The Scoundrel and the Diva (general postings)

Stories of the those from House Dragoon Talanador, the Company of the Dragon and the Tavern itself.

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The Scoundrel and the Diva (general postings)

Post by Mercedes »

Picnic with a Pirate--5/18

She arrived at the Talanador Tower and climbed the stairs to the seventh floor after being directed by security. Upon exiting the stairs, she saw Mai and offered a polite smile.

"Is he in a meeting or anything. Maybe too busy to eat? I probably should have arranged this ahead of time instead of just showing up." Her words were slightly rushed and it was obvious that she was slightly uncomfortable with that dead on gaze that G's assistant possessed. Mai had the ability to make a person feel that they were being picked apart. Merci held up a picnic basket and gave the assistant a slightly sheepish grin.

"Really, if he is too busy, just don't tell him I am here."Merci was relatively certain that he would insist upon her staying regardless of how busy he was which is why she had given the matter over to Mai.

Mai just continued to stare at Merci, tight lipped and almost staring as if she wasn't there. Then slowly, she held up a hand with four fingers. A short moment after, she began a countdown without saying anything. 4, 3, 2 and pointed to the door.

The door opened just when it would have gotten to 1 and G poked his head out to Mai. "You know, we really should think about what to eat for.. what are you pointing at?"

Mai switch the aim of her finger from G and the door and swung it around to point at Merci. "You have a guest." G looked over and brightened noticeably. "Merci! How long have you been here? Really, Mai, you should have just sent her in."

Mercedes' well defined brows furrowed as she was trying to figure out what Mai was doing. She watched the woman's hand and followed the direction of the point, arched a brow when G poked his head out of the door at that exact moment, then stared deadpan at the woman once more. Merci uttered one word as she stared, "Remarkable."

She shook herself out of her surprise and turned to blast that megawatt smile at G. "I only just arrived. I thought you might be hungry." Again the basket was lifted and she chuckled softly. "Apparently you are. Are you too busy to have lunch with me?"

Turning towards Mai, her ever-present manners not failing, she smiled. "I am sure I brought enough if you would like to join us." Even though Merci was certain the woman would rather jab her pen into her own eye than to have lunch with G and his bimbo, she asked anyway.

He beamed at that, and smiled to hear her be considerate enough to offer an invite to Mai, who he knew wouldn't accept the offer.

"No, thank you. I have sand to chew." Was, in fact, what she said. Sure, Mai seemed bitter and grumpy, but she actually does enjoy the power she wields. For his effort, G took it in stride and seemed amused by it. One might wonder why someone in his high position kept someone who appeared to be so unhappy in her job. Truth was, G enjoyed the back and forth. So, he ignored what Mai said and moved to step up to Merci, but spared her any embarrassment by giving her a huge hug, instead opting to put a hand on her shoulder and lean in to kiss her cheek.

"I am never too busy to have lunch with you. This is a wonderful surprise. Mai? We'll be back later, maybe, if I'm in the mood. You have everything under control." Mai didn't react, having already anticipated that. G smiled back to Merci. "So! What've we got, this afternoon, and where would you like to go?"
Merci simply nodded at Mai, secretly happy to not have to sit through a meal with a forced smile upon her face. It was much preferred to have a relaxed and genuinely happy lunch with G.

She tilted her cheek up as he leaned down to kiss it, looking quite comfortable with the slight show of affection. A few weeks ago, something as innocent as that cheek kiss would have had her glancing around nervously. She was very slowly, but surely, coming out of her shell.

Mercedes smiled as he arranged to have his responsibilities taken care of, pleased with herself for overcoming her original doubts about simply showing up. “Well, I thought we could go to the park and have a picnic. I brought the usual picnic type foods, since I was unsure what you would like. There is barbecue chicken, potato salad, various fruits and veggies with dip, cheese cubes and chocolate cake. Of course, if that doesn’t sound appetizing, I could just take you somewhere.”

It should be noted that she did not attempt to cook this herself so if he decided to eat it, there was a good chance he would survive the experience.
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Post by Mercedes »


"Ahh, excellent. You know, contrary to popular belief, I actually enjoy fruits and vegetables. Except Broccoli. There's nothing in existence that can make me like that. Ugly little trees. And the flesh of lesser beasts is always tasty." He nods, sliding his arm through hers and taking her hand in his other.

"The park sounds perfect. We shouldn't do the beach because the gulls are cannibalistic." He gave her a smile as he led her towards the stairs exit with a half wave to Mai who never looked up. "How did you sleep and how was your morning? Did you do anything special today aside from planning to grace me with your beautiful presence?"

"Fantastic. It was a gamble that paid off. Those are the best kind." She let him lead her to the stairs, the low heels of her sandals tapping softly upon the floor. Even though she had planned a picnic in the park, she was still dressed well.

Casual stroll down the steps, she tucked her hand into his and offered a light smile. "I slept fitfully, honestly. I felt terrible that I had forgotten about that photo shoot today. I was so excited to go sailing again for the weekend that I must have just lost my mind momentarily." He had that effect on her frequently.

"So, I was up bright and early to be ready for the shoot at sunrise. I got to deal with one of the most pompous photographers I have ever met. But..." Always finding the silver lining in the clouds. "I was paid, have some fantastic new clothes as a bonus and had my hair and makeup done professionally which was a plus since I was planning to see you for lunch. Also, I am a woman of leisure for a bit so I am fully prepared to be kidnapped by a scoundrel pirate if you know of any that might be interested."

Merci smiled as the sunlight warmed her once they stepped out the front door of the tower. "What about you? Did you sleep well? How was your morning and what are your plans for the rest of the day?"

"Photo shoot? Oh, you're a model? I must have forgotten, having been so stunned by you showing up here." He grinned, teasing. "If you want, I could find Mr. Pompous Photographer and have him convinced to give you a raise. Nothing too rough. He could likely use a moment to feel not so high and mighty." He didn't know the situation, really. But, really, it sounded like the guy was a bit of a jerk, and he felt she should be treated right.

"Kidnapped? Kidnapped. Hmm. I could check some of my contacts and see who might be available. Oh look! It's me! Of course, as a scoundrel, I would have no good deeds planned for you on the high seas. You would have to become my lusty cabin wench. Can you live with that?" He grinned, taking slow steps down because it meant that much time at her side. It wasn't long, though, before they were outside, and he used his free hand to shield his eyes.

"I slept well enough. Not as long as I'd've liked, but I'm sure you can understand why." He quickly changed the subject so as not to dwell. "The morning was typical business, sign this, approve that, stop threatening to kick gnomes. The usual. As to the rest of the day, now that I have you here, it involves you. Maybe kidnapping, possibly some making out?" Was that a hopeful, immature grin?

“No, I’m not a model. I’m an assassin and I am not very good at my job so sometimes I show up to shoot someone and get my picture taken. It is a miracle I haven’t found myself behind bars yet.” Yes, she could dish out a little teasing as well. Especially when her mood was so light.

“Well, I would take you up on that very illegal, but highly adorable offer to convince him to give me a raise but he isn’t the one that pays me. He is freelance and was hired for this job just like I was. Now, if you would like to convince him to not insult me about the size of my behind, I would likely take you up on that offer.” He was given a sideways glance before she laughed, to ensure he realized she wasn’t serious. Merci had the feeling that G was the kind of man that might possibly take that suggestion seriously. It might be wrong, but she couldn’t help feeling a little bit safer when she thought about it.

