May Queen 2021

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May Queen 2021

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There are two birch trees in Battlefield Park, equal in size, large branches distinct but interwoven and supporting each other. They mark one of the boundaries of the Wilds, and at dawn of April 1st, just a month before May Day and the Fires of Beltane, a mirror appeared between the branches. There is no passing through the mirror -- not yet -- try as one might. But if you offer your hopes for the next May Queen? The spirits of the Wilds will accept them, cradling words written and spoken alike in hands of bending light and whisking them back across the Veil.

The closer it gets to Beltane, the more spirits appear in the mirror's reflection. On the day that the May Queen is chosen, the spirits will make their choice, the mirror will vanish, and the way across the Veil to the Fires and beyond will be open.

"Mirror mirror of the fae,
Hear my call for Queen of May!
Take it through the Veil with haste
As there's not a day to waste.
_______, the one that I desire
To be crowned at Beltane's fire!"


Beltane is upon us! The Fires of Beltane will be on Saturday, May 1st. As such, we are in need of a May Queen.

We’re changing things up this year a little so please read carefully:
  • We will roll a die to determine the May Queen this year on Friday, April 30th
  • Every nomination a character receives adds their name into a hat. More nominations = more times their name is in the hat = more likely that person will win
  • Each player is able to nominate up to three different characters
  • Nominated characters must be eighteen years or older
  • Please do your best NOT to nominate people who have already played the Queen of May in the past. I am not asking for people to out their alts, and if you unknowingly nominate someone who has already played the Queen that is fine but they will not end up on the final list.
In fairness, we will do our best to have a new character and player be the May Queen. This is a list of our past May Queens: Eden Parker (2020); Mallory Maeda (2019); Saila DeFortes (2018); Jewell Ravenlock (2017); Shae Stormchild (2016); Claire Farron (2015); Serah Farron (2014); Rhiannon Brock (2013); Elessaria Devabriel (2012); Rekah Illyriana (2011); Lilliana McClae (2010); Alystrianna D'Vaustaival (2009); Trinala (2008); Am'thyst Oak (2007).

Please submit your nomination for May Queen to The Druid by 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, April 28th.
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