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Post by Michelle Montoya » Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:15 pm

Michelle walked up to her newest little adventure. A small shop across from Four Points in the Old Temple/Southgate District. Mellie had been urging her to take the leap and had offered to live in the little studio apartment above the shop so Michelle could keep her residence in Atrebla. The two of them walked to the bright blue door, Mellie was bouncing with excitement. "This is going to be a great endeavor Michelle, don't you worry. Jojo, Summer, and Antony have already found a place for the three of them to rent. They should be here tomorrow to help set-up and get all the gear in place."

Michelle smiled at her friend, over the past five years Mellie had been her closest ally and the one to keep her honest. Today they would start a new chapter together: Bak'd.

Bakery Sign

Layout of the Bakery


Bak'd is the Blue Store Front


Sunday - Thursday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Friday - Saturday: 11:00am-6:00pm

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Wares and Pricing

Post by Michelle Montoya » Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:26 pm


Tart Montmorency cherry filling topped with brown sugar, butter streusel. Simple, but our regulars love this flavor.

We take fresh raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, glaze those puppies up with raspberry jam, and lovingly place them on a bed of vanilla bean pastry cream.

Looking for a slice of heaven? Look no further; our lemon curd topped with fluffy meringue will make you see Jesus.

We go a little against the traditional. But trust us, coconut flavored vanilla bean pastry cream with a heavy dollop of whipped cream will knock your socks off.

Fresh, local rosemary plus a tang of lemon zest transforms the traditional apple pie into one of our signature flavors. Topped off with a brown sugar butter streusel.

Large 9" 28.00RN (RhyDin Nobles)
Personal 6" 7.00RN
Mini Tarts 28RN per dozen


These pies ain’t whimpy! They are deep and 9” wide to feed up to 12 folks!

Freshly peeled and cored Granny Smith apples spiced with cinnamon with a brown sugar butter streusel.

No magic green dye here! Just rich, creamy lime goodness topped with whipped cream and fresh lime zest. Did I mention it comes with a perfectly sweet and salty shortbread crust?!

Peanut butter mousse in a chocolate shortbread crust topped with chocolate ganache.

This earth favorite is made with the best pecans tucked into our buttery pie crust!

The tartness of rhubarb is a sweet strawberry’s best friend. Decorated with a beautiful woven lattice, this is one of the bakers’ favorites!

Our head decorator came up with this new staple. This silky, chocolate custard lays on a buttery oreo crust, and is topped with smooth whipped cream.


Seasonally available (October through December). Creamy, but not too sweet brown sugar pumpkin pie filling in a buttery crust



Looking for an easy lunch during the holidays? Our creamy chicken pot pie is perfect for a comforting get together.

9” chicken pot pie 14RN
5” chicken pot pie 9RN

[[OOC: Heavily inspired by this amazing bakery which I desperately want to eat from. One day Texas, one day: 2Tarts]]
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Delivery to Pachinko Palace, Kubuki, Dockside

Post by Michelle Montoya » Mon Feb 04, 2019 12:04 am

Two Days Earlier

Michelle rested easily against the side of the bar in the annex, chatting with the establishments newest owner Na-rae and her wife Izumi. They had been discussing her desire to contribute pies to the annex on a semi-regular schedule. She had always loved the sports and would enjoy giving back to the community.

"Are you a baker? Or a merchant of pies?" Izumi asked.

"I am a baker and an artist. But I only bake pies and tarts." That wasn't entirely true, but she preferred pies and tarts. Mellie was convincing her to add cupcakes to the menu -- Mellie had a way with cupcakes like no other baker she knew.

Na-rae was quick to jump in on her wives inquiry. "Tarts? What kind of tarts? I'm in the mood for chocolate.."

Izumi went over to order a cup of coffee, taking it and adding sugar from one of the paper sachets when it arrived to the bar. "I like strawberry best myself" she said cheerily.

"Oh I make all kinds. Chocolate, lemon, strawberry, custard with raspberries or blueberries on top. There isn't a pie or tart I haven't made - well, of typical ingredients I should say. If you asked me for a frog-tongue pie that would be a first." She had made beef-tongue pie for a particularly unusual customer, so it couldn't be all that different, but dessert pies were her favourite.

