The Capitalist and the Dead Girl

Stories of the those from House Dragoon Talanador, the Company of the Dragon and the Tavern itself.

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The Capitalist and the Dead Girl

Post by G » Tue Dec 06, 2005 1:04 am

It's always a nice Thursday night when things go your way. The night was chilly, with a few flurries when G'nort made his way towards the Arena. For once, he didn't have anything to worry about. Not the Company, not the League, not loudmouth braggarts and annoying children. He was in good spirits for the first time in at least a half a month.

Upon his arrival, he took a seat at a table that overlooked most of the arena rings. This way, he'd be able to catch a lot of the action, see who all was present, and pretty much hear anything that was going on that could be of interest.

This night would prove to have an overabundance of interest.

Fast forwarding through the regular sort of Arena occurances. The standard duels, Tareth and Caedia wisecracking with each other and some of the more familiar faces like Grayson and Imp, and newer faces like this Tara person, and a slaver woman. Probably of note also was the fact that there were a few slavers about too, the types that Gnort simply wants nothing to do with, in any fashion.

This was the situation Gnort found himself in as he sat alone, considering the purchase of a drink with some sort of alcoholic content. It'd been some time since he was a heavy drinker, and it had crossed his mind that being a casual one would not be too harmful. He'd reached a relaxed state while watching the continuing matches, listening to Graysons repeated assurances that he was, in fact, not gay, and listening to Imps repeated requests for people to bleed for him, when a familiar voice spoke to him.

"Long time no see, G-string.'

Only two people ever used that nickname for him, one who was already in his sight, the other who was dead. But it was said so casually, so matter of factly, that at first, it didn't register that it shouldn't have been possible. He boredly glanced up to see one Miss Charlotte Jericho standing there smiling. So, he gave her a non chalant answer.

"Hey Chuck. How goes it?"

Then it registered. She's dead. It's not possible. This is a fool trick. Damn Gnomes. Who would dare do this? Not eaten by the dragon. All sorts of these thoughts and more went through his business like mind in an instant, so his reply could only be a simple..

"Chuck?!" One spoken in shock, revulsion, and happiness. It simply couldn't be.

As he sat there, blinking in disbelief, two final thoughts came to him. First, this was Rhydin, and if you were going to see a dead person come back to life, this would be the place. The second?

"Gnomes." It had to be. They'd reanimated her once before for a TDL season. Why couldn't they have improved on their technology and bring her back. Of course, there was no absolute proof that this is what they did, but it was as good a place to lay the blame as any.

"The Gnomes doing this to you?" He asked, pretty much disappointed because he had made many threats to them for bringing her around the last time. A dead person should stay dead. Of course, this wasn't exactly a zombie moving to sit beside him, this was a fully sentient, self aware, and self thinking person. And it's too long to be vampiric.

"Yes, my little dwarves." she replied. He didn't want to point out right then that gnomes really weren't dwarves. "We must talk about how one properly buries the dead."

Crap. She completely knew what he'd done to her after her death. Three years in a freezer, of course, kept the body well preserved, but it didn't make a good grave. The positive aspect was the fact that her being here answered the question about whether or not the dragon ate her.

Of course, discussion of his burial treatment of her was not something he'd been prepared to deal with, so it seemed prudent to redirect the conversation.

"What did they do to you? You can't be Our Chuck." He said, leaning forward to poke her arm to be sure it was a real person there, and not some abstract vision caused by too many blows to the head.

He poked her at the same time as he made a slightly disgusted expression, fearful of what might happen.

"You can feel my breasts if you like. I'm 100% Charlie." she replied, though making a point to not turn into a position which would allow her to be groped. Had this been three years ago, Gnort probably would have taken complete advantage of that offer, too. Charlie was one of the few remaining women that he had a crush on enough that he'd want to have some sort of intimacy with.

Of course, that was three years ago, and this woman had been killed.

Narrowing his eyes, really not trusting her because of so many factors. "Normally, I wouldn't be so shocked about the dead coming to life. But you've been gone for quite some time. I know. I've kept your body safe. But this, this is something different. How can I possibly know you're the *Real* Chuck?"

It had crossed his mind that there was a possibility that an enemy had found a look-alike, and was going to use her to infiltrate Gnort's life and business somehow, and cause a drastic catastrophe for him and his. Not many people who were against him were above using a past relationship to cause him some great difficulty.

"Well... we could begin by talking about the back royalties you owe me." She stated bluntly, with only a mild interest.

"You're Chuck." His mind was immediately satisfied that this woman was who she said she was. But so many questions remained as to how, and why. And what was she doing here....

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Post by G » Wed Dec 07, 2005 6:40 am

The Capitalist and the dead girl Part 2.
"What did I miss?" she asked with a small smile.

