Moonberyll Challenge Results.

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Moonberyll Challenge Results.

Post by DUEL Farek » Mon Apr 18, 2005 9:45 pm

Tonight, Rakeesh and Ticallion met in the Outback to determine who would hold the Yellow Opal, Moonberyll.



Sweep/Flip 1-0
Feint Jab/Fancy Dodge 2-0
Snap Kick/Fancy Leap 2-1
Feint Flip/Jab 2-1
Fancy Dodge/Sweep 2-2
Snap Kick/Snap Kick 3-3
Jab/Fancy Duck 3-4
Flip/Fancy Leap 3-5

Ticallion .def. Rakeesh 5-3 in 8 rounds

Snap/Jab 0-1
Jump Kick/Spin 1-1
Snap/Flip 2-1
Feint Jab/Sweep 2-1
Fancy Armblock/Fancy Leap 2+-1+
Snap Kick/Feint Spin Kick 3-1
Fancy Dodge/Sweep 3-2
Fancy Duck/Fancy Arm Block 3+-2+
Dodge/Jab 4-2
Ft Jab/Snap Kick 4-2
Sweep/Jab 4-3
Ft Jab/Fancy Dodge 5-3

Rakeesh .def. Ticallion 5-3 in 12 rounds.

Sweep/Sweep 1-1
Fancy Arm Block/Jab 2-1
Sweep/Sweep 3-2
Fancy Dodge/Fancy Dodge 3+-2+
Snap Kick/Fancy Duck 4-2
Fancy Leap/Fancy Dodge 4+-2+
Feint Jab/Fancy Leap 4-2
Fancy Arm Block/Jab 5-2

Rakeesh .def. Ticallion 5-2 in 8 rounds.

Congratulations to Rakeesh, the newest holder of Moonberyll.
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