Challenge for the Tower of Fire

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Challenge for the Tower of Fire

Post by Xavior Mues »

I got creamed the last time, but hell I never did learn to stop playing with fire. I challenge Liena for the Tower of Fire. I have no ill will for Liena, I just like the rush of a challenge.

the Mad Russian
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DUEL Topaz
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Post by DUEL Topaz »

This challenge is valid and may proceed.

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DUEL Azjah
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Post by DUEL Azjah »

Xeric and Liena were summoned to their first ring for Xeric’s challenge for the Tower of Fire.

Challenge 1- 1: Liena and Xeric open with offending odoriferous clouds. 0.5 all
Challenge 1 - 2 Liena reaches out and touches the Russian, and he does the same to her. 1.5 all
Challenge 1 - 3 Liena's blades slide unerringly through Xeric's noxious fumes. 2.5 - 1.5 Liena
Challenge 1-4 Liena brings out the big guns and nails Xeric with the elemental fury and melts his blades to useless slag. 3.5 - 1.5 Liena
Challenge 1 - 5: LIena's mind whip lashes out, but Xeric has displaced out of harm's way. 3.5 - 2 Liena
Challenge 1 - 6 Liena and Xeric toss blades around and Lydia and I better duck, because there are 6 of them flying around haphazardly! 4.5 - 3 Liena
Challenge 1 - 7 Liena tries to gho ghostly, but Xeric's mage bolt catches a piece of her. 4.5 - 4 Liena
Challenge 1 - 8: Lydia's mind whip snaps out and nails Xeric before he can toss any more of those wild blades around. Liena secures the first match 5.5 - 4 in 8 well dueled rounds

Liena secured the first win, 5.5 – 4 in 8 rounds.

The second match began immediately when neither duelist required a breather.

Challenge 2 - 1 Liena ghoes ghostly and Xeric shields, no joy.
Challenge 2 - 2 Liena's mind whip lashes out but Xeric's mage bolt destroys it mid flight. 1-0 Xeric
Challenge 2 - 3 Liena's displacement puts her iout of reach of Xeric's fear touch. 1 - 0.5 Xeric
Challenge 2 - 4 LIena's mage bolt is no match for Xeric's meteors! 2-0.5 Xeric.
Challenge 2 - 5 Liena makes excellent use of her Element and nails Xeric for his attempted liberties. His mage bolt fizzles. 2-1.5 Xeric
Challenge 2 - 6 Liena's blades ping harmlessly against Xeric's armor. 2.5 - 1.5 Xeric
Challenge 2 - 7 : Lydia's attempt to gho ghostly is only partially successful as Xeric's mage bolt catches part of her before she can go ethereal. 3.5 - 1.5 Xeric
Challenge 2 - 8: Liena's mind whip is lost and confused in Xeric's noxious fumes. 4-1.5 Xeric.
Challenge 2 - 9: Liena's mage bolt collides solidly against Xeric, but his mage bolt lands as well. They trade painful spells, but Xeric secures the second match and forces it into the third and final match. 5-2.5 Xeric wins.

Xeric came back to win the second match 5-2.5 and pushed the challenge on to the third match.

Challenge 3 - 1 Liena's attempt to reach out and touch Xeric is painfully thwarted by his troika of blades. 1-0 Xeric
Challenge 3 - 2 Liena's shield isn't enough to keep the displacing Xeric from getting inside her defenses. 1.5 - 0 Xeric
Challenge 3 - 3 Liena's armor is very advantageous as Xeric's mage bolt pings off her shell. 1. 5 - 0.5 Xeric
Challenge 3 - 4 This time it's Liena displacing inside of Xeric's shield. 1.5 - 1 Xeric
Challenge 3 - 5: Liena's noxious fumes collide with Xeric's foul cloud, and I'm wondering if you two are trying to drive everyone off the beach??? 2-1.5 Xeric
Challenge 3 - 6 Liena's armor keeps Xeric's mage bolt at bay and she ties it up 2 all
Challenge 3 - 7 Liena once again makes use of that Elemental power and once again zaps Xeric as she takes the lead, his foul fumes unable to keep the element from burning him. 3-2 Liena
Challenge 3 - 8: Liena's armor proves strong enough to keep a troika of blades from cutting her up. 3.5 - 2 Liena
Challenge 3 - 9: Liena's cloud of mist is not the place to displace into Xeric. 4.5 - 2 Liena
Challenge 3 - 10: Liena goes for the fearsome touch, and gets her fingers on the Russian before his mage bolt can launch, with that she claims the second win of the night, and successfully defends her Tower! 5.5 - 2 Liena

Liena came back to defeat Xeric in the third match 5.5 – 2 and successfully defended her tower.

Congratulations to Xeric for a well fought challenge.
Congratulations to Liena for a successful defense!
Azjah Telyria Danaan Caer
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