The Forgotten Layers Inn Description

Home of Izira Nyte and The Forgotten Layers Inn. Resting in an unnamed magical realm, the place is easier to find when lost if one is without the aid of a map drawn by the lady herself.

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The Forgotten Layers Inn Description

Post by Izira Nyte » Tue Oct 01, 2013 10:59 pm

The Forgotten Layers Inn is not a place frequented by many. Those that do find themselves upon the path leading towards the Inn it, more often than not, never intended to go there in the first place. Such was the case with Izira when the young woman found herself in the presence of the inn.

Her life had taken one dark turn after another, the fire that ran through her blood caused havoc and repeated lapses in her mental stability. She only wanted to get away, from everyone and everything, when the realm of Forgotten Layers opened itself to her.

At the time, the inn stood in a state of despair equal to that of Izira. The gravel path to the inn risked being taken over by the growing wildlife that embraced it towards either side. Ending at the steps of the inn’s porch, the path circled a moss covered fountain. The water in it still and stagnant. The lawn and gardens of the inn had been overgrown and unkempt. A stable to the left of the inn appeared ready to collapse. The inn itself, while still standing, looked little better than its surroundings. The porch leaned in disrepair. Planks of wood had been boarded over broken panes of glass. Inside everything had been scattered and broken as though a tornado had taken place inside the inn and none had bothered to return to it afterwards. A thick blanket of dust covered the scene. Strangely, in the presence of it all, Izira felt a strong sensation of being where she belonged for the first time in her life.

Izira had hope. The feeling reflected through her diligent work on remodeling the Forgotten Layers Inn. Soon chaotic lawns became paths of vibrant green, wild gardens turning into well-managed designs of flora. The once gray graveled path that led to the inn now laid out in white and iridescent silver stones had been lined with white rose bushes that blossomed no matter the season and filled the air with soft scents. The fountain returned to its former glory, cleaned and repaired, revealed a statue of winged-woman her hand out and offering safety to travelers. The waters of the fountain run cool in warm weather and hot when the seasons turn cold. After tearing down the old stables, Izira replaced them with a larger one that would be able to fit even the largest of traveling companion beasts. The two quarters wrap-around porch altered to be able to easily go from being open to being enclosed without much hassle. Inside the inn been resurrected into new life.

Upon entering the door tables are spread out in order, with the bar lining the wall straight ahead. A short hall to the left of the bar leads to public washrooms. Stairs leading to the rooms above sit a few feet to the right of the bar, and a hallway leading further into the inn sits to right of those stairs. Just to the left of the door a small stage awaits, a place set up for the traveling performer. To the right, against the same wall as the entrance, line several booths. Though, better privacy for secretive discussion can be made available upon request. A large fireplace rests in the wall to the far right. Plush armchairs and a couple of couches with side tables fill the area before the fireplace. In the back right of the common area the ceiling vaults higher, leaving a large chapel-like room. Here a black piano and bench are placed. From the ceiling hangs a large cage of tarnished silver. At times this cage will be occupied by one or two large ravens.

Aside from the general layout of things, there are several items of note within the common room of the inn. The selection of Forgotten Layers ishard to rival. Izira has managed to find many brokers from many realms and lands, making sure to have in stock almost anything the homesick traveler might need. Candles are used for lighting, placed on tables, walls and hanging in holders from the ceiling. While one might think it would be annoying to have to light all of those on a daily basis, the wards of the inn seem to keep everything under control. Shelves line the wall, high to discourage thieves. They, like the drink selection, are stocked with various items from other realms and lands—books, trinkets and weaponry. Above the stone of the fireplace sits a silver urn of ashes, no name or date rests upon the surface. Behind the bar a swinging door leads to the kitchen.

Outside, behind the kitchen is a small vegetable garden where a number of ingredients for the meals are procured. There are also several fruit baring trees and bushes throughout the length of the larger gardens.

This is the state that Forgotten Layers can be found in, if it is found. It exists in a place between many worlds and the cracks that will lead you there are hidden.

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