Diamond Quest 66!

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Diamond Quest 66!

Post by Goldglo »

On Sunday, July 17th, the 66th Diamond Quest will take place, starting at 8pm by the Eastern Clock! All Emeralds, Opals, and the current Diamond are eligible to attend. Please register by responding to this notice or by contacting Matt or Kheldar! All participants and spectators are welcome!
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Jaycy Ashleana
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Post by Jaycy Ashleana »

I'll attend.

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Gwen Minx
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Post by Gwen Minx »


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Post by PslyderFTA »

Fates willin', Ah'm in.

((ETA: Since I'd withdrawn, and my boss can't make up his flipping mind, I'd like to pass up my seeding spot.))
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Roderick Douglas
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Post by Roderick Douglas »

I'll give this one a go.

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Post by Gork292 »

I'm in.
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Post by Wyheree »

I will enter.

Artemus Kurgen
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Post by Artemus Kurgen »

May as well see if I can still compete in my favored sport.
Artemus Allonan Kurgen
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Post by Koyliak »

Double the bloodshed, double the fun. Count me in.
Koyliak "The BobCrusher" VanDuran-Simon
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Post by MurOllavan »

I will defend my Diamond.

((or Sean, as the thread may be))
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Post by Jake »

02:00:30 DUEL Glo ::a spotlight shines on Sartan. Because, you see, he's the DQ winner!::
02:00:49 DUEL Glo ((FINAL: Sartan def. Artemus Kurgen, 5-2 in 8 rounds))
02:02:05 DUEL Glo ::Sartan claims his 3rd Diamond title, only the 4th dueler to do so!::
02:02:27 DUEL Glo ::And Art finds, at ringside, MoonBeryl awaiting him::
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