Foam Party and Fight Night at City Square!

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Foam Party and Fight Night at City Square!

Post by DUEL Eden » Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:43 pm


City Square spent all week preparing to host an outdoor dueling event, but was sabotaged at the last minute by a viral marketing campaign! The temporary fountains alternating with dueling rings in the roundabout have been filled with Everlastingâ„¢ dish soap, and now four colossal columns of foam tower over the statue park! The bubbles have flowed out into the street in every direction, completely covering the Four Points in foam waist-high or higher. Wind-blown waves roll across the square, and massive bubble clouds stretch into bizarre shapes as they tumble over people’s heads.

Everlastingâ„¢ has hired people to crash the event, with a DJ, a fully-stocked bar, and sample baskets of branded bubble wands set up on temporary stages that *mostly* rise above the roiling sea of foam. Meanwhile the caller is holding court on a lifeguard stand amidst the madness, watching the fights with a pair of binoculars and calling results through a bright red bullhorn.

((Tonight! Saturday at 9 ET! The Annex on Discord will be doubling as City Square! You can find instructions on how to join Discord here! Special thanks to Mallory for the description, and everyone else who helped come up with this fun idea! ))
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