Oh, what did she miss! Three years is an awfully long time to try and recall all the different things that have happened. The League changes, the different Overlords, Shakira and that whole demon taking over deal, The leaving of Elle from his relationship, and the relationship beginning with him and Kaja. Where to begin. What could he say to start explaining those past years that have changed so many people, some for good, some for ill. Well, she asked the question, and he had to answer..

"About three years of storage rent space." Gnort replied with his trademark grin. After all, she wanted to talk about back pay, what better way to avoid paying her back royalties than to charge her a rental fee for her lifeless corpse?

"What happened anyway? The place looks like... well, hate to say this, G-string, but it looks like crap." Judging by the way she said that, she was awakened at the ruins of the tavern, but when was unknown. Definitely before he got there to inspect the damage, which was total.

"Well, the bitch Princess of Rhydin torched it. She obviously got around the spell I had up there keeping it safe and all. Oh, I mean Arane, by the by. But what about you? How are you alive? There's no way the gnomes could do *this* good a job..." To those that know him, it might be obvious that he wanted to do something about Arane, but as yet did not know what that would be. The quick change of subject would be enough. Still, he couldn't comprehend just how this woman was alive, or how the gnomes had the skill to raise a three year old corpse in such stellar condition.

Charlie ran her fingertips over her face, then her bare neck and collar bone before she grabbed both her breasts to give a quick squeeze. Something that teenage boys across the realm had dreamt about for all those years she was a pin-up queen for CDR. "I know. Pretty amazing, huh? Look better than I did the day I died. Don't really know what's up. Guess somebody gave me a chance to wrap up some unfinished business."

"No kidding. There's not even a hint of freezer burn or anything. I guess it was a good thing I had you frozen. If you were in a grave I can't imagine you'd look this good. Or cremated." He had leaned forward to touch her cheek as well, eyes narrowed in concentration as if he was inspecting a valuable piece of art, or something as fragile.

"Mmm. Words to make a girl's heart melt, Gravy Boat." She whispered seductively, giving a wink as she leaned back against her chair again, almost completely seeming to play him for an unknown result.

"Interesting." Was his only response. He knew Charlie always had a sort of seductiveness and attitude about her that he liked. Of course, he always knew that women knew how to use that sort of thing, and he wasn't really going to play the game, if that's what she was going for.

"So.." she spoke in a softer tone, her green eyes sliding up to him. "...haven't seen my husband, have you?"

Who had? Which was the first thought that ran through his head, what his name was was the second. Ezra, that's right. A silly name, he always thought. But hey, his name was G'nort... He tugged gently on the hairs on his chin, a usual trait when he was thinking superficial thoughts like that, then he shook his head to focus on her and her question. "No, ah.. no, not even since before you.. died."

She nodded slowly, some tension easing."What... what about Ramsus?"

That was another odd name to him. Probably nicknamed 'Rammer' in his youth by the bully type of kids. But that wasn't the point to this. She was back and seeking information, not opinions. Very well, give her what she needs. "Last time I saw him was before the last time I saw Ezra. So, no seeing him in a long time."

This seemed to disappoint or sadden her. But wasn't Ramsus always a jerk? Gnort had no love for the man that he could recall. Then again, women are usually attracted towards the wrong type of man. Plus, he was still trying to absorb the fact that she was really alive again.

"How is your boyfriend? I saw his sister."

"My.. boyfriend?" That question gave him a legitimate reason to be confused and his expression showed it. He hadn't any idea who she was referring to, either seriously or jokingly. It turned out she was joking.

"Yeah. Keep up, Gravy Boat. Tareth?"

Oh him. Figures. "He's not my boyfriend!" he retorted, aghast that someone would insinuate that he swung that way when he was with Kaja, then also insinuating that if he did swing that way, that Tareth would even be *his* type! G did have good taste, you know. "And yeah, his sister is right there."

Gnort pointed at Caedia, who was sitting with Grayson and Tara. "And Guy III is right there." To which Gnort then pointed towards Tareth.

Leaning forward and tilting her head to the side slightly, Charlie attempted to peer around the crowd towards the figure at the bar, straining to see Tareth before her tone became a bit more harsh. "And Ria Graziano?

Hearing Ria's name, G wondered what he should say or do. Whether he should say she was still around, alive, et cetera. Since it was going to be done some time anyway, he may as well just up and say what Ria is up to. "She's still around, fighting for the Crew."

Charlie frowned, giving Gnort a sour look that spoke volumes of disappointment. "Well, nice work on the 'revenging my death' thing there, G'nortie." Well, maybe she wasn't too upset.

