Keeper of Fire Challenge Match

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Keeper of Fire Challenge Match

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Mur of Eire did challenge the Keeper of Fire, Esperwind, for his title. The match was called and settled on this night. The duels were fought in the Ring of Legends.

Esperwind chose a best of three series. I give witness to the results as follows:

Match 1:

Esperwind ref/mw/gf/ms/ef/wb/im/ms/ref/ff 4
Mur of Eire mb/gf/mb/sh/mb/mw/ms/ft/ff/nr 5

Match 2:

Esperwind mb/ ff/ ef/wb/sh/mw/sh 5
Mur of Eire nr/mw/nr/ms/ff/ ft /ff 2

Match 3:

Esperwind ff /wb/ef/wb/im/mb/mw/im/sh 5
Mur of Eire ms/ff/ds/nr/ rf/ nr/ ds/ gf/ nr 2

Esperwind retains the keys to the Tower of Fire, in a best of three series win.

Congratulations Esperwind!

Well fought Mur of Eire!
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