Diamond Quest. (Harris, take that!! Apparently..)

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DUEL Kalianna
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Diamond Quest. (Harris, take that!! Apparently..)

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You know the routine.. it's the Diamond Quest! The place where the duelers come to get good back to back violence like they love it!

Complete with a gaggle of nude women courtsey of Anubis, the Diamond Quest started off in the cool afternoon air with seven contenders.

Matt won the first bye and watched as his girlfriend Koy Vanduran fought Xerzes Maureen. Vincent Smith took on Kheldar Drasinia, and in the last ring, Grayson MacLeod was facing Anubis Karo, each holding a fire within them to bear the next Diamond and prevent Old Man Matt from taking home yet another.

Koy went on with the first win of the night with a close 5-4 match with Xerzes.

The boys went on a see saw match with one ending up on top, the other matching and then taking the lead until Vince got tired of playing cat and mouse and sent Kheldar to the losers bracket. 5-3 Final.

Grayson started out hot and heavy leading with two unanswered points before allowing Egytian to catch up and plow through. Grayson did step it up and kept it close before losing the match five to 4.

The second round began with the pairings being Anubis and Vince, Kheldar and Grayson, and Matt and Koy. Xerzes recieved a bye much to the protest of the Egyptian, not that anyone was surprised, we all know there's no love there.

Grayson started out strong once more only to one again flag and let his opponent catch up until it became a nail biting point for point and SUDDEN DEATH situation! Grayson kisses Khel's boo boo and Kheldar finally gets some luck and manages to pound Grayson down for teh (yes, teh) win. Poor Grayson is eliminated.

Anubis and Vince were happily playing see saw this match for like the first two rounds, and then Anubis obliterated mister happy testosterone 5-2 for the final score with a fancy.. jumpkick. Interesting.

Koy was utterly destroying her other half as she treated him to a Koy favored type beating and then finally put him out of his misery with a 5-2 win and led us into round three!

Round Three!

With Grayson eliminated, Anubis and Koyliak received a bye and relaxed to watch Vince and Xerzes in one ring and Kheldar and Matt in another.

Matt started out pounding Kheldar to try and regain a semblance of his pride after Koy annhiliated him. Kheldar though, wanted no part of that and patiently waited to tie it back up at three and then took the lead and the match until Matt trades to go down swinging. 5-4 Final.

Vince and Xerzes started off pounding each other until Vincent finally grabbed Xerzes by the shirt and chucked him for the first point. Vincent lost his cushy lead and then regained it as the match continued until he finally powered through with a win, 5-3.

With Matt and Xerzes eliminated, the rest of the victors battled into Round Four!

Koy and Anubis face off with Anubis not taking Koy and her abilities lightly and with two points ahead only barely lost his major lead as she slipped up a point. Grinding occurs in poker -and- in duels and Koy slowly eased Anubis' lead until she took it only to have Anubis get it back to tied. They went to sudden death until Anubis' chop took Koy down to a first lost for the woman.

Vince started out strong and dominated Kheldar completely to take him out and earn him a spot trying to defeat the loser of the Anubis and Koy duo.

Vince was then faced with Koy as we headed into the final rounds.

The battle was tough and fierce but ultimately left Koy facing Anubis once more.

With Anubis undefeated and Koy down one, the battle to the diamond was going to be hard for her, but diamonds were a girls best friend so she had to give it a good go.

Reeling and bruised up she heartily headed back in and Anubis looking rather refreshed and surrounded by his caravan of nude women lazily sauntered in to face his final challenge.

With odds in his favor, and a drowess shouting out death wishes for him, he slid in and deftly dodged Koy's first jab and with a fancy little twist garnered the first point.

He kept the pressure up, jabbing down her snapkick, and then rolling directly into a sweep to take her fancy dodge down.

With it 3-0 in Anubis' favor, they traded as Anubis' chopped and Koy returned the jab.

4-1 and Koy sliced out a flip to take down the fancy armblock Anubis set up and then moved right into a fancy leap but Anubis took her down for the win!

Congratulations to our newest diamond in the fourty seventh place, Anubis Karo! Now Harris can't say he's never been diamond any longer.

And grats our newest opal holder of Moonberyl, Koyliak VanDuran!
DUEL Kheldar
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Post by DUEL Kheldar »

::posts the brackets underneath:: http://ringsofhonor.org/dof/dq/1006round1.htm
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Post by Goldglo »

The Duel of Fists staff congratulates Anubis Karos on his victory, and also congratulates Koyliak VanDuran as she's MoonBeryl's newest holder, given her second place standing in this Diamond Quest tournament.

We hope both of you have successful reigns in your respective titles!

--The DoF Staff
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Post by Grayson »

Congrats, Egyptian.
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Post by Koyliak »

It was a good DQ. Thank you to all involved.

Let it be noted here that despite my disdain for the Opals, I will uphold the tradition of this sport and hold MoonBeryl until someone takes it from me.

Let it also be noted that unlike other people, I didn't seek it out.

-Koyliak VanDuran

Koy knew Matt would see the last comment was directed at him and only him. It was a fair warning that she would not let his choice go lightly.
Koyliak "The BobCrusher" VanDuran-Simon
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Post by Harris »

Anubis, welcome to the club.
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