been toying with the idea of hiring an agent to take care of the details that bore me. Not that it would free me up enough to disappear with you for an indefinite period of time, but it would be some freedom at least.”

Sliding across the few inches of bed that remained between them, she situated herself into his lap much like a baby being cradled. Dimples flashed as she smiled sweetly up at him. ”I’m not sure if anyone has told you this...but you are pretty adorable as well. But exactly what would we be trying to get away with? If you are planning to take over rulership of another group of island people, I am probably going to be forced to be unhappy with you since that would be taking more time away from what you should be doing, which is adoring me.” Did G realize that he had his hands full when dealing with her?
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Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:43 pm


Of course he had his hands full, she was getting comfortable in his lap. He shifted slightly so that he could move his lips to her neck, giving her a light bite and then suck before pulling back to smile at her. "No, nothing quite -that- dramatic. Just thinking we can get away with getting away. Although, if you Have to be there, well, a sacrifice can be made for your benefit." He chuckled at being called adorable, he would be amused at just about any pet name or comparison she would come up with.

The fact that she was nude didn't bother him in the least, and in fact he enjoyed getting those glimpses and with how comfortable she had become with him. It meant their relationship had progressed significantly, which made him happy. Of course, he was going to resist her womanly charms. It was too early in the afternoon to get distracted by those kinds of excursions. Right? Do you want help finding an agent? Or do you want to stay independant on that, too? Either way, the sooner, the better. I would like to get away for a while, and anything would be a good change." He smiled at her as she snuggled in his lap, reaching around her to keep her close.

She wasn’t trying to use her charms against him at the moment. She was simply trying to be close because she enjoyed the feel of his arms around her; they were her safe haven . She was only unclothed because she had been sleeping and had gotten distracted by him sitting down next to her.

”Maybe I should look for an assistant instead of an actual agent, but one that has experience in the modeling business. That way, I can have the person do more for me and they will be less of a pain in the rear end. If you know of anyone, I wouldn’t mind interviewing them.Of course, you won’t be paying them, just so we understand one another on that point.” Not that he had planned to try to go behind her back and help out financially, but she was letting him know that she was aware that he had the ability to be that underhanded. In an adorable way.

”I would like to get this taken care of immediately, as well. We have your portal to try out, after all. Might as well take off now while things are still slow for me. A personal assistant could handle absolutely everything I needed taken care of in my absence, not just getting jobs lined up for me. It will be perfect.” She nodded lightly to punctuate that sentiment then seemed to be thinking. After a few moments of deliberation, she half smiled.

”G’nort, if you know of someone...I need them to be able to keep any secret I entrust them with. They need to not be...hmm..overly moralistic, either. Do you understand what I am asking?” She was saying she needed a criminally minded assistant that she could trust. It wasn’t entirely impossible to find someone like this, right?

"An assistant would do you good, yes. I mean, you'd kinda be a celebrity, being a model. You girls make good money to afford an assistant? Or would the agency pay for it? Suddenly he grinned. "I bet I could ask Mai for some references. Get you an assistant just like her." He laughed.

Of course, now she wanted a suggestion. The more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea of asking Mai for references. Somehow, he imagined she'd like the idea as well. Someone who was secretive, efficient, snazzy dresser, knew how to be effective in her role, and able to keep clients as well as themselves in check. He grinned at Merci, kissing the side of her head. "Yes, I think I will ask Mai to get you someone."

”Actually this would be my own assistant, I don’t want him or her affiliated with the agency at all. As for what the agency pays for...they pay for whatever is needed for the model to be able to work. If the model goes out of town for the job, they would cover the hotel, cab fare, food, etc. Then they charge these things to the model’s account, at exorbitant prices, frequently adding charges not incurred. The model pays this back when she gets a job.”

Merci frowned a little. ”So, unless we make it to supermodel status, we don’t really get paid nearly as well as people think we do. I am choosing to finance myself. Everything will come out of my own pocket, that way when the agency gets me a job, they only collect their percentage and cannot take most of my pay.” What G didn’t know was that Merci’s money didn’t come from modeling. The modeling would be her career to keep her busy and if she was able to become as famous as she had been on Earth, then she could retire from her other “job.”

Merci just stared at G for a moment at the suggestion of Mai finding her an assistant. ”That woman is frightening. I don’t want a demon assistant. I was thinking of some nice looking guy that is a fashionable dresser with impeccable manners that would worship me.” He was given a little grin, because she already knew what he would have to say about that.

”Don’t ask Mai to ‘get me someone,’ my dear. I will be interviewing people, not just simply hiring someone that Mai sends me. You can feel free to tell her of my preference, however.”