“I was hoping you would be the scoundrel that kidnapped me but I didn’t want to pressure you to steal a job from some of your pirate playmates. So, this is excellent, though I am not so sure about being a lusty cabin wench. My skills as such are quite rusty. Perhaps after my kidnapping, during the make out session, I could brush up a little.” Yes, it was most definitely an immature grin, and it perfectly matched the silly one that curled about her lips.

“So, since you are kidnapping me, where do you plan to take me and when shall we return. I would like to pack for the occasion.”

He leaned back and very obviously began checking out her backside, frowning. "There's absolutely nothing wrong with your butt. It's a very well sculpted one, if you ask me. Obviously you work out." Then he grinned at her. "Assassin, are you? You actually could be, and it's just part of your cover that you're a model interested in a scoundrel-pirate-CEO-World Leader-Duelist-etc.etc. in order to get close to someone somewhere that you have to assassinate, and you're doing an excellent job." He laughed, running his hand up and down her back slowly as they walk.

"I'll see if I can find someone to have a talk with this freelance guy. If just to teach him what a fine backside looks like." G obviously thought the guy was nuts for thinking there was something wrong with hers. Then, he switches tactics again. "I'm going to kidnap you. Then, I'm going to take you to a sandy, excluded beach. Then I'm going to dress you in the skimpiest bikini I can find, if I dress you at all. Then I'm going to rub your body down with sunscreen and watch you bake in the sun. Once night comes, I am going to take your body and use it in the most passionate, sexy, erotic manner possible." Was he serious? What did his blank expression really tell with those fiery eyes? And then...

He changes his expression to a bright grin. "So, you hungry?"

Taken from live play and edited with permission. Thank you to the player of G.
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Post by Mercedes »

Twitterpated--Arena 5/17

Opens the door to the Arena, then holds it for Mercedes. “So I told the little gnome ‘Sweep the leg!’ He looked at me with big, frightful eyes. And I asked ‘Do you have a problem with that?’ and he was all ‘No sir!’ Do you know what happened next?”

"Well, I am going to assume he swept the leg. But that is just a guess. Perhaps he wet himself because you are quite fearsome to behold when you make that gruff face." She modeled the face for him, though hers was far more adorable, of course. She stood on tiptoe to kiss him before they were inside where the "public Merci" would take over. She was most definitely not as much fun. On through the door she went, pausing to wait for him to join her.

He smiled at Merci and returned that little kiss. "He did. The little guy grabbed that broom and a ladder, and swept all that dirt off the statues leg. Then, he polished it. Made it look as if it were brand new. I was impressed."Grinning as he moved to join her, a hand at her hip now as he led her towards a table."You sometimes have to give those fellows some specific instructions,"

G had likely never seen a movie but Merci was from Earth during a modern time. She remembered a movie that spoke of sweeping the leg and had naturally just assumed. "Huh...I suppose you do." Just like her to miss the more obvious explanation of a gnome sweeping a statue's leg with a broom. Merci smiled at those she recognized but didn't know and allowed him to guide her to a table.

"Evening, everybody." A'la G'norm from the same Cheers series. Then he smiles at Merci as he pulls a chair out for her to sit in. "So, shall I honor you with a frosty beverage?"

She smiled up at him as she sat down, placing her purse upon the table before her. "Thank you and yes, please."

And he smiles to Merci. "Wine, or something more.. complicated. Word has it that the Jas-Master has some sort of chocolate concoction that's to utterly die for. I could ask him what it is."

"If his drinks are as fantastic as his organizational skills, I will most definitely have one." She nodded lightly before her gaze shifted to the flower whisperer and his sugar plum fairy.

"Then I shall endeavour to acquire the knowledge of the creation of this spectacular beverage in order to best please you." He smiled and turned to head towards Jasper.

"Thank you. Acquiring knowledge of spectacular beverage creation is an admirable and respectable endeavor, indeed. As is pleasing me." Of course.

He leans in, hands on the arms of the callers couch, getting one of those 'please help' expressions. "Hey, Jazz. I heard you knew how to make some sort of chocolate drink thing and I know women totally love chocolate. My girl there?" He points to Merci. "That beautiful one? She drinks wine, so I'm wondering if you could, you know, help me score some points? Wine, Chocolate? Major points." He nods.

He stiffens then, leaning waaaaay back back against Rekah. Since you know, he was sitting on the arm of the couch and G'nort now had his hands.. on either side of him. He wasn't really the up close and personal type with guys. "Of course, G'nort. If you could just.. uh.. go keep her warm, I'll be right over when Rekah lets go." He'd been pleased with the nickname.. until the proximity. A glance over at Merci.

Jasper was pretty cute, you know. Not even G could resist the Fae-ish charms. Bats his lashes. "You're a lifesaver, guy. I owe you two." He nods twice, wide eyed, then pulls back to head back to Merci.

A shiver there as the redhead walked away and he was blinking his eyes. "Oh my. I.. yeah, I'll be back." Over his shoulder quietly to Rekah. "You want me to make you one too?" Jasper specials -were- pretty good!

She watched the entire scene unfold and just shook her head. Wow, did she ever have some work ahead of her. He thought it was going to be difficult to teach her to be a rough, tough, pirate? Well, she had to try to teach him about personal space. God help them all!
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Post by Mercedes »


G’nort starts humming a tune "I'm gonna kill you in your sleep." Then he stops as he reaches Merci, taking out a chair to sit beside her. "Jazz is gonna get you your drink. He said it was a special creation that he couldn't possibly give out the recipe for. I'll see what I can do to get it from him.”

"G' don't seriously intend to take him away from his lovely woman just to make me a drink, do you?"

"But.. it's a special drink." He didn't think about the fact he was taking him away from Rekah. But gets a little sad face.

Continues the tune for a moment. "So you better try, try and keep awake..."

"So, you should do something very nice for him sometime. Riiiight?" She prodded him towards a decent answer even as she relaxed a little and leaned back in her chair. A brow perked at the lyrics to his song and she giggled a little.

"Hey, I told him I owed him Two. Not one, but Two. Between him and Rekah that's one each." He nodded with a smile."Rekah will be easy to pay off. Just some gummi bears or another new puppy. Jas, however, what do you get him? Teeth whitener or something? Those things can't get any brighter."

"Very nice. You should take them to that Island on your ship." Those golden eyes suddenly lit up. "I could drive them there in it. I did such a marvelous job last time!"

Stare. "Yes. You did a wonderful job."

"I don't know if they'd want to sail on my ship to an island out in the middle of the sea, though. As relaxing and romantic as it is, I'm not sure it's their cup of Espresso."

He was twitterpated. Which has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with a non-existent internet service.

"Well, I will take their turn then. The last time was a fabulous trip and I got us there in one piece so why not do it again? We can bring them back souvenirs or something." Her hand lightly grasped his bicep and her voice was excited. "We could bring them back one of those small monkeys we saw!"

"I.. don't think customs would allow that. Cross species integration and all that. Like, how an Emerald Ash Bore Beetle that was not native to this one forest, and suddenly, it showed up in some firewood, and then ate through half the forest before it was contained. Could have nasty repercussions." A slight flex to where she gripped his arm. Why not let her get some feel of the muscle there?

"A monkey is not going to eat through the Arena or Outback, G. It is just a harmless, cute little monkey. What could possibly go wrong?" She squeezed his bicep as he flexed and preened then laughed at his dramatics.

"A monkey in the Arena. What can go wrong." He gave her a deep look. "You do know where we are, right? The proper question is 'what can go right?'"

"Everything. Everything in the world is right." Wait...he didn't ask that, did he? Not really, no. But does it matter? "You're so cute."

Mercedes just laughed. "It is a burden off of my heart to know that your eyesight is so perfect, G'nort."

