The Triple Challenge: Part 1, Tower of Fire

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Bran Bale
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Proven Adventurer
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The Triple Challenge: Part 1, Tower of Fire

Post by Bran Bale » Mon Aug 27, 2007 6:07 pm

::written in scratchy lettering on the board::

To those that it concerns:

I will be issuing a challenge in all three sports, starting with Magic.

I wish to challenge Esperwind for the Tower of Fire again. Hopefully
the third time will be the charm.

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DUEL Topaz
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Post by DUEL Topaz » Tue Aug 28, 2007 9:23 am

This challenge is valid and may proceed.

DoM Coordinator
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Bran Bale
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Proven Adventurer
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Post by Bran Bale » Tue Aug 28, 2007 9:30 pm

Esperwind and I have agreed to meet this Thursday (8/30) at 9:30 (EST). Is there any available to call the challenge?

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Post by Esperwind » Thu Aug 30, 2007 11:48 pm

Exiting the Tower, Etherean closed the brass doors behind him one last time. His articles had been removed, sequestered away to his new apartments, leaving nothing behind except his own donations to the Tower.

Along the entryway he had formed twelve golems of black obsidian, six to a side, their skin flickering with flame, each bearing a likeness of the former Keepers of Fire. The first on the right hand side bore the likeness of Syous, First Master of the Tower. Across from him stood the likeness of Phantom. The last golem in the line on the right hand side, lined in black flames, bore the image of Vanion Shadowcast. In counterpoint, across the hall, lined in pale white flames, stood the likeness of Etherean Esperwind. At the base of each statue, etched in silver, was a history of each former occupant's reign over the Tower.

The golems gaze falls upon those that pass through the hall, their presence serving as a reminder of those who have gone before and that a Keeper's time here is temporal.
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RoH Official
RoH Official
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Post by DUEL Lem » Fri Aug 31, 2007 3:44 pm

On Thursday, August 30th Bran Bale pressed challenge against long-time Keeper of the Tower Fire Etherean Esperwind. Esperwind has held the key to the tower for more than 2 years and has successfully defended the right to the tower more than any other Keeper in history. The duelists met at 9:30pm by the eastern clock, and the Keeper chose Immolation and Arctic Blast as his spells of choice against the Sorceror Bran Bale.

The challenger took an early lead in the first 6 rounds and Etherean was unable to gain the needed ground to make a comeback....

Fire Round 1: The Keeper summons a foul fog across the ring, but Bran's shield provides him a pocket of breathing room! 0.5-0 Bran!
Fire Round 2: Bran's mind whip makes Etherean forget all about his fear touch! 1.5-0 Bran!
Fire Round 3: The Keeper's wizard blades crash against the armored Bran! 2-0 Bran!
Fire Round 4: Etherean's mind whip can make anyone forget their spell, but Bran has displaced out of the way! 2.5-0 Bran!
Fire Round 5: Dual Mage Bolts thunder across the ring! 3.5-1 Bran!
Fire Round 6: Esper goes on the attack with a mind whip, but Bran's shield deflects it! 4-1 Bran!
Fire Round 7: Bran's wizard blades sail home for the win! No wait, they're just sailing in the wind since Etherean displace out of the way! 4-1.5 Bran!
Fire Round 8: Bran is on fire tonight! No seriously, Etherean summons the elemental fury to burn out Bran's fear touch! 4-2.5 Bran!
Fire Round 9: Bran's foul fog can't be burned out by an immolation! 4.5-2.5 Bran!
Fire Round 10: Bran bears the cold and lunges through the Arctic Blast with his fear touch! 5-2.5 Bran!
Final: Bran Bale defeats Esperwind 5-2.5 in 10 rounds.

Neither duelist desired a rest so we continued on with the 2nd match......

Fire Round 1: Bran is bringing down the house, in this case the house is an arctic blast overburdened with foul fog! 1-0 Bran!
Fire Round 2: The Keeper displaces as the meteors come crashing down from the heavens! 1-0.5 Bran!
Fire Round 3: Bran's Wizard Blades slice right through the Keeper's Foul Fog!! 2-0.5 Bran!
Fire Round 4: Etherean's shield fends off Bran's mind whip! 2-1 Bran!
Fire Round 5: ::shields his eyes:: Somewhere in there I think Bran's claws just got burnt...(FTvs. EF) 2 ALL!
Fire Round 6: Bran's wizard blades slice right through the fog again! 3-2 Bran!
Fire Round 7: Etherean scares the bajeezus and the mage bolt right outta Bran! Tied back up at 3!
Fire Round 8: Bran gets slammed by The Keeper's mind whip! but not before his meteors rain down on Etherean! 4 ALL! Sudden Death!
Fire Round 9: Guts and Glory as both duelist slice and dice their way to points! (WB/WB) 5 ALL! Sudden Death!
Fire Round 10: Etherean surrounds himself in a foul fog as Bran's mind whip is lost! Etherean takes his first lead at 5.5-5!
Fire Round 11: Bran braves the heat and lunges through the Keeper's Immolation! Tied up again at 5.5!
Fire Round 12: Bran's mind whip slinks through Etherean's armor for the point and win!
Final: Bran Bale defeats Esperwind 6.5-5.5 in 12 rounds.

Bran Bale defeats Etherean Esperwind in 2 matches to become the new Keeper of the Tower of Fire!
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