MoonBeryl Challenge Results!

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MoonBeryl Challenge Results!

Post by DUEL Psly FTA » Thu Jun 15, 2006 10:03 pm

A beautiful night in the forest for a challenge match. . .

As always, it was a best-of-three format, with both duelists opting for a regular style ring for all three matches.

The first match had Xerzes starting off very strong, taking an early commanding lead by sweeping and dodging successfully before having an attack avoided. However, he didn't let that faze him, scoring three more unanswered points to end the first match 5-1.

flip/f do
f do/jk

The second match began almost immediately, opening with shared brutality, before the Opal holder pulled away by tripping the challenger. Again, brutality shared prompted the lady to slap down the gentleman as he tried rising to the occasion. The match ended with a mutual tripping, favoring the defender.

sweep/f do
chop/f leap

The third match began with a fanciful display of how to overcome defense, leading the way for the defender to score five points in rapid succession, only letting the challenger score on the final round.

f flip/f ab
f leap/snk
spk/f do

Congratulations, Kalianna! Still holder of MoonBeryl!
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Post by Harris » Thu Jun 15, 2006 11:12 pm

Xerzes, it's time to put in your official retirement. It's a sad day when I can't decide which has sunk lower, your skill or your dignity. Do they even exist at this point?
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