"Of course my eyesight is perfect. t'would be silly to think it wasn't."
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Post by Mercedes »


It took Jasper forever, but he finally found the two bottles he needed, Bailey's Caramel and Chocolate Rouge which was really chocolate red wine. He found a clean glass, mixed those and then mixed the ingredients with milk.. really the drank 'stirred' itself as you poured.

Three of those were made, two slid over to G'nort and Merci and then he was gathering up the third, bigger glass to take to the couch, he also took a few drinks of that one as he went.

Then G smiled to Jasper. "Thank you kindly, Jazzy J. I bet the Fresh Reks is going to love that."

Her attention shifted from G to the drink to the bartender and organizer extraordinaire and she smiled. "Thank you very much. That looks wonderful."

Jasper blew an air kiss blown Merci's way, chaste of course, but for the thank you.

Takes the glass and peers at it, raising and inspecting it in the light. He hadn't had this before so he was being extremely cautious. He's not big on drinking, and only recently started in on wine with dinners and such with Merci. "D. Fae Jazzy Jasp, and the Fresh Reks. That sounds good."

Raising the glass to his nose and sniffing. Smelled chocolatey, could smell the alcohol in it, though, however you'd classify that aroma. He eyeshrugs and then takes a sip. "Hey, not bad."

"D. Fae and Fresh Reks. That should be the name of a very sweet bottle of some drink or other. Patent that name, for sure!"

"How about a bottle entitled 'Fresh Reks D'Fae?' That sounds more.. exotic. And you know how I like exotic." He gives her a long look.

The glass was lifted to her lips for a sip but before she could take a taste of it there was a chaste air kiss to respond to and G's almost unnerving gaze. The glass was lowered and she caught Jasper's air kiss, tucked it, and tossed one back his way before turning her head to stare at G. Monotone, "Why are we staring at one another?"

"I'm sorry. Was I staring? I guess it's just that when I see something I like, I find it difficult to tear my eyes away."

"And you see something you like, do you?" The suspense and temptation were far too much for her and the drink was lifted once more so she could finally take a sip. Lips pressed together as she smiled. "Mmm this is really delicious."

"I do. If I could frame it and hang it on my wall, I could see myself sitting and staring at it for hours. Memorizing every line, every feature of beauty. Lost in it." Trails off, a small smile forming as he now continues to hold the forgotten drink.

"You do realize I am quite photogenic. Sort of a requirement for my career choice. I will get you a picture to hang on your wall so that you don't get some bizarre idea to try to actually hang me there." He had that look about him tonight.

Oh. That made more sense. He goes back to smiling, now, to Merci. "Maybe one for my nightstand. So your face will be the last thing I see before falling asleep. If, you know, you're not sleeping with me."

Blink. Her hand was placed upon his forearm as she leaned closer to whisper to him. "That sounded terrible, G'nort. What will people think?" See? Public, proper Merci was absolutely no fun. But she was blushing.

He smiled and placed his hand over hers. "That you are the last thing I want to see before I lose consciousness and dream about who knows what?"

"Not that part." Her voice still low.

"The sleeping in bed with me? There's nothing wrong with sleeping. Let them think what they want, we know what we do together."[/color]

(The posts for Twitterpated were the first half of the evening of 5/17. The following link is cross posted from the thread Flatlined and is what happened next in the course of this evening. The next couple of posts are what happened after The First Confrontation. Thanks!)

The First Confrontation

Taken from live play and edited with permission. Thank you to the players of Jasper and G.
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Post by Mercedes »

Throwing Gasoline on the Fire--Arena 5/17 (part two)

Settled down now, breathing back to what it was if not his mood. He looks around, then to Merci. "So. How's your drink? Did you like how Jasper made it?"

Merci placed that smile upon her face that had graced magazine covers and billboards. It was flawless and bright. Cheery and meant to sell something, always. Hopefully this time it would sell the "this nonsense didn't happen tonight" mood she was trying to convey. It had disturbed her, more than a little, to see him so upset so she was trying to right the wrongness of the situation in the only way she really knew how to. "My drink was wonderful. He certainly has a wide array of skills."

G now wore a frown. "I forgot to ask him how to make it. I'll have to do that the next time I see him. Maybe Monday." He looked up to smile at her. At least this time it wasn't so forced, it was hard to be upset when you had such a smile staring back at you.

"I am sure I won't want to drink another one before then, anyway. I am not really much of a drinker, honestly." She scooted her chair a little closer, not that there was much space between them, and shifted so that she was leaning against him with her head just under his shoulder. "Are you going to be okay?"

He reached up and began to run his fingers through her hair slowly. "I'll be fine. Hell, I'll probably forget most of this after I go to sleep, tonight. I'll wake up in the morning and be all 'Something happened last night. Something.. ah well.' or whatever." He chuckled softly.

"Lucky you." Her forced cheer came out as a soft laugh but thankfully he couldn't see her eyes. Those were settled upon the ring where Rhi and Julianna battled it out.

"How about you? You going to be okay?" He continues to pet her. He's staring off at nothing, at the moment, but he's sure she's holding something back. "None of it was true. About other women until Kaja came back, you know. I don't know where she got that idea from."

"I am better than okay. I might be made of tougher stuff than you think I am." She gave his belly a light pinch as she said that. "What did I say about our pasts? What did we talk about last night? You don't owe me an explanation, G'nort. I am not a woman that will punish you for what you did before you met me. There are plenty of others that apparently feel it is their job to do this, however."

She inhaled slowly and exhaled in the same fashion. "Can we discuss something other than this unpleasant business? I believe we were discussing the fact that I am a fantastic ship's captain and I drive your ship quite naturally." Yes, she was still "driving" the ship.

He had to chuckle. He will make a pirate of her yet and says so. "I will make a pirate of you, yet." He decides it may be best to not acknowledge all of the other things she said, in order to demonstrate that he agreed with her that it would be best to let the past remain there, including the evenings unpleasantness. "I was thinking of a nice sail, too."

Perk! "Right now?" Her head lifted from his shoulder so that she could look up at him with that hopeful smile. What better way to forget the stresses of life than to be upon the sea with the wind in your hair, where no one could hear you scream in there were no people?

He raised a brow at her sudden interest, which, of course, made him smile and encouraged him. "Certainly. We could even go back to the island and spend the weekend swimming in the lagoon, sunning on the beach again, if you like."

"And miss out on all of the wonderful excitement that awaits us?" Sarcasm was generally not Mercedes cup of tea. Between the earlier cursing, the half laying against him in public, and the sarcasm, it was a pretty safe bet that she was a little more bothered than she was letting on. Not for the reason he and others would likely think, however. She meant what she said about not judging him by what he did before he met her. No, what bothered her was a revelation of another sort.

"Will you be able to get away for the entire weekend?" She already knew this answer...he would delegate, delegate, delegate.

"I don't have any commitments, this weekend. So yes, I believe I can get away. How about you? Do you need to tell anyone where you're going, or get any of your things?"

"I should let Corlanthis know so he will not worry about me again. And yes, I would like to pack a few things." Likely a few suitcases. Really. "Luckily that is all in the same place so we can deal with all of that at once and be on our way." She was already sliding from her chair and pushing it to the table. A pointy toed shoe was tapped almost impatiently as she waited for him.

He chuckled at her impatience. Clearly she was eager to go, and that made him all the more eager, as well. So he moved from his chair, pushing it in, and held out his arm for her. "Well then, let's go get you packed and go for a sail."

"Yes, let's do that." Slipping her arm through his, she walked to the door, laughing as she looked up at him. "You realize we are throwing gasoline on the fire, don't you?"