"A fashionable, nice looking guy? Impeccable manners who would worship you? I don't know where you could find one of those. I mean, aside from me, that is. I just don't have the time to be your assistant. I would end up delegating it to Mai." He grinned. The thought of a good looking man following her every move might have got him to be a little jealous, but that was okay at the moment.

Portion of a log taken from live play and edited with permission. Thanks to the player of G. This will be cross posted to the general posting thread with the rest of the log.
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Post by Mercedes » Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:15 am

Starting Over

”How exactly do you plan to use models sprawled over the top of these lawnmowers to sell them?” Mercedes asked this as she was assisted to sit upon the front of the riding mower. Normally, it wouldn’t have mattered what she was being photographed for but today she was in a lousy mood.

Every-once-in-awhile, she started thinking about her life before she was abducted through the portal into RhyDin. Before the slavers stripped her of everything she valued. Before she found her career at a point where she had to lay, nearly naked, upon a ridiculous lawnmower. She was starting over and this irritated her to no end because she had already paid her dues. Yet here she was. Not selling fashion...but lawn implements.

”Your job is to be appealing and therefore make the merchandise appealing. You are not appealing when you have your mouth open.” The photographer thought about his words and held up one finger. ”Well, not when it is open and you are speaking.”

He smirked as he watched Mercedes begin to speak and did the “zip it” motion before pointing towards her. ”Your job is to do what I tell you to do and I am telling you to stop talking and to make me want to buy that damn mower.”

The Brazilian gritted her teeth, doing her best not to spew forth a string of insults that would question the man’s gender, mentality, sexuality, and the species of his mother. No, she wouldn’t say any of that. It would be far too rude and she didn’t need the reputation of being difficult to work with. So, Merci did what she did best: she dug down deep and found that pool of inner-fakeness and pulled out a smile that would dazzle even this crude photographer.


”That’s it sweetheart, make me want to spend my hard earned money.”

She leaned back on her elbows, letting her head drop down between her shoulder blades. One leg bent and the other crossed over it casually as she turned her face towards the camera.

Click. Click. Click.

It didn’t take long until she was genuinely offering up her smiles. She was in front of a camera, after all, and her love affair with the camera had begun many years ago. The photographer behind it didn’t matter anymore nor did the job. The familiar clicking made her feel at home.
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Not the start she wanted...but it's a start

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:21 pm


Mercedes had gone to Talanador Tower on the off chance that G would be working late. Mai had given the model one of her typical "stare-right-through-you" looks at the suggestion that he would 1) be working, and 2) be working late. She looked at her notebook and told Merci that G was scheduled to be on the docks meeting with a potential client.

The brunette thanked her and made the decision to risk walking down there alone this late. Little did she know, Mai had a member of Talanador security follow her, just to be sure. It wasn't that the woman particularly cared that Merci made it there in one piece...she just didn't want to hear the fit G would have if something happened to Merci after she had been at the tower requesting to see him.

She saw G standing down on the dock and nearly ran towards him, brandishing a magazine in her hand. He rarely was permitted a glance into this side of the woman's personality; the carefree and almost child-like side that found joy in even the smallest of details. Truthfully, that part of Mercedes had been suppressed long before she arrived in RhyDin and it was just recently that she had again started feeling that zest for living.

"I brought you something!" Arms were thrown around his neck for a hug that spoke far more than any words could. Legs were bent and feet left the ground as she held on, her face buried in the crook of his neck as she inhaled his scent.

Softly, "Why does a day apart always seem like a month? I missed you."

He bent slightly backwards with the momentum of her leaping up into his arms. He quickly wraps his arms around her, dropping the clipboard and catching her, holding her up. He couldn't help but chuckle with the enthusiasm she was showing in that hug she gave him. He never even noticed the guard following her nor his departure after seeing she was safe with him.

He grinned and kissed the side of her head then looked to her, admiring her smiling face and brushing her hair with his fingers. "Something for me? Oh my precious. You simply must share with me." He laughed and started to set her down.

After he kissed the side of her head, she turned so that she could properly greet him with a soft, lingering kiss to his lips. "Mmm. I thought about doing that all day."

Legs were lowered to support her as he sat her down. She grinned a little and handed him the magazine. A lawn magazine. "There ya go, my darling."

He smiled as she kissed him for a long time. It was certainly a far more pleasant thing to be doing compared to the work he has previously been taking care of. As she sat down, he bent down to retrieve the clipboard, and then came back up to the lawn magazine being held out to him.

"Turf? A Lawn Magazine?" He looked a little puzzled at that. He didn't have much in the way of lawn space, and mainly lived on his Ship. The ship he was standing near. He looked up at the SpellJammer, then back to Merci with one of those confused smiles.

