Tower of Fire Challenge Results

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Tower of Fire Challenge Results

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I, Druid, stood to bear witness to the Tower of Fire challenge being pressed by Felix Pride to current Keeper, Etherean Esperwind on the Twilight Isle at 9 in the evening by the Rhydin clock.

Following the rules of challenge I asked both if they still wished to proceed with the event. Both said yes and showed their readiness by taking the first duel to a full 16 rounds. A first in many years for the Isle where Felix took the win with a 7-6 lead ensuring neither man would leave the Isle without their pride.

The combat was fast and furious as Felix trailed most of the match at a mere half to full point untill the 11th round where he shattered Etherean's mirror to take the lead and began a see-saw of points until Etherean reclaimed the lead in the 14th round at 6-5.5. However in the next round Felix answered with a whip of his own to retake the lead 6.5-6 and followed it up by braving the Keeper's Arctic Blast to take the final advantge and win.

The second match started out to look like the first, but soon found Etherean taking a quick 1.5 lead in the 4th round only to have Felix catch up in the 5th bringing the score to 3-2.5 Etherean. A round of armor gave Etherean back his full point lead and the 7th round gave him Match point as both men used Reflect to shoot the score to 4.5-3.5. In the final round Felix called down meteors from the heaven in an attempt to tie it up, however Etherean simply moved to another point in the ring to take the win, and Second match 5-3.5.

With one win a piece, I asked both challenger and challengee if they required a break or minor rest before beginning. When both gave their wishes to keep going the final match of the challenge commensed.

The third and final match proved the middle ground of the duel as both duelists answered each other's spells hit for hit to keep the score close from the 1-1 tie at round two all the way to a second tied score in round 5 of 2-2 after Etherean took the lead from Felix in round 3 at 1-1.5. Round 6 and 7 went to Etherean to take a 4-2 lead, but this is where momentum seemed to stall as Felix started to catch up to bring the score to 4-3.5 in 9 rounds. The come back was short lived as Etherean reflected Felix's mind whip back at him for the final point and win at 5.5-3.5 in 10 rounds.

Ladies and Gentlemen, give your congradulations to both Etherean and Felix for a magnificently fought challenge.

Etherean defends his title in 3 matches straight to remain Keeper of Earth!
(( OOC Breakdown))

Match 1
Etherean / Felix
1) WB/MB
2) FT/FF
3) RF/MB
4) SH/MW
5) EF/AR
6) WB/MW
7) FT/MB
8) WB/MW
9) FT/MS
10) DP/FF
11) RF/WB
12) FF/MS
13) MB/AR
14) MW/WB
15) FT/MW
16) AB/FT

7-6 Felix Pride wins the first match.

Match 2


1) MW/MS
2) MB/MW
3) WB/DP
4) EF/RF
5) WB/MW
6) AR/MB
7) RF/RF
8) DP/MS

Etherean wins the second 5-3.5

Match 3


1) MW/FT
2) FF/WB
3) FT/DP
4) EF/MS
5) SH/RF
6) WB/SH
7) FT/FF
8) FF/SH
9) SH/WB
10) RF/MW

Etherean wins the third and final match 5.5-3.5.
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