"You do realize, that I don't care. Unless that fire is a metaphor for how hot you are for me." He grinned, leading her up the stairs towards the exit. A smile and he holds open the door for her.

His words were met with an eye roll and a laugh. She moved past him, and out the door.

Taken from live play and edited with permission. Thanks to the player of G.
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Post by Mercedes »

Sunburns and Fantastic Drink Service--Annex 5/18

The doors to the Annex open, a wounded expression across his face as he holds them open for Merci. "Seriously, I am really sorry! How was I supposed to know there was a difference between lotion and sunscreen? It's not like I had a ton of chances to experiment with different Sun protection items..."

"I know! I...I'm not mad at you, I just don't know what to do to fix this and make sure my skin doesn't peel. I have a shoot on Tuesday, G. Tuesday. It is now Friday night and I have blisters." That usual soft public voice was nearly growling now. Oh there was also that lovely whine that he had to put up with intermittently for the last several hours. "And it hurrrts. I feel like I am on fire!" She moved through the door rather stiffly, trying to appear completely normal despite the less than typical clothing and the blisters along her chest and shoulders. Her usual dark olive skin was bright red across her nose, cheeks and forehead as well.

"You don't have to be mad at me for me to feel guilty about it." Subdued. He was the one who convinced her to go sailing, didn't check to see how hot it would be, and wasn't paying attention to the differences of UV protection. "I swear, this has never happened to me before. Any ideas as to how to help it?"

"Yes, use sunscreen!" She half barked it at him then sighed heavily. "I'm sorry. No, I don't know how to help it. I have never had a sunburn in my entire life. Do you see how dark I am? I shouldn't be burned. I protect my skin." She couldn't help but give him a look. Then she felt guilty and tried to stretch up on tiptoes to kiss his chin, the effort caused her to wince, however.

He winces for her as she does when she tried to kiss his chin. He almost reached out to push her back down, but, that would likely hurt her even more. "Well, I guess when it settles in, you're going to have one hell of a tan." Looking at the bright side of things. "Aloe! Aloe is good for that, isn't it?"

"G'nort..." She was about to break into rapid Portuguese. Deep breath. "I don't need a tan. I need a drink. And maybe a bunch of ice."

"Something strong then?" He cautiously leads her down the stairs towards the bar. "A martini? Maybe some straight vodka?"

"A dirty martini. Yes, good thinking. And some ice." Whine whine whine.

"All right then." A smile and he releases her to move behind the bar, setting about to make her a martini. Finds the materials, puts them in the mixer, shake, shake, shake, flip through the air, catch behind back, shake, shake, and pour. "One, two, or three olives?"

She watched as the redheaded woman was being carried and pointed. "There, G. See? I should be carried." Hey, he was the one that said her high maintenance personality was hot.

"If I carried you, Merci, you would bend a lot, stretching your skin. Then, you would rub against the material of our clothes, causing even more pain. Carrying is not a good idea right now." Sympathetic.

"Three. I deserve every one of them too, fattening as they are." She stared at him as he was being logical and making perfect sense. Sympathetic too. "Hmph. Big jerk." But she smiled, sort of, for the first time in several hours. He just had that effect.

Of course he made sense. He may not have known the difference between lotion and sunscreen, but he knew what would happen once you're burned! He pulls out three olives in one hand and three toothpicks between his fingers of his other hand. He tosses the olives up in the air and ninja throws the toothpicks, perfectly landing into the center of each one before taking up the martini glass, catching each olive as they drop down. Once done, he pours the martini mixture into the glass and smiles a as he slides it to her. "Shaken, not stirred."

She crooked a finger so that he would lean closer, so she could whisper. She definitely didn't want to be trying to lean over the bar right now. But before he leaned in, she took the drink and tried to smile wider. "Thank you. This makes me feel better already." And the little show he put on was fun too.

Leans close to Merci in order to hear what she has to say. A smile as she thanks for the drink. He tilts his head as he listens and then wets his lips a moment before responding.

Since Merci was in this wonderfully, sweet mood (insert sarcasm here), she leaned back to look at him with the 'you have got to be effing kidding me' look. Which, she promptly said, aloud...yes, in public. See? Wonderful mood. "You have got to be effing kidding me, G. Of course it would be worth it." Had he ever seen her quite this grumpy and crudely behaved? Or this..adamant.

"So, what you're saying is you want to be carried like that? If so, we can go now."

"Yes, that is exactly what I am saying." That dirty martini that she had ordered and hadn't drank yet? The glass was tipped up and the contents downed. The three olives on toothpicks, by god she was going to eat them, were picked from the glass and she was already headed towards the stairs, that slow and stiff gait making it easy for him to catch up. "Let's go, Pretty Boy!"

"Pretty?" But then, who questions the end result? He moves from behind the bar and moves to catch up to her, easily. "Allow me to get the door for you, again." He grins, going ahead to open the door for her.

There had been no doubt or question in her mind that he would get the door for her. "Yes, pretty. And thank you."

He mumbles a bit as she steps through the door, giving her a nod. "I prefer the term 'ruggedly handsome,' actually. More accurate." And then he follows her through.

Taken from live play and edited with permission. Thanks to the player of G.
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Workout or Relax?--May 27th.

He had just awakened from being passed out on the deck of his ship, the SpellJammer, after a long night of unloading supplies from GnomCorp for a super secret personal project of a sensitive nature, when he realized that he was late for trying to pick Merci up and get her to exercise for the morning's practice. Okay, since it was so late, he decided that perhaps today can be a cool down day, let her be happy with that.

So, he dressed, cleaned himself up and put on some decent, light clothing for the day and proceeded to leave the ship and head all the way over to Cor's place to pick her up. Perhaps a pleasant breakfast down by the riverside would cheer her up. Then, he could take her places she'd want to go and he could pamper her with a day of what she'd enjoy doing. Something casual.

Merci was up before her alarm even went off. She had already drank her coffee, gotten dressed, and done her twenty minutes of stretching. So, when G showed up at her door, she was ready. On time and motivated for the first time since she had convinced him to train her. She was even sans makeup, perfume, and cute hair this morning. Of course, she still looked beautiful; makeup can only enhance cannot create it.

There was a steely determination in those golden amber eyes this morning, made more prominent by the no nonsense ballerina bun at her crown. So, imagine her surprise when she opened the door and there he stood in normal clothing and not workout clothing. Well formed brows were arched as she regarded him silently for a moment before offering a smile of greeting.

Regardless of her mindset, G was standing there and that alone had an almost anti-depressant effect on her."Good morning."

A charming smile greeted her as soon as she opened the door. He was always happy to see her and her affect was that of immediate cheering up. As if just being around her made everything better. He gave her the once over, looking up, then down and back up before switching his smile to one of mischievousness. He reached up to place his arm on one side of the doorway and then leaned against it, hand in his pocket as he kept giving her that smile. "Good morning, beautiful. You seem ready for one hell of a workout. However, I thought we might.. go with a relaxing day, today. You've been going at it pretty hard, so, time for a break."

He smiled, moving up to her and sliding his arms around her waist. He looked down at her as it he was going to kiss her, but waited. "Does that sound like a good plan today?"

She felt what she always felt when he smiled at her, without fail...every single time; her heart beat just a little faster and harder and her breath caught in her chest, though not visibly. He likely knew exactly what he did to her pulse, though probably not to her actual heart-- the emotional one.

"Beautiful? Like this?" Merci laughed softly before nodding in response to his observation. "Yes, I thought we could add a couple of miles to our run this morning and maybe go to the Arena and do bleacher sprints."

