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Challenge Match Results!

Post by DUEL Kheldar » Thu Oct 27, 2005 12:18 am

Tonight, Tuesday the 25th of October, there were not one, but two opals up for challenge. Though scheduled at seperate times, by the time all duelers showed, these matches were fought concurrently.

Dizzy and Pslyder began their challenge in a good old dependible Rask brand Generic ring, while Cas and Mur didn't even make it to the ring before trading blows. The rings started out in opposite results. ShadoWeaver's challenger earning the first point in his match, while MoonBerryl's challenger scored first in the other. Pslyder ran his lead up to 3-1 by the end of the third round, while Cas and Mur were even at two each after four. Cas took the lead in the fifth avoiding a chop, and Diz pulled to within one in the fourth, only to be jabbed out of the air to put Pslyder at match point in the fifth. Diz went for a big punch in an attempt to get back into the game but Psly blocked it and took the first match 5-2. ShadoWeaver's challenger wasn't quite as successful in his attempt to close out the match, allowing three straight points by the defending Opal to fall behind 1-0 in the best of three series.

The battle for the black Opal proceeded to the bartop for the second match while the pair contesting the Yellow Opal made use of the outback's newest ring, The Mirror Gallery. The match on the bartop
continued much like the first, with Mur scoring first, and Cas tieing it in the second. Diz and Pslyder both started more cautiously with no score being tallied in the first round of that match. Psly tallied the first score of the match in the second pulling his jab and catching Diz mid dodge,
but she came back scoring in the next three rounds to pull ahead by two. Mur, meanwhile, retook the lead in the third and after some positioning in the fourth he traded in the fifth to make the match 3-2 in the defenders favor. Dizzy's mistimed feint in the sixth could have been costly as it
appeared she should have reached match point, but instead allowed Pslyder to cut the lead in half with a jab in the next round. She made it to match point with a Jab of her own, and while Psly closed the gap again to 4-3, Diz was able to even the series up at one in the tenth round. In the sixth round on the bartop it looked like Mur had delivered a knock out punch early when he caught an airborn Cas with a wicked uppercut to pull ahead 4-2. Cas managed to slow things down and recover over the next three rounds to pull the bout to sudden death. Mur throughout the match had been using the powers of ShadoWeaver to his advantage, and managed to finish off Cas in the tenth round of the second match, getting under Cas' chop and into his legs to successfully defend his title!

Like the majority of these challenge matches, the MoonBerryl fight went to the third round, which was fought in MoonBerryl's signature ring, Styx. As he did in both the previous matches, Pslyder found his way onto the board first. Dizzy scored in both the second and third rings, and appeared to be in position to go up 3-1 in the fourth, but again mistimed the feinted attack and the match went into the fifth round with the defender up a single hit. During the entire Challenge Dizzy was
unable to score with an airborn attack despite the advantage of holding the Yellow Opal, and this held true again in the fifth round as Pslyder tied it up jabbing down Dizzy's jumpkick. Psly defended unsuccessfully in the sixth, and tied it with a good block in the seventh to go to 3 all.
Dizzy gave herself the advantage, scoring on a jab over the sweep of Pslyder to hit match point first, but as these things seem to happen, Pslyder tied it up the following round and took it to Sudden death. Dizzy had been the agressor most of the match, and that trend continued in the final round, but Pslyder was able to deflect the incoming jab and become the newest holder of MoonBerryl!

Recap. Mur Defends ShadoWeaver 2-0 winning 5-3 and 5-4. Pslyder wins his challenge of MoonBerryl 2-1 winning the first match 5-2, losing the second 5-3, and winning 5-4. Pslyder will be under grace until the standings are posted 05-1106, and Mur has earned himself grace until November the 25th. Thanks to everyone who came out to watch and cheer on the duelers.

Kheldar Drasinia.

Round Diz Psly
1 Fancy Leap SPK
2 Chop JAB
3 Jumpkick Fdodge
4 Fancy Leap Flip
5 Jumpkick Jab
6 Uppercut Fancy AB

2.1 Fancy Ab F Dodge
2.2 Dodge Ft. Jab
2.3 Sweep Flip
2.4 Fancy Ab Jab
2.5 Chop F Leap
2.6 Ft. Jab Uppercut
2.7 Flip Sweep
2.8 Jab Ft. Leap
2.9 Jumpkick Fancy AB
2 10 Chop F Leap

3.1 Fancy Duck Sweep
3.2 Fancy AB Snapkick
3.3 Sweep Ft. Duck
3.4 Ft. Chop Spinkick
3.5 Jumpkick Jab
3.6 Sweep Fancy Dodge
3.7 Chop Fancy AB
3.8 Jab Snapkick
3.9 Chop Jumpkick
3 10 Jab Fancy AB

Mur Cas
1 Jab Snapkick
2 Sweep Jab
3 Snapkick Sweep
4 Sweep Fancy Leap
5 Chop Fancy Dodge
6 Snapkick Flip
7 Jab Sweep
8 Fancy Duck Hook

2.1 Fancy Duck Jab
2.2 Uppercut Fancy Dodge
2.3 Legsweep Fancy AB
2.4 Fancy Duck Fancy Dodge
2.5 Jab Jab
2.6 Fancy UC Jumpkick
2.7 Fancy Duck Fancy Legblock
2.8 Armblock Fancy Leap
2.9 Jab Flip
2 10 Legsweep Chop
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