"Well, I tried to get her fitted for some cement boots, but they didn't have concrete in her size." he replied, attempting to keep the situation light.

"The least you could do is give a girl her job back."

Ahh, now we reach a meaty point of the discussion. Business, something that G'nort was quite good at, especially when he could make it profitable for him, which he almost always tried to do, and which Chuck had always been able to do *for* him.

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Post by G » Tue Dec 13, 2005 10:14 pm

The Capitalist and the dead girl Part 3.
"You want to be a pin-up girl again?" G replied, curious as to her seriousness at being re-employed with him and his company.

"What, you discriminate against the undead now?" Charlie snapped back playfully.

"Well, it's just that... okay so I've had some bad experiences with zombies in the past where I had to dismember them violently. But they weren't exactly the model type, you know? Is that what you want?" Replying about a few incidents in his past, but also trying to clarify that the undead woman was honestly interested in work. G wouldn't turn her down, of course. She'd brought in a good deal of funds with her calendar sales, and promotional materials in the past, and most assuredly her body didn't suffer from those years of being without life. Whoever it was that brought her back did an incredibly good job of keeping her in good shape, or there were some serious magics involved here. She still had it, and could still sell it.

The humor faded from her tone as she leaned closer to him, quiet and serious. "All I had went to Ramsus's daughter. Looks like he bailed on me. I need cash. I want nothing to do with the Crew. Nausikaa isn't going to believe it's me even if I wanted to go back to that. I'm confused. I want to fight. I want to look pretty. It's what I do."

Well, a broke, desperate, lost and highly attractive woman was always a good thing for G'nort. In the old days, he would have made every effort to take her home. But he's happy now, and while he'd flirt with Chuck, he'd never take advantage of her, especially with the perfect relationship he's in with Kaja. So he'd do the next best thing and pay her for her work.

"I see. Well. If you need work, of course I'd be more than willing to help you out, you know? You're not just another pretty face that sold calendars. I did.. do consider you a friend."

"I'd appreciate it, G'nort. Especially since it looks like my home's been burned down." She sure had to just bring that issue up again. G didn't react much to it though. He was used to it.

But he could still be courteous. "If you don't have a place to stay, I have a couple lesser known places where you could pitch camp, too. Nothing so grand as the GIT, until I can get it rebuilt.." Then shrugging. "Hell, if I didn't live with Kaj, I'd let you stay in a spare room of mine."

"Sounds good. If you can keep me out of the--- wait. What? Who? Where's Elle? What the hell?" She suddenly got caught off guard, her reaction one of total surprise. "Kaja. As in the Crew's Kaja? Did Tical kick your ass? Mmm... does that mean Tical's single?"

She sure was full of questions. "Elle? Ahh, that's right. There were a few changes, I guess." he chuckles. "Well, Elle up and left. I'd say she left me, but she actually left everyone. For who or what, I don't know. Spent a year alone, just doing my thing after that. Kaja, yes, as the Crews no longer the Crews Kaja who was Tical, who yes is now single's girl. No, Tical didn't kick my ass, cause we were cool with each other, and he didn't blame me. He understood. but he was upset with Kaj." Nodding at the end of that description of his relationship issues for the last three years.

"That's, like.... mind-blowing." It was clear that poor Charlie was feeling a little overwhelmed. She probably had thought the relationship between G and Elle was going to be a solid thing. But then, she never did really know Elle. For G, it wasn't surprising. Charlie took that break in the discussion to lean forward and peek at Tareth. "Hey, G'nortie, your boyfriend looks like he's seen a ghost."

Following her gaze, he thought a moment about both of them, and knew the exchange was going to be of some sort of interest. Whether a negative or positive exchange, or completely nuetral.

"Well.. I don't know, but you might want to consider talking to him sometime soon. While I can't say he had a thing for you..He probably did consider you something special. I think there were even duels fought with him about you."

"I don't want to give him a heart attack. He looks pretty... what's the word? Wigged out? That's more of a phrase than a word, I suppose." She replied, still thinking about Tareth at the moment, then she caught what G said about him. "What in God's name are you talking about, G'nort?"

"He probably is a little put off. Maybe I should talk to him first at some point." Idly responding, his mind mostly on himself.

"I remember now why I only listened to you half the time. The other half, you just confuse me." Chuck stated plainly.

"Well, Tareth fought Cletus for something to do with you for a Barony, and I do tend to have that skill."

"Wait, wait. Let's back up. Why did Tareth fight Cletus for me?" she asked in suspicious disbelief.

"Good question. We should ask him. Guy III, why did you fight Cletus over Chuck for?" G'nort never was one to beat around the bush, and was just as blunt when he wanted to know something quickly.


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