It took her a moment to comprehend what he was saying about having a relaxing day. He, of course, had no idea what had occurred last night and therefore had no idea at just how fired up she was. Motivated didn't even begin to describe her mindset this morning. "A...break? Now?" She frowned a little. She had some serious aggression that needed to be worked off.

Once his arms were around her, he was able to penetrate the wards to Cor's house and step inside with her backstepping in sync with his movements. An arm slipped up and around his neck and her head tilted back a little as she anticipated his face lowering for that kiss...that he didn't deliver.

"If that is what you want to do, that sounds fine. Just give me a couple of hours to run and do a quick workout and then we can do whatever you want." She lifted up on tiptoes and kissed the corner of his lips.This definitely didn't sound like Mercedes...the same one that had practically begged him to let her go back to bed the morning before. The same one that had been dragging her feet and behaving spitefully every morning they worked out.

This didn't sound like the same Mercedes he knew, the one who had to decide between sex or working out in order to get the day off before settling on working out when he called her bluff. When she went to kiss the side of his lips, he turned his head so he could get the full mouth kiss that he wanted. He had only been holding off so that he could keep looking at her. His head tilted afterwards though, and he raised a brow, curious now. "You.. want to work out?" That surprised him a little. He thought for sure that she'd emphatically enjoy the relaxing day...

"If you want to work out, then.. sure. But instead of running, we can work on upper body strength, core, and basic maneuvers." He chuckled. "That way I won't have to get changed, and you'll still get a heavy dose of exercise in." He stopped for a moment and pulled back, though still holding onto her hips. Sensing something was not exactly right. "You okay? What's up?"

After a few moments of just enjoying his closeness and that kiss that, as usual, made her knees want to buckle, she pulled back and nodded. "Yes, I want to work out. I need to work out. And then I need to have some time with my man, relaxing." Hey, if he could call her his girl, she could call him her man.

She nodded at his suggestion for their agenda. "That sounds good. Let's go!" She started to move away and towards the door again but felt the resistance as he held onto her hips. With shoulders shrugging, she looked up at him, though not quite as directly as she had been."Yes, I'm fine. Just feeling a little aggressive this morning is all." She forced a smile and was finally able to meet his gaze. Trying to quickly change the subject, "So...what did you have in mind today in regards to our relaxation?"
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He turned with her, though still holding onto her. He studied her closely for a moment, sensing he wasn't getting the full story, especially when someone says they're 'fine.' When someone is fine, they never are. He pursed his lips, thinking. He also liked that she called him Her Man. So, does he aggravate her by trying to find out what is wrong, or placate her and let her hide her problem...

"Well, I'll let you burn off all this pent up energy that you so clearly want to discharge. Then, after you shower and change into something more relaxing, it'll probably be lunchtime, so I thought we might go grab a couple of sandwiches or something and go sit by the river and have lunch. After that, I thought maybe some shopping, or whatever you felt like you wanted to do. As a reward for how much you're putting up with to train. " He wet his lips a moment. "And maybe, during lunch, you can tell me what's bugging you."

"That sounds perfect. We can go to that blacksmith's shop, that guy that hangs around the duels sometimes. I don't know of any others and we might as well support duelists with our business. I want to look over some different weapons." Oh yeah, there was -definitely- something up with Merci today. He says he will go shopping with her and she chooses to shop for weapons? The diva had obviously vacated the beautiful shell he had his arms around. 'As a reward for how much you're putting up with to train' really stuck with her after last night. He, of course, had no idea what the problem was.

She kept on her poker face. She was going to have to learn to have a real one for what was going to come in the future. "Maybe I can. We'll see." She didn't deny something was bugging her this time, she didn't like being dishonest with him and not telling him felt that way. She also knew this was her problem and not his and she wouldn't burden him with something so trivial when he had such big worries already.

Her other arm was lifted to slide around his neck and she winced as her bruised shoulder protested the movement. "I'm happy with you. That is the only thing you need to worry about in regards to me. Whatever else that plagues me isn't something I expect you to worry over. Thank you...for being who you are with me. For not writing me off as too weak to train...for taking me seriously and making me stick to my goal." He had no idea what that meant to her at the moment.

It was a bit puzzling, hearing her want to shop for weapons. But also, not something that could be unexpected when you're trying to learn how to fight with them. You'd always want one that is an extension of your own arm. Still, for Merci? This was a bit soon. Something happened, and he'd find out, eventually. For the moment, she seemed happier just keeping it to herself and use it as a motivation to train harder. It bothered him, a little, that she wouldn't talk, but for the most part, it's understandable. A person generally doesn't speak about problems if they don't think the other person needs to deal with it. He nodded, filing that away for later, sure they'd get around to it sometime. Instead, he then smiled down to her, reaching up to brush aside a strand of hair or two that escaped the bun. "All right. If baby wants a new weapon, baby gets a new weapon. But that's not all you need to shop for. There's clothes, shoes... lingerie..." lingered on that one a moment with a lewd expression...

Then he smiled again, happy to hear what she said. "I'm happy with you, too, M. Happier than I've been in a good bit of time, you know? And I like making you happy." He reaches up to hold her shoulders now, so he can look into her eyes. "I want you to know, that if you ever need to talk about something, anything.. I will listen to you. Whenever you're ready. Okay?"

He smiled, then nodded and kissed her forehead. "Even the weakest people can grow stronger with time and effort. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. Always remember that. No one expects you to be an expert assassin in three easy steps, you know. Time, energy, perseverance. If I gave up on you that fast, I would be letting you down. I've no intention on letting you down. I do believe in you."

"I need more clothes and shoes?" Her eyes nearly bugged out of her head. That was likely the first time anyone had ever said that to her. They hadn't ever gotten around to looking at her closet that night, though, so that was probably why he was so misinformed. "Lingerie? Ohhhh...." Understanding dawned when she saw that look. A little laugh was given and she nodded, giving in. It wasn't like she was unused to people staring at her in her underclothes. She was a model, after all. She would let him look at her all he wanted.

Her expression softened as he spoke and she drew his head down for another kiss. "I'm glad you are happy. I love to see you smile, even more so when I know I am the cause of it." Her expression grew more serious, and her lower lip was nibbled at as she listened. "Thank you for offering that." Lashes fluttered closed as he kissed her forehead and opened once more as he started speaking again.

"I will remember that. I'm willing to put in the effort now, G'nort. I just needed to realize how badly I want this and remember why." She pressed closer to him, hugging him tightly and murmuring against his shoulder. "Thank you for believing in me and not letting me give up on myself. I've no intention of letting you down, either. Just be patient with me and also realize that I'm not..." She drew in a deep breath and exhaled it again, stiffening her spine. Nothing good was going to come from finishing that sentence."Nevermind. Let's get started so we can get it over with and go play with weapons."

Taken from live play and edited with permission. Thanks to the player of G.
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Relaxation Beckons!--May 27th

The day had been full: a workout heavy in strength training and boxing followed by lunch upon the riverbank, perusing the marketplace and then the more upscale boutiques in New Haven before finally stopping to pick up dinner.

"I need a higher protein diet since I am now trying to build a little more muscle. You are a meat eater, what do you recommend and where do we get it?" They were strolling along, arm-in-arm, with Merci's head leaned against G's shoulder. Like the gentleman he had always shown himself to be, he was carrying the numerous bags that contained various items that they could not pass up..

The day had indeed been eventful. While he wouldn't outright say it, he loved watching her workout. Something about the sweaty, ready to put up a fight look, that made her seem more primal. It was a good look for her. More to that, once they were done and were simply spending time together, he was happier. He just liked being around her.