"Honey Bear? You do realize I don't have a lawn, right? Not even in front of the Golden Ivy. Wait.. they didn't write about me in here about how I'm like.. anti-nature because I don't have one, did they? Savages!"

She watched him for a moment, expression void of any emotion as she nodded. ”Yes, that is exactly what they did. It was quite a scathing article and I thought you should know what people are saying about you now.” She delivered the falsehood without so much as a twitch of a grin to give it away.

”Turn to page seven, my dear. That is where you will find it.”

Really it was silly to be excited over being a model in a lawn magazine, but she was. It was a step in the right direction, regardless if the step was not at all glamorous. What people who weren’t in the business didn’t understand, there were literally thousands of candidates wanting the same break.

It was a lawn magazine...but it was still a magazine, which meant her face was out there again and she had something to add to the resume. It was such a tedious process, but from this one little job would come many more until she reached her goal.

Puzzled still, he shrugged and started flipping through the pages until he reached page seven. He was already working on a plan to get revenge when he opened up to the advertisement for a riding lawn mower. Of course, the main part of the ad was that She was in it! He broke into a wide smile and looked at her. "Oh honey, this is wonderful! Is this the start you wanted?"

Laughing a little, she shrugged. ”Not exactly what I wanted but it is a start. Better than an ad for a coffin or something...”
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Strutting her stuff and avoiding questions...

Post by Mercedes » Sun Jun 24, 2012 10:03 pm


Mercedes was barely able to contain her excitement as she stepped through the doorway of G’s office after Mai waved her in. He was met with a bright grin and a kiss to his cheek before she placed her purse upon his desk and lowered into one of the plush chairs opposite his own on the other side of the desk. One satiny smooth, bare leg was lifted and crossed over the other, hands smoothing the hem of her skirt so that it modestly covered her thighs to just below the knee. They had an intimate relationship but that was no excuse to behave lewdly in what Mercedes considered to be a semi-public place.

”To what do I owe the pleasure of your lovely company, my dear?” Green eyes lowered to watch as those legs were crossed and a playful sort of pout set itself upon his features as his view was obstructed.

Merci dimpled a smile at the compliment wrapped up in that question. ”Wellll...I have some fantastic news, actually.” The woman looked ready to bounce out of her chair, though any self-respecting woman would never do such a thing; therefore, she didn’t. Her smile did widen, however. ”Remember the designer that gave me that tux for you?” She paused for a brief moment to allow him to access the memory before she continued. ”Well, he has asked me to model his newest collection. So, I will be strutting my stuff down a runway again!” The model let out an undignified squeal; a sure sign of just how happy she was.

G affixed the appropriate amount of excitement upon his features as he rounded the desk then settled back against the edge of it directly in front of Mercedes. Leaning forward to take her hands, he gave them a squeeze before leaning even closer so he could press a kiss to her lips. ”That is wonderful, my precious! When does all of this happen?” There was a brief moment that he pictured Merci strutting down the catwalk in nothing but the skimpiest of lingerie (thanks to her modeling shots wearing lingerie) and he barely concealed a frown. Clearing his throat, one finger tapping at his chin, ”Darling sweetheart, light of my day...what exactly will you be modeling as you ‘strut your stuff’ down that runway?”

”Oh, various things. You know, lovely and highly fashionable articles of clothing.” She was intentionally avoiding specifics, hearing the somewhat strained and overly patient, sweet tone of his voice. No sense in having tension between the two of them over this when there would be more when she told him the rest of the details.

”Various lovely and highly fashionable articles of clothing.” G gave Merci a charming smile and lightly pulled on her hands to draw her from the chair. As she stood, he slipped his arms around her and pressed his face into her silken hair. ”Well, I have no doubt you will make anything you wear look amazing.” Merci tightened her arms around his neck and smiled. ”Thank you for always being so supportive, G’nort.”

Still holding her close, he leaned back enough to look down into her face as something dawned on him. ”Fashion Week in RhyDin has come and gone this year, sweetheart. Where exactly will you be modeling?”

G remembered having a discussion with her a while back about how she would sometimes travel with her job but he hadn’t expected it to be so soon. She really had gotten a big break and he knew she couldn’t turn such an opportunity down. Her smile dimmed just a bit as she stared up into G’s face. This would be the part where she told him the not-so-good-news associated with her big break.

”Hey, l have a fabulous idea, babe. Let’s take the rest of the day off and tomorrow and sail to the island!”

