Jake and FireStar

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Jake and FireStar

Post by Jake » Thu Oct 03, 2013 5:21 pm

(()) Author's note: Had intended to post this a couple of months ago, but then real life *stuff* happened... So, this happens later in the evening after Jake wins FireStar from Rakeesh.


The half-orc slumped down into his chair and set a mug of cold Badsider down on the edge of his desk. An errant trail of foam leaked over the edge to trickle down to the desk's surface, where older stains gave witness to previous mugs of ale. Leaning back in his chair, the springs creaked. The orc chuckled thinking his bones creaked a bit too.

Jake held the red opal up, the candlelight caught in the gem's surface and sparkled. Or perhaps it was an inner fire that showed through. It was magic after all.

"Yes! It's just you and me now, orc. Let's get out there and burn some stuff! That paladin, corrupted as he might have been, wasn't going to really let go."

Roughly palm-sized, the opal fit well in his hand. It was mildly warm to the touch. It always was. Was it just his imagination? Was the candlelight brighter than normal? The orc glanced at the candle on his desk, and it did seem the flickering light was stronger, brighter, and higher than normal. Jake snorted. Damn rocks.

"I've got big plans. There are some people I owe payback to. People that need to burn!"

The half-orc switched the opal to his off hand and moved to open one of the desk's lower draws. Inside was a simple box, fashioned from stone. Hard granite inscribed with the words "Don't Touch!"

Jake pulled the box out of the drawer and set it down on the center of his desk. He muttered under his breath for a moment and reached out, snapping open the latch, and then flipping up the lid. Inside was space for a palm-sized object.

He eyed the opal for another few moments, reflecting back on the fight with Rakeesh that had won him this stone. "Madness..."

"So, when do we get started? Who's first? When do we get this party started?"

The half-orc moved deliberately, reaching out and dropping the opal into the carved space. He stared at the opal for a moment or two, then closed the lid. Sealing it away.

After closing the box and securing it once more in his desk, the orc rose to his feet. He took up the mug of ale and drank it down. Was the room dimmer?

Jake leaned over the desk and closed two calloused fingers over the candle flame. Darkness closed in around the office, and the orc ambled out, empty mug in hand. There was more ale downstairs.


"Damn it..."
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