He thought about her question a moment as they strolled quietly along, he would occasionally bump her hip with his. "Well, steaks have lots of protein. But if you don't want to go that route, eggs are a cheaper alternative. There's also special drinks that are specifically for those who are trying to bulk up through weightlifting. If you don't want to worry about eating, the drinks are probably the best way to go." He looked down at her. "I don't think you have to worry about gaining weight though." He chuckles.

There had been a few moments during that intense workout that she had been ready to scream at him because he was pushing her past what she thought she could handle. His manner of teaching was firm and didn't offer wiggle room for excuses or whining, both of which she had excelled at prior to today. She didn't need coddling, she needed someone to push her because he believed in her more than she believed in herself.

That was exactly what he did, though at the time, her body was exhausted and she was sure she couldn't throw one more punch. In that moment, she had looked up him, as he held the punching bag, ready to give up...and saw him staring at her with -that- look. The growled complaint died on her lips before it could be spoken and she dug deeper within herself for just an ounce more stamina, just a few more rounds. When he finally told her to stop, she felt a sense of pride in herself that was so much deeper than the typical confidence she felt due to her appearance.

"Okay shakes and eggs are fine but what are we going to eat now? I am ravenous! I'm buying, so pick whatever you want."

“Then, you get to try out something I bought you while you were looking through the ladies' lingerie at that last boutique." She winked up at him, smiling a little impishly at whatever humor was dancing through her mind.

He had been impressed that she had always continued to push herself on, despite the occasional whine or complaint. She had done everything he asked, told her to do. He could tell when she needed to stop or change exercises so that she didn't overdo it. She was coming along nicely, which was another reason for the reward day. And he was rewarded with her determination to continue her routine, even though he didn't know the reason yet.

He chuckled at her wanting to eat something and he had to think about it a few moments. "Hmm, I don't know. Perhaps something a little light? I don't want to duel tonight on a full stomach. Maybe a chicken Caesar?" He grins at her, raising a brow as she has something for him. "Oh? You bought me something? I hope that it's flattering to my fabulous form!" He did a little hip swish and limp wrist over his head move to compliment that statement. Then he grinned at her. "I might have bought something for you, too. Though, I don't know when I'll get to see you in it."

She arched a brow at his choice for dinner but her smile became a little forced, only for the moment it took before she was able to muster up the proper enthusiasm, however. "So, you are eating rabbit food like I normally eat and I want to be carnivorous like you normally are. Amusing." She laughed a little before adding, "Oh, you are dueling tonight?"

She moved right on with the conversation, not dwelling on that question. "Yes, I bought you something that will look quite flattering on your fabulous form!" She tried not to turn into a child on a birthday...and failed. "What did you buy me? I want to see it right now!" She halted their progress and stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, much to the chagrin of several people that had to abruptly alter their course.

He laughed, pushing away from her a bit as if to hold out the bags away from her so she couldn't start rummaging through them. The topic of food and dueling now pushed to the background, he was more amused at her reaction to the fact he got her something. "Oh no. It's for a special occasion. I mean, I'll give it to you, eventually, but it's something I'm going to want to see you in. Two somethings, really. One for wearing in private, one for everywhere else. You'll see. So.. rabbit food? Mine will have dead animal in it."

She made grabby hands for that specific bag, teasingly whining when he held it away from her. Fingers tickled along his ribs as she stepped closer, momentarily distracted by the fact that they were so close, but the love of presents won out. "You do realize that I model lingerie quite frequently, right? I don't have a problem wearing whatever you bought. You are, look all you want to." She made one last attempt to swipe at a bag before giving up. "Excellent...let's go eat dead animal. An entire one."
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He laughed, keeping the bag as far from her as possible. He also started to wiggle a bit more from the tickling, but he wasn't that ticklish to worry about it, but enjoyed the contact anyway. Then he raised his brow at the encouragement at seeing her. "Well then. I look forward to seeing you wear this. But the other.. it's not lingerie. That is going to be a special gift for a special time." He smiled, looking her over again and picturing her in the other outfit. "So then, what's the dead animal for you to be tonight? Cow? Pig? Bison?" Another grin.

She pouted a little at him, gave a light pinch to his abs, then stepped away. "I haven't ever eaten bison, so let's save that for another time. How about cow?" It was actually amusing that she was so excited about eating. Apparently his strenuous workouts were burning so many calories that her body was trying to balance her out by making her feel as if she were starving, which she mentioned. "I'm starving." She may have mentioned this previously.

"Mmm, steak then. Or perhaps, a filet mignon. Steamed vegetables.. potatos for me. Some wine, stars, you know. The romantic style." He grinned, bumping her again. "You'll get this later. Food first." He chuckles, and leads her down the road looking for a suitable restaurant for them to dine at.

"Meat and potatoes. Perfect. I don't want my vegetables tonight, takes up too much room that could better be filled with man food." Her voice softened a little, showing that the mood he wanted to achieve with that meal was already taking effect...just thinking about it. "Wine, stars, you. Even better." Hip bumping him in return made her grimace from the quick twisting of her waist to get into position for the bump. "Oh god, those inverted sit ups and crunches kicked my rear, G. My sides hurt." Oh yeah, definitely whining.

He smiles at her, almost sympathetic to her plight. Of course, the meal would be perfect. "Don't worry, my dear. The way you feel? That soon shall pass. Your luscious body will become accustomed to the rigors of physical exertion, and you will become faster, stronger, you will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine..." And he slips an arm around her waist, bags and all, to pull her close against him, hip to hip. "..And you will use that power for good. When you use it for evil.. it will be with me." He grinned and leaned forward to press his lips against hers.

Well that was definitely the way to make her forget all about the pain. "So, I have a really silly idea...want to hear it?" She spoke the question against his lips, her own molding to his before curving into a little smile. Hip to hip was a wonderful place to be right now, she decided as both arms slipped around his waist and raised so that her hands were pressed palm flat to his shoulder blades. It was an intimate hug in the middle of the street...and somehow, Mercedes managed to miss that fact.

He didn't mind. He actually enjoyed the feeling of her holding him, and that she was a bit changed from the way she was when she was hidden inside a little shell, prim and proper. He liked her being more relaxed and at the very least, seeming like she was having more fun now than ever before, even with the fact that her body was undoubtedly aching. He smiled against her lips, nipping lightly. "I would -love- to hear this silly idea. What have you got in mind?"

She hadn't entirely changed, he just had her -entire- attention at the moment. Though, she probably had come a little out of her shell, at least with him. Whatever strides she had made around others could have been set back after last night but that would remain to be seen. It played no part in the way the woman behaved with G. She was definitely enjoying her time with him today.

That nip to her lips made her smile wider. "Yes, you are getting the idea already!" A soft snicker for her silliness before she pressed her lips to his again before leaning her head back just a bit. "Well...I think we should take dinner back to the SpellJammer and after we eat, put on our bathing suits and fill up the bathtub with bubbles and sit in there, drinking wine and unwinding. Then I will give you a massage and you can wear one of your presents and I can wear mine." Leaning her head forward to kiss the corner of his mouth, golden amber eyes lifted to gaze into his. "What do you think?"

Of course, he would likely wonder why they had to wear their bathing suits...and that would probably clue him in that she hadn't changed too drastically.

He had briefly wondered about the need for the suits, but did recognize that their arrangement had remained the same, and he was okay with that. There was certainly no rush on going too far. Plus, a massage! Who wouldn't want one of those? Now, she said one of his presents. He began to wonder just how many presents she'd gotten him. He smiled and looked down at her, she just made him happy, and their time together was already something he had been looking forward to each day. "I think that sounds like a great idea."

