2016 Season Schedule!

The Second Best Dueling Event of the Year!

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2016 Season Schedule!

Post by Hydra Corporation » Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:23 pm

Week 1
Rock Hards at Royal Pain,

Hydra-Foil at Kirost's Misfits

Week 2
Royal Pain at Hydra-Foil

Kirost's Misfits at Rock Hards

Week 3
Kirost's Misfits at Royal Pain

Rock Hards at Hydra-Foil

Week 4
Rock Hards at Kirost's Misfits

Hydra-Foil at Royal Pain

Week 5
Royal Pain at Kirost's Misfits

Hydra-Foil at Rock Hards

Week 6
Royal Pain at Rock Hards

Kirost's Misfits at Hydar-Foil

Don't forget to check the Dashboard for further updates!

Captains! You may begin scheduling your rosters this week in preparation for the start of the tournament on the 11th. Submissions will be posted upon completion.

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