No Worries...We're Not in any Rush

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No Worries...We're Not in any Rush

Post by Mercedes »

Outback 5/16

Holds open the door for Mercedes, leaning back against it and smiling. “So, he asks me what it does, and I say ‘Generates 3 gigajoules per second.’ He said ‘That could power your heart for 50 lifetimes.’ and I had to tell him ‘Or something really big for 15 minutes.’ He liked the sound of that.”

Mercedes turned that "Oh how adorable" smile up at him as she walked past, brushing her arm across his chest as she moved. “See, I don't think you are looking at the overall big picture here, G'nort. What you should be thinking is 'I could live for twenty-five lifetimes and STILL power something really big.' My recommendation would be that you tap into that power and use it to subjugate a group of geniuses that can find a way to make all of your organs and your roguish good looks last as long as that artificial heart you are going to have powered with it. Then you have more time to come up with more ways to profit.” Not that he had any of these plans, of course. She was just a model, nothing overly intelligent, so perhaps her ideas were a little off.

“Oh, without a doubt.” Grins as she runs her hand over him and then turns to step along side her. “But you see, I'm not worried, I have no plans of needing 25 lifetimes. Just one extremely long one. Besides, I have plenty of "Geniuii?" to go around. I could have them work on something for you.” He grins. “Not that you need any improvement.”

“What exactly would you have them work on for me?”

He leads her towards a table where they can sit and have a nice relaxing evening. He smiles as he takes a step back, placing an arm on her shoulder to hold her at arm’s length to take a good long look at her, eyes trailing up and down as he wonders what may need improvement. “Hmm, maybe a little.. no. Taller maybe? Probably not. I don't know, it's really difficult to find any fault. Hmm.”

“Well, I can be taller with taller heels, but I don't find this to be something I need to change. Do you really only need to look at me to decide if something needs changed. Do you think there is nothing else going for me aside from how I look?” He was gazed at; a somber and unblinking stare. Until her smile threatened to make those large golden amber eyes disappear. Her mood was far less serious than it had been the past few nights they had been out.

“Rhetorically speaking, of course. You know I wouldn't -actually- want to change anything about you.” You know, just in case she was actually insulted. Still a little bit of eggshelling there.

“I am sure there is something that could be changed. No one is perfect, of course. I think if I could change one thing about myself, I would be...” A slightly sheepish grin. “A little more outgoing. Less rigid.” A casually sashaying gait carried her to the bar, where she slipped behind and began to look over the bottles.

“You can't mechanically change personality, my dear.” Smiles to Merci.

“That is too bad, isn't it?” Turning to look back at him with a smile before perusing the drink selection. “Someone has the most fantastic organizational system here. They need to come reorganize my closet.”

“You know, I've never gotten the chance to actually see your closet.” He taps his chin then chuckles.

“Well, in order to see my closet, you would have to be in my bedroom and I believe we have discussed this before.” She cleared her throat a little in embarrassment. Some things just shouldn't be spoken aloud in public, after all.

“I know. And don't worry, I fully intend to earn the trust back. Although, I might say you're being a little hard on me. Don't you think? Maybe a little? And I'll have what you're having.And make it a double. Please?” Puppy dog eyes.

“Being a little hard on you?” A well defined brow arched slightly as she looked back at him before finally finding a bottle of white wine in the cooler. Turning, she found a corkscrew and placed both upon the bar in front of him. A hand lifted to ruffle the top of his hair before she lowered it to grab another glass. “It will cost you and you also have to open the bottle for me. Put some of that fabulous arm strength to work. Also, perhaps you should get more exercise to help decrease your libido.” Did she just say that out loud? Yes, she actually did.

He chuckles and takes the bottle and corkscrew, going through the motions of opening the bottle so that it could breathe now. He smiled at her and slid the bottle towards her. “What else will it cost me? And my libido is under control. I just wanted to see all your outfits.” Chuckles. “And you like my libido, not that you've had a chance to experience it or anything. After all, I don't put out on the first date.” Sly grin.

“I shall take a picture of my closet then. Though I am quite sure you will run for the hills once you see it. Of course, Cor's guest room does not have nearly enough closet space so I only have a small amount of my clothing in there. It is busting at the seams.” A slight laugh before she tried to make herself seem like less of a clothes addict. “I didn't buy all of these...when I have done modeling shoots, they always give me the outfits, sort of like a bonus.” Of course that wasn't the only reason she had far too many outfits. It wasn't as if she had an addiction or anything. Really.