"Okay, let's just skip dinner and go!" She started to pull back from him hurriedly; the lure of bubbles, wine, and hot water all shared with him being too much temptation to pass up. What happened to her ravenous appetite? Oh it was still there, what she craved had just changed. Relaxation beckoned!
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Well, they could always eat something from the galley, leftovers or something quickly made would satiate the hunger after they further relaxed. Not to mention the wine might also help settle the stomach. And he wasn't complaining about that. The idea of her in the tub, bubbles, laying against him in the hot water was something to truly look forward to. The mental image created almost made him shiver. "If you're sure.. I'm not about to complain."

"Good. Let's race." Did she really say that? Oh yes. Totally. Different. Mercedes. Today. She didn't even give him the chance to answer before she was sprinting down the sidewalk.

She was at a clear advantage. Not only because she took off early, but because he was carrying all the bags! "Hey, no fair!" He laughed as he took off after her.

"All is fair in love and war!" She called over her shoulder, laughing almost hysterically at the image of him trying to run while carrying all of those bags. She actually slowed down a little to let him catch up just a little then took off again with a renewed burst of speed. She wasn't strong--yet...but she was fast. This was a trait honed to perfection while surviving on the streets and her body revelled in the feel of power in her legs that spurred her onward towards the docks.

It wasn't as if they were heavy. Just awkward and a bit wind resistant, batting about as he ran after her. Of course, he'd get close and then she'd take off. "I'm a natural sprinter, but I'm wasted on cross country! " He laughed.

"You need to work on your stamina then..." She called back to him once when he was close enough to hear, laughing because there were so many ways he could take that comment. Also, he had said much the same thing to her when he first started training her.

"Pah, my stamina is just fine! And I'll show you stamina, you've never complained before!" Dash, dash.

Once they reached the seedier part of the docks she halted her running, nearly abruptly and waited for him to catch up. She wasn't foolish enough to go down there, even for a minute or two, alone in the dark. Not after what had occurred last time.

"Hurrrrry....I need to be out of these clothes! Bubbles and hot water to ease the ache from my muscles...speed it up!" Her voice was too light for him to even need to wonder if she was really being bossy or just teasingly rushing him along.

He finally catches up to her, not out of breath, but shifts the bags around a little bit. Then he chuckles at her, shaking his head as he stops. "I want you out of those clothes. But I have allllll these bags! How will I ever unlock the doors to the ship?" Mock exasperation!

"I can break in for you." She let that slip, without thinking, as she was in far too light-hearted of a mood. She covered the slip up with a laugh and a wave of her hand. "I mean, really...I could try to. Or, I just could hold some bags and let you unlock it?"

He hadn't read too much into that statement, it could mean anything from kicking the door down to picking locks. He just chuckled. "Ha. Yeah, holding bags would be the best plan there. Cuts down on the chance for damage!"

Oh she definitely didn't mean kicking down the door and there wouldn't be any damage but she was -obviously- not going to tell him that, now that she had herself under control. Melodramatic feigned sigh, "I suppose, if I must then I must."

He laughs, holding the dozen or so small bags on his right hand to her so that he can be freed to reach into his pocket and retrieve the keys.

She took the bags and immediately seized her opportunity to try to figure out what he bought her! Tricky woman!

Trickier guy. Think he'd just hand over the ones he bought? No way. He's smarter than that and he pushes the door open with a sly grin as he catches her in the act of rummaging.
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After several moments of pilfering through the bags, she frowned then looked up to catch him looking at her with that grin. "Hmph!" She stuck out her tongue and then laughed as she walked past him to go in, dropping the bags next to the doorway for him to carry, with a sassy sashay of her hips. She wasn't just being spoiled and mean; she needed her hands free because she was already starting to undress. By the time he stepped inside, after picking up those bags, he would be following a trail of shoes and clothing strewn in a seductive little path towards the bathroom. She called out from behind the partially closed door, "G, will you please bring me the lavender bag? And no peeking inside of it!"

Oh she's such a sweet woman, isn't she? He chuckled, but then grumbled a little bit as he grabs the other bags up and then takes them to the living area. Then just tosses all the bags on the sofa before taking a breath, and then looking for the lavender bag. Lavender.. lavender.. "Is that like.. pink or purple?" Thinks it's more purple. So grabs that one. Then he takes three bags that he bought for her, and keeps them separate from the lavender one. He follows that trail, groans a little bit and then reaches the door, he puts his hand inside so she can take the bag from him. Once she takes it, he goes into the bedroom to hide the one main bag with the surprise, and the two lingerie ones he leaves out.

He would realize just how sweet in just a few minutes when he was chest deep in hot water and aromatic bubbles.. "It's lavender, babe!" Of course everyone knew that! When he put his hand inside the door, she had the absolute wickedest grin upon her face as she placed her hand on his wrist, removed the bag from his hand and then rubbed his hand down her bare stomach. He wouldn't miss the giggling just on the other side of the door from him. His hand was pulled upward across her skin then she released his wrist. "You go get undressed and I will take care of everything else, alright?"

So she was definitely mean, there, making his hand slide over her stomach. The thoughts that went through his mind, followed by a light growl. "Just how undressed are we talking?" Deciding to go with specifics, because saying 'get undressed' to him, he'd strip completely down to nothing and then happily jump in the tub with her. He had no qualms about his body, and started by unbuttoning his shirt in the bedroom once everything was squirreled away.

She was mean. Definitely, mean. "Ohhh just wear whatever." Leaving it up to him, how he would be comfortable. Once she heard him walk away from the door, she pulled on the little white silk robe that she had hanging on the back of the door; having left it there a week prior for moments such as these.

Before leaving the bathroom, she opened up the bag and pulled out the jar of almond milk and honey bubble bath she had bought for him. It would have a mild and pleasant scent but not be too feminine for him like her own jasmine bubble bath would. The candles and other spa items were pulled from the bag as well and placed within reach. The water was turned on and a generous amount of the bubble bath added as well as the bath salts.

She stood, pulling the robe closed and left the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She walked to the galley and found the nearly full bottle of red wine they had opened a couple of nights before and two wine glasses as well as a small box of matches that she found in a cabinet then went back to the bathroom. The wine was poured, the candles lit, and her robe was slipped from her body. Hair was pulled up atop her crown so that softly curling tendrils framed her face.

Stepping gingerly into the very warm water, she slid down until the bubbles were almost to the top of her cleavage and then called out. "Relaxation beckons!"

Taken from live play and edited with permission. Thanks to the player of G.
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Discussions and Ice Cream--Outback 5-28

Opens the door to the Outback, holding it open for Mercedes. "And then, the tree came crashing down, causing a little catapult action, sending the cat flying through the air and SPLAT! Right against the wall. Who says they always land on their feet?

Mercedes stepped past G, looking up at him as he finished the story. "Oh the poor cat! I cannot believe you were using a -cat- to test that theory! Why not...a gnome?" Of course he already knew her distrust of gnomes.

"Well, Gnomes tend to know when they're being tested on, so you gotta be more clever. Cats put up less fight. " He chuckled.

"Did you cut off the whiskers first too?"

"No, of course not. I didn't want to be cruel to the beast!"

"No, of course you didn't." He was given a bit of a smirk before she laughed and made her way further into the Outback and to the bar.

He smiled and followed her in, over to where she went and took a seat at the bar with her. He gave Rekah and Jasper a big, happy smile, being that he was in such a good mood.