She would answer his question later; she wanted a little more time to celebrate the positive aspect of this before she dealt with the negatives associated with it. The fact that she was willing to stay on or near the island after dark (when she was still convinced that Boitata roamed free at night), along with her avoidance of the question, would likely be a clue in for G that something was wrong.
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A note left for G'nort

Post by Mercedes » Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:53 pm


The trip to Caradon was looming before her; the promise of hundreds of flashbulbs sparking to life and all eyes upon her as she brought the designer’s fashions and dreams to life upon the runway. Aleksander’s collection had been such a big hit in Istandor that he decided he could fund the trip to Caradon as well and turn a larger profit.

Fashion design was always such a fickle mistress; a designer that hadn’t quite achieved his fame might only be able to fund the showing of a new collection on a smaller scale. Aleksander had been willing to take the risk this time, however. The Istandor market had been -that- good. Of course, this meant great things for Mercedes, as well. Another foreign city in which she would prove her worth to this industry; her name was getting out there. The timing was less than desirable but that was the nature of her work. She would strut her diva attitude down that runway and not a soul would know of the internal conflict by looking at her; she could turn emotion on and off like the flip of a light switch.

This trip had been on her mind as well as the fight she and G had the night before. Cor had seen the signs of Merci slipping within her shell, starting with his supply of ice cream taking a hit. He knew he had to do something to cheer the woman up or all could be lost. Thus, he had proposed roommate date night. They would go to the Annex and she could make fun of him while he dueled or be impressed by his prowess. Either way, his ice cream would survive for one more day and he would be a hero for stopping the model before she gained a pound. He had lived with Mercedes long enough to know that a one pound gain would have the woman shrieking through the house in that odd language of hers. He really didn’t need the headache.

Cor had arrived at their destination quite a while before Merci, since she still had to pack and take care of some last minute details before her trip.

As she had descended the steps to the Arena, her gaze had drifted over the entirety of the place, hoping for a glimpse of G’nort so she could inform him of her departure. They may have been fighting, but she cared for him and was mostly convinced he cared for her as well thus he had a right to know that she would be gone for a short while.

Of course, he hadn’t been sitting alone in the Arena but that hadn’t stopped the woman from hoping to see him. On through to the Annex she had gone, pausing in the doorway to, once again, try to spy out the unruly, copper colored hair that made him stand out in a crowd that size. Once again, she had been let down, but there were people around and Mercedes would never allow someone to see anything less than her best face while she was out and about; the unhappiness she felt was her own to bear.

After a few hours spent hanging out with Corlanthis and watching him duel, the model had finally given up hope that she would be able to speak with G. She scribbled a quick note to Candy on a bar napkin to let her know that she would be out of town and unable to make their appointment on Tuesday morning and sent a serving boy over to deliver it, with several shiny silver coins clutched in his fist.

Once she got home, she changed into pajamas and settled onto the end of the couch that Cor had been sprawled out upon. The notebook in her hand was flipped open and a short letter penned to G’nort in her meticulous scrawl. The page was ripped from the notebook and handed to Cor. ”Give that to G if you see him? If he has questions, tell him to see my assistant since she has all of the details.” As she traded the note for his tub of ice cream and spoon,a sincere smile was given. ”Thanks for delivering that and also for trying to cheer me up.”

The next couple of hours were spent in easy conversation with Cor, though there had been a few moments where she had become distracted by her thoughts of G and her doubts and concerns regarding their relationship. Overall she had been able to relax and enjoy herself until it was finally time to get some rest so she could conquer the upcoming week with all the panache and style expected from her.
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Post by G » Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:04 pm

It had been over two days since he had heard from Merci. He was aware that his stubbornness had cost him that Thursday evening, and felt that he should give her at least the one day to cool off, as well as come up with a suitable apology to her for being such an ass. She didn't want or need his help, and he pushed his way into that anyway. Really, he should have just stayed out of it.

In any case, He had left her alone on Friday and had thought to try to get a hold of her on Saturday, take her out on the ship and make her a nice dinner while he apologized to her. But when he went to check the mail in the early afternoon, all he found was a note addressed to him placed in the box. It wasn't a letter, just a folded note.

He took it as he walked back into the ship, puzzling over it a bit and opening to find another note inside that one. The first note said simply "Merci told me to get this to you, if you have any Q's, contact her asst." He pursed his lip over that and took out the paper that was torn from a notebook and immediately recognized Merci's meticulous scrawl.

He stopped at the top of the ramp, reading and rereading the simple note over again. Finally, he sighed, folding it up a few times and sliding it into a vest pocket. He frowned as he walked to the other side of the deck, leaning on the railing with folded hands and staring out to sea. "Well. Looks like you may have messed this one up really good all on your own." He snorted at himself and left the railing, heading into the ships interior.
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