“You not putting out on the first date is a miracle. Also, I am quite sure we agreed there would be no more lies.” Squints at him teasingly. “Are you lying?”

“You know, I don't think I'll be running.” He nodded oh so seriously. “ If it's one thing my first wife had, it was a lot of clothes. Luckily, most are gone. So I have plenty of space. I could store some of it if you need.” Was he offering closet space to her? Now -that- was a commitment!

“We did agree on no lies. So then, I guess I should ask what your definition of a first date is, compared to mine. After all, a casual fling after having met somewhere without the intent of a relationship can't really be considered a date.” A sad, sad sigh. “I hated being used like that. Only being wanted for my body... “ Was he being serious, or silly? Who could tell?? Anyone with a brain.

Merci poured the wine into both glasses, giving him a double like he asked for, then squinted at him as she sat the bottle down. “You are such a scoundrel. It really is quite endearing.” She likely needed to get her head checked. Some brain cells must have gotten knocked loose during her trip through the portal to RhyDin. “What if I wanted to use your body and have no relationship with you. Would that be agonizing?” Trick question.

He reaches out and takes the glass from her, giving her one of his most serious, straight faces. “It would drive me tears. Torturous, horrific tears.”

Her head tilted slightly as she watched him, golden eyes searching his face for some clue that he was simply being sarcastic. Then she stood straight, lifted her wine glass, clinked it to his...and dropped the entire subject. Nope, not one word or facial expression to give away what she was thinking. ”This really isn't bad at all.” She sounded surprised.

Glass clinking and he's smiling again to her. “Well, Caedia makes sure to stock only the second best. The best, of course, being reserved for me.” And he sips.

“You know, G'nort...I think some might find you to be pompous, until they got to know you, of course.” That sugary smile was brandished as she leaned forward to kiss his cheek. It couldn't be helped. It was ONLY because of that last comment and the sip that she thought to mention this.

“Well, it's all an act, of course. So that I can weed through the ones who don't want to get to know the real me, and leave as soon as it's convenient.”

“Their loss.” And she meant that. The teasing lilt of her voice was gone. “And have you decided which I am?

Smiles to Mercedes. “Well, it's still early.. give it a couple weeks..”
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Post by Mercedes »

He was given a hard stare. Not even a fake one. The Brazilian diva was actually offended. “Let me tell you something, G'nort. After the stress you caused me with your lie of omission...the fact that I gave you a second chance...that should be all the proof you need.” Huffs. The glass of wine was lifted for a sip before she -gasp- stuck out her tongue at him! It took only a moment for her to realize what she had done before her hand lifted to touch at her throat as she cleared it. “Oh. How rude of me.”

Sips from the glass. “Hey, I apologized for that, profusely. Don't make me keep paying for crimes that weren't intended to hurt you.”

“Then don't discount my forgiveness.” Her voice softened a little. “It is worth something.”

“Especially when I didn't know for sure that you'd be sticking around, like every other woman who has bailed on me. Three times, legally.”

“Are you going to punish me for what other women have done to you?” She leaned forward and took his chin in her hand. “I am right here...even though you already messed up.” She added quickly. “Unintentionally as it was.”

He leans forward, unable to stop the small smile from appearing. “Try not to get too mad at me, either, for being protective when it comes to matters of my heart. I've gotta, you know, be sure. And so far, I've been really liking where we have been going.”

“I'm not mad at you, G'nort.” She let go of his chin and moved around to the other side of the bar where he was sitting. Wrapping him up in a hug, she spoke softly against his shoulder. “I'm...mad at the people that have discarded you without bothering to unwrap you to find the real gift beneath the shiny wrapping paper. I really like where we have been going as well and I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don't want to be judged on the merit of another woman when the one in your arms has already proven that she thinks you are worth a second chance.”

