Fistmelda's Tusk Details!

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Fistmelda's Tusk Details!

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Hi everyone!

A few months back, we retired the Panther's Claw and now are very pleased to unveil the Outback's new All Ranks Tournament prize: FISTMELDA'S TUSK!

Fistmelda's Tusk will be awarded in the upcoming Summer 2020 All Ranks Tournament!

While in the future, we may adjust the prize perks based on usage and feedback, the initial set is as follows:

Fismelda's Tusk (non-Emerald winner):
-1 extra modifier than permitting by their base rank (modifiers cap at 5 for non-Emeralds, regardless of rank)
-1 opal challenge grant
If the winner promotes to Emerald prior to using this grant, they can still challenge with it and not utilize one of their 'once-per-month' challenge rights OR they can gift it to a non-Emerald dueler who's on the standings

Fistmelda's Tusk (Emerald+ winner):
-1 opal challenge grant (must be given to another dueler; the dueler chosen does not have to be of Emerald rank)
-If not in the upper ERS bracket at the end of cycle standings, will be seeded in the next DQ as if placed at the lowest point of the upper bracket
If the winner of Fismelda's Tusk promotes to Emerald as the result of wins acquired in the All Ranks Tournament, they will be assumed to have won the prize as an Emerald, even though they will not appear as Emerald until the next standings release

Fistmelda's Tusk (all winners)
-Choose next ART format from list of pre-set options*
-Outback Skybar will craft & serve a winner-inspired drink until the next ART; proceeds from all purchases will be split between the winner and the Benson Boulevard Initiative charity.
-#1 seed in the next ART
-Tournament wins added to record (or a pre-set # of wins, the amount TBD, in the case of a non-traditional format such as a MegaBrawl)


*The DoF Staff will announce the format options for the next ART on the Message Boards by the time the next cycle begins. The Fistmelda's Tusk holder will have up until 2 weeks prior to the ART to decide the format. If they do not decide by that time, the DoF Staff will select the format.
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