Challenge for the Tower of Fire

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Bran Bale
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Proven Adventurer
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Challenge for the Tower of Fire

Post by Bran Bale »

::written in scratchy lettering on the board::

To whom it may concern:

I have taken on a quest in which I need the power of Fire. I therefore challenge Esperwind for control of the Tower of Fire.

Thank you,

Bran Bale.

::a claw mark in blue ink is at the bottom::
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DUEL Topaz
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Expert Adventurer
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Post by DUEL Topaz »

This challenge is Valid and may proceed.

Topaz, DoM Coordinator.
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Post by Esperwind »

Bran and I have agreed to meet on Thursday, February 1st, at 9:30 PM EST. An official has yet to be selected. Any volunteers?

Etherean Esperwind
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DUEL Azjah
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RoH Official
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RESULTS for Tower of Fire Challenge!

Post by DUEL Azjah »

The challenger and the Keeper of Fire met on Thursday night at 9:30 PM in Ring Auriga.

It was a stunning exhibition between Bran and Etherean which began with a short match in which Etherean dominated. After only 9 rounds, Etherean emerged with the first win. There was never a lead change, and Etherean secured the win 5-2.5.

The second match began immediately, and with no rest for the wicked, this match became a marathon 16 rounds in which the lead changed six times. Bran secured his first win in the second round. Defeating Etherean 7-6.

This forced the challenge on to the third match and sudden death. In a testament to tenacity, this match was close all the way to the end, but in the end, Etherean successfully defended his right to hold the Key and the Tower by defeating Bran 5.5-3.5 in 11 rounds.

Congratulations Etherean!

A very fine challenge by Bran!

Match 1

Etherean gj/ft/mb/ff/ab/mw/ft/ef/ms 5
BranBale ft/mb/mw/mb/ms/wb/mw/gf/mw 2.5

Match 2

Etherean mw/mb/mw/sh/ft/ff/ mb/ff/wb/ ef/mw/ ft/ ms/mw/ms/sh 6
BranBale ft/ ar/ ms/ ft/ gf/sh/wb/gf/wb/ dp/ ft/ mw/ sh/ ff/wb/dp 7

Match 3

Etherean ef/ms/ ft/mw/ab/mb/mw/gf/ft/wb/ms 5.5
BranBale wb/mw/sh/ff/ ft/ mw/dp/ wb/gf/ff/sh 3.5
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