Wulf Canavar looking for opponents

The happenings and goings-on out back in the home of the Duel of Fists.

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Wulf Canavar
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Wulf Canavar looking for opponents

Post by Wulf Canavar » Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:03 am


Not finding a place in Duel of Swords, or Duel of Magic, Wulf still felt the Hunger. So he would try Duel of Fists.

Teeth and claws vs fists? He was eager to find out how it would work.

OOC: Looking to get started dueling. Not sure how it'll work with no fists, but I'm sure I can adapt leaping, bowling people over, biting, and clawing into the dueling system somehow. Contact me!
"Grrrrrrrrrr" (directed at the person between Wulf and his dinner)
OOC - Although Wulf is a bad guy, I'd like him to be bad in RP, not in RL. Apologies.
Now back to being a BAD GUY (TM)
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