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All Ranks Tournament Rules

Post by Tippletoe » Thu May 28, 2020 4:18 pm

The All Ranks Tournament
Schedule and Format
  • 1. An All Ranks Tournament (ART) combines and replaces the former Warlord and Talon of Redwin Tournaments. It will be held once every three months before the end of the cycle. At the discretion of the Duel of Swords Staff, an All Ranks Tournament may be split into a Warlord Tournament and Talon of Redwin Tournament.

    2. Duelists of any rank (active or inactive) may join the All Ranks Tournament. All duelists, regardless of rank, will fight as a Warlord with four fancies.

    3. Format and seeding arrangements for the All Ranks Tournament will be decided upon by the Duel of Swords Staff. The seeding criteria and format will be posted at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the tournament. Unless otherwise specified, the default seeding will be based on Cycle Rankings and early registration, and the default format will be double elimination.

    4. There can be no tie results in a tournament duel. The duel will go into overtime until it reaches a conclusion. A minimum of five points must be scored by the winner, and they must have a full point lead.

    5. Unless otherwise specified, the results of duels fought in the tournament are not counted in the regular standings, and are not counted towards standings activity.
  • 1. The first-place finisher will have the first choice of any prize available (see exceptions below). Each subsequent finisher shall then choose their prize until there are no prizes remaining. The list of prizes will include, but not be limited to, a test-free Overlord Challenge Grant, a test-free challenge to any Barony, and any vacant Barons’ rings.
    1. Only a duelist ranked Warlord/Baron can choose the test-free Overlord Challenge Grant prize. If the winner of the tournament is not a Warlord/Baron, the prize may be selected by the first subsequent finisher who is ranked Warlord/Baron. Should that duelist select another prize, the Overlord Challenge Grant may be chosen by other subsequent Warlords/Barons in order of finishing place.
    2. Barony prizes may not be chosen by current title-holders.
    3. Barony prizes may be selected by someone ranked below Warlord, but that individual is not awarded the Talon of Redwin (see below).
    4. If an inactive duelist takes a vacant Baron's ring as a prize they will have until the end of the cycle to become active. If this activity is not gained then the title will be stripped.
    2. The Talon of Redwin is awarded to the highest placed tournament duelist ranked below Warlord after calculating any wins gained throughout the night or titles gained as prizes. The Talon is named in honor of one of the Arena's most illustrious and well-known duelers, Siera Redwin, past Overlord and Baron of the rings.
Overlord Grace Period & Challenge Grants
  • 1. Overlord Grace Period: The Overlord receives a grace period during which no challenge may be issued to the Overlord, excepting the test-free Overlord Challenge Grant prize, and from banished loyal barons.
    1. The grace period starts two weeks (14 days) prior to the All Rank’s Tournament and extends until two weeks (14 days) from the day after the All Rank’s Tournament.
    2. If the test-free Overlord Challenge Grant is not awarded, the Overlord has the option to waive the post All Rank’s Tournament grace of two weeks (14 days).
    2. Challenge grants must be issued within two weeks (14 days) of the Tournament's conclusion. These challenges shall follow the "Universal Terms of Challenge" with regard to response and dueling date.
    1. The challengers will not lose any normally accumulated challenge rights as a result of the All Ranks Tournament prize grants.
    2. Challenge Grant recipients are exempt from waiting for the 14-day “Cool Down” period described in the Universal Terms of Challenge in order to issue a challenge with their Grant. They must, however, wait two weeks (14-days) to challenge again if they lose.
    3. Inactive grant winners are required to become active on the Official Standings to use their Challenge Grants. Please remember that the Official Standings are updated on Sundays at 6ET.
Note: Extenuating circumstances (such as challenge scheduling overlap) from two test-free Overlord Challenge Grants (e.g. Madness and the ART) will be resolved by DoS Staff.

Note: Barons do not receive a challenge grace period in connection to the ART. Duelists who select a barony as a prize can be immediately challenged with a prize grant.

The Talon of Redwin
  • 1. The winner shall be listed in the standings as both the "Talon of Redwin" as well as under the current ranking that he or she possesses. The historical record of the Duel of Swords shall also reflect the name of the tournament's winner. The winner of the tournament will reign as "Talon of Redwin" for the next complete cycle. Example: If you win the Talon of Redwin during the Spring Cycle you will reign as the Talon of Redwin for the Summer Cycle.

    2. This title will come with the bump of one fancy above the winner's current rank up to a maximum of four fancies.

    3. The fancy awarded by holding the Talon of Redwin stacks with all other fancies, including that of the Squire rank up to and including four fancies. Example: A Grand Master (GM) has 3 fancies. As a squire, the GM would have 4. A GM squire with the Talon would still only have 4 fancies instead of 5.

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