Merci waved at Jasper, Rekah, and Kheldar all of whom she had seen numerous times then watched the interaction between the child and the caller for a moment before looking back to G and his big smile. She couldn't help but snicker about this, sliding her hand from her lap to rest upon his leg.

Jasper sent a smile over to Mercedes and a manly nod given to G'nort.

G grinned then leaned slightly against her, smiling "So, what have you to drink tonight?"

Grunts for Jasper. "Hey, J. What was the name of the drink I was going to name your thingie? The one you made for my girl?"

"I was just getting ready to ask you the same thing." He was given a light kiss to the tip of his nose before she slipped from the barstool, smoothed down her skirt, and made her way around to the server side of the bar where she was greeted with a most happy display of order and perfection. Muttered under her breath, "I really need to see if I can hire him to fix my closet..."

"Fabulous Fae Choco Dreamsickle?" he thinks "Sounds tasty."

"Chocolate dream." Jasper had no idea, but hey.. it sounded good.

"Heavenly Chocolate Dream...that sounds like a good name," she interjected without being asked. This might seem like no big deal to most, but it was a sign of progress that Merci was coming out of her shell. Returning to look over the drink selection,"G, what would you like to drink?"

Jasper also liked Mercedes' name for the drink, a grin dashed her way.

He smiled and thought about it for a moment. "I don't know. Perhaps a little Red Wine? Like you'd drink in a bath or something. How does that sound? " He couldn't hide his grin.

"That sounds fantastic actually." There was a ridiculous grin plastered upon her features that very much matched his own. She begins to peruse the "W" section. "Whiskey-Jack Daniels, Whiskey-Jim Beam, Wine-Cabernet Sauvignon, Wine-Merlot, Wine-Pinot Noir, Wine-Sangiovese. Wow...they do have a pretty good selection here, you were right when you said Caedia only stocked the best. Especially this Pinot noir."

She pulled the bottle and two wine glasses, uncorked the bottle and filled each glass a quarter full. His was placed in front of him. Her purse was pulled from the bartop and coins removed and placed into the till.

He smiled and winked to her when she slid the drink in front. He chuckled, thinking of the last time he had wine and nodded. "Thank you much, my dear. I'm sure Caed has the good stuff hidden, and this is more for us regular folk." Chuckles.

"If she has better than the Pinot Noir, I will pay a hefty tip on top of the price of the bottle. I haven't had that since I arrived here." She hadn't actually been out and about all that much either.

"I'm sure she can get anything by request. If anyone has shady connections, it's Caedia. She's devious." He nods, seriously.

"Except she doesn't really like me much because of our little joke about my jaw. Soooo..." Fingers crept across the bar and up his arm as she drew that word out. "Maybe you could sweet talk her to order a few cases for you? I will pay whatever."

Here was proof that she wasn't a gold digger just after G's money...she planned to pay for this herself! Just like she did everything. Ms. Independent.

"Oh come on. What kind of a man would I be for you if I made you pay for something like that? Ask me again."

"You would be a smart man. Which you are. Smart men know not to start off a relationship spending all of their money on a beautiful woman or she will expect it. Then you never know if she is using you for your money or just for your body." She should be scandalized at how easily she said that where others could hear.

"I am quite happy with you being sure that I am using you for your body and not your money." -That- was a joke between the two due to his reputation. Sort of a Boomerang type of thing.

"Well, I certainly am hoping you're getting your money's worth for my body." He laughed, winking. "Old and near broken down that it is."
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Laughing, she leaned over the bar to give him a quick kiss. "So, you will ask her? Maybe you could invite her over for dinner. I'll cook something and she can realize that I am not someone that is going to hurt you." Of course, Mercedes didn't realize that her cooking was enough to kill someone. She just thought she was being polite and extending a dinner invitation.

"She'll think you're trying to poison her. But I can try." He grins and returns the kiss. "Plus, with good reason. I've had your cooking." He winks, letting her know he is kidding.

Golden amber eyes were fixed as her lashes fluttered slowly. What was this? Was he suggesting that she could not cook? Of course, not! "Is that your way of saying you would prefer not to have the two of us associate because you felt threatened when she was checking me out? Because I will tell you that just because she is a very attractive woman, that doesn't factor into anything. I have what I want. A pretty face can't change that." It was obviously G's ego that was the problem and NOT her cooking!

"Hey, I'm just worried Caedia would kill you. She's faster than I am." Chuckles. "And I'm sorry, but I've come to value you too much to have that be a risk. Maybe get to know her first before offering to cook for her. That'll soften the blow. She can't cook either." He grins taking a sip of the wine.

"What do you mean...'either'? If you are talking about your skill as my personal chef, I haven't really complained much." She still wasn't understanding that -she- was a bad cook. "Also, I would like for Caedia not to kill me. Please ask her not to do this as a personal favor to you. Give her a raise or something. As for getting to know her, I would do that gladly. Just as soon as you take care of the killing me part. That is no bueno." She dimpled a smile for him. "I value you as well." They made their affection sound like a business transaction, didn't they?

"Okay, so, relay that you would like to be Caedia's friend, three cases of Pinot Noir, No shooting you, and don't let her know you're a bad cook? That sound about right?" He grins, sipping again.

"No you have that all wrong, darling. Do not make me pout at you. We have had such a lovely day."

"But your pouting is so cute, really. But why would you have to?" Tilting his head curiously. He shifts slightly in his stool and chuckles.

"See, you can't actually say something like 'Merci wants to be your friend.' I mean, this isn't kindergarten, G. You might persuade her not to kill me after YOU ask her and her family over for dinner. If you think I cannot cook well enough to please your friends then I just won't. You can cook for them. Instead of taking bubble baths with me or my exquisite Pinot Noir that you are going to convince her to order. It really isn't any loss to me, of course." She sniffed a little.

"Come on, my darling. If you want to cook, really, it's okay. I'll invite her and her boytoy one day and hope that she doesn't come in a bad mood." He grinned. "I will indeed ask her not to kill you before they come over. If I did it after, they might not want to holster their pistol."

She leveled a gaze upon him before sipping at her wine. "Nope, you can cook. I will just kick back in the tub and drink my wine and soak away the cares of the world while you worry over the meal." Of course, she couldn't really pretend to be perturbed with him for long. He was a happy drug. Grinning, she reached over to ruffle his already slightly messy hair.

"You're so adorable, know that, don't you?"

"Well, you only tell me a hundred times a day. So, I really have no idea. You should probably make it a point to show me how twitterpated you are."

He laughs and grins. "Indeed? And how can I show you, tonight?"

She smiled a little mysteriously. "Ice cream."

"Ice cream? That sounds like a pleasant idea. Shall we go now or do you want to drink a bit longer?" Chuckling, and grinning.

"We should go right now." Her wineglass and his were both gathered and emptied before being placed in the sudsy water. A quick wash and rinse and they were placed on the rack to dry. Not that it was much help, but at least she and G wouldn't be leaving a mess for Jasper to have to clean up. Or worse...leaving it for Caedia to see...and then Jasper would go missing. Not good.

Her voice lowered so that only G would be able to hear her as she slipped around the bar to get her purse. Lips pressed to his ear. "Ice cream is just a code word, sweetheart."

He laughs, then gets serious. "Oh! Ice Cream! Yes, I like the sound of that. We should probably get some and home before it ... melts." He nods twice, rising off of the stool.

"Yes. We should." Grabs his hand and practically pulls him off of the barstool.

Yoinked! And off they go! More enthusiastically than he'd expected, but not minding at all! A quick wave to those still remaining.

And they both head on out for.. Ice Cream.

Taken from live play and edited with permission. Thanks to the players of Jasper and G.
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