Slides an arm around her waist as she moves to hug him, then leans his head against hers as she speaks against him. “See, that's the same thing. I'm waiting for the same shoe to drop with you. Like, things go well, and everything. And, not to get too stuck dwelling on the past or anything, and while I adore you a great deal, and want to spend as much time as I can with you, I'm going to have that little thing that sticks out in the back of my head that says "hey, remember when your last relationship said 'I want to be the one who makes you forget all the ones who've hurt you in the past. Forget Prin, forget Elle. I want to make it right.' and then, of course, I get forgotten again. Now, if you can tell me you'll never do that to me, well, okay, I want to believe it. But, while you're waiting for the other shoe to drop? I've experienced it, and half expect it in every relationship now. I can tell you this, though, with all truth and honesty. I am -not- going to drop the other shoe on you. I know how it feels, and as roguish, devious, and as much as I have this reputation? I'm not only that guy. I think you've seen that.” He reaches and clasps her hand, turning his head to look into her eyes.

“I'm not judging you based on past women. I'm basing my fears on my past experiences. I do have to protect myself a bit. Try not to hate me for it?” A soft laugh, to note that he doesn't think she hates him.

In the midst of such a serious, heartfelt discussion; Merci found herself smiling momentarily as he admitted to adoring her. The smile was short lived, for the conversation was not the type that produced signs of happiness. "I cannot say that I will never do that to you, G. I don't know if there will be some horrific accident that takes me from you. I can say that I don't ever -want- to do that. I have experienced my share of hardship at the hands of the opposite sex as well. I've told you I don't believe in love when, in truth, I don't want to believe in it. I don't want to pull myself together again and fake a smile when I feel like I am dying. That is what I think love is because that is what I have experienced it to be." She rushed the next line, hoping he wouldn't get the wrong idea about what she was saying. "And though we aren't talking about love right at this moment...we are talking matters of the heart which fall into the same category. I am protective of my heart as well. I don't know all of the right words to put you at ease and I am incredibly difficult at times. Some would say high maintenance even. But I am also incredibly loyal and honest. There will be no guessing how I really feel about you."

She tried to console him by squeezing his hand. "I can't make you forget those that have hurt you...and truthfully, I don't want to. I can't make up for what they have done to you, I can't make it right because it wasn't right. All I can do is be who I am when I am with you. I can respect you and care for you to the best of my ability but I am human and I will ultimately do something to anger you. Try not to hate me for it?” As she laughed, her gaze shifted from the green depths of his eyes to his lips. She tilted her head to press a soft kiss there before leaning her head back a little to smile up at him.

He chuckled softly as she kisses him, returning it softly. “See. That's another thing. You'll ultimately do something to anger me. And I'll do something to anger you. Probably more than once. If, at this moment you're asking me to forgive you in advance, I have to ask for the same thing.”

He smiles and reaches to brush aside her hair. “And I can't ever forget the past. May as well ask me to forget my childhood. And I'm not thinking you are, I'm just saying I understand what you mean..” He nods again. “I can tell you, you can trust me. I can and will respect and care for you just as much as you will for me. And for the record? I find your high maintenance-ness incredibly hot..” He grins, chuckling.

“I can deal with the everyday ordinary things that will anger me but there are a few things that I honestly don't think I could forgive. And I would never expect forgiveness for these things either.” Her lashes lowered to half mast as he brushed her hair aside and she smiled softly. “I...think we don't have much to worry about. Especially since the thing that seems to upset people the most about me is something you find 'incredibly hot.' I must say that I find your attitude about it incredibly hot as well.”

Her fingers brushed through the hair at the nape of his neck as she leaned in to kiss his cheek then her voice softened. “I of the best things that I have done since being in RhyDin, was walking in here that night we met. I know that sounds quite forward and rushed and I don't mean to be either. I'm just...I feel so much happier now.”

He smiled and tilted his head slightly when she kissed his cheek. “Well then, that makes two of us. And I don't even normally come to the Outback. It seems that we were fated to meet, I suppose. I know I'm happier than I've been in a while. So, as long as we're agreed, no worries. Be happy.” He grinned. “So then. I hope I'm regaining your trust. You can ask me anything, you know. I will tell you the truth.”

“You are certainly moving in the right direction. We are similar in the fact that we just need some time. There is no rush since we aren't going anywhere, right?” She thought for a moment then laughed as she shook her head. “No, I don't think I have questions right at the moment.”

“No, we're not in any rush.”

Taken from live play and edited with permission. Thank you to the player of G.

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