"Then we'd like to order two special tarts from you then. One strawberry, and one chocolate. With whipped cream around it.. No -- wait, can the whipped cream be made into hearts? Two hearts, one for each. That'd be pretty romantic.. like an early Valentines." Na'rae's request was timed perfectly as they were, in fact, starting their valentines special in a few days. Michelle pulled out a small notepad to write down the details.

"I can make them a nine-inch heart-shaped tart if you prefer. When do you want them by?"

"Oh! heart-shaped?" Na'rae looked to Izumi, nodded, then looked back to Michelle. "Heartshaped would be perfect! Is Tuesday fine? Or would Wednesday be better?"

"Tuesday is fine. It will cost you 28 RhyDin Nobles per tart, so 56 for the both of them. Where would you like them delivered?"

"Tuesday.." Thinking on it. "We'll be at the Pachinko Palace in Kabuki, Dockside." Adding the Dockside part a few seconds after. "Ask for a girl named Nako and she'll take the delivery." As for the money, Na-rae looked to her wife expectantly. Izumi looked around, realized Na-rae was looking at her expectantly and rummaged her pockets before forgetting she was in her pajamas. "I ah.. well I'll have to go to the exchange. I only have dollarydoos" she said with a sheepish look to her wife.

Michelle waved her hand dismissively, having worked with other forms of money before. "I take equivalent currency. And payment can be made up front or when I deliver."

Izumi breathed a sigh of relief. "Okay, I'll go get it" she agreed, hopping down from the bar and leaving her coffee in the care of Na-rae while she hurried off at a jog back to the office.

Na'rae turned to Michelle "It's better to do it now, that way Nako doesn't accidentally spend it on candy or tries to win more from pachinko." Na-rae waved a hand. After exchanging coins and business cards Michelle left, eager to share the good news with Mellie - business was starting.


Michelle followed the directions Mellie gave her. Somehow that girl alread new RhyDin like the back of her hand. She carried two boxes, one with a strawberry tart and the other chocolate. This area of RhyDin was an infinite maze, garish lights competing for attention and causing her to get turned around more than once. Eventually, she found the headliner - Pachinko Palace. Michelle walked in and looked for the nearest official looking person. "Hi, I'm looking for Nako?" The young man nodded and weaved is way between all the pachinko and slot machines. Eventually, he came back with a lovely looking woman who seemed quite at ease in the busy environment. "These are for Na-rae and Izumi." Nako smiled and they exchange brief pleasantries before Michelle tried to find her way back to Bak'd.

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Cross Promotion with the Unifier Brewing Company

Post by Michelle Montoya » Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:42 pm

Late January 2019

Lights were still strung up around the brewery all Christmas like decorations had been put away but they had decided to keep the lights because it made things beautiful and the open sign was still showing in the window. Juniper was looking at a clipboard and the shelves ticking off what inventory she had and what she needed. Nicklaus had left to make deliveries so she was minding the show room this night.

Michelle wandered the streets of RhyDin, consulting the address in her palm. Seaside was not as familiar as some of the other areas of this ever-changing city. Eventually, she found a new sign pointing towards the Unifier Brewing Company. After a brisk stroll, she found the beautifully lit vintage building with an open sign still showing. Pulling her cloak close after a particularly strong gust of cold wind she stepped into the warm flavorful smelling building. The small chimes announced her arrival and she quickly spotted Juniper - those glowing wings were hard to miss.

The fae was hovering up at the highest shelf placing a couple of bottles up on the shelf and she'd call over her shoulder. “Welcome to Unifier I'll be with you in just a sec!” She placed the last of the five juggled bottles on the shelf and turned she had somehow had all those bottles and her clipboard all held in her possession and she was pulling the pen and checking off her list as she fluttered down to the ground and landed looking up she'd smile. A friendly smile lit across her face as she set down the clipboard and strolled up to the small bar “Evening! How are you tonight?”

"I'm well, thanks. We met briefly a week or so ago and you told me about this new brewery, so I thought I'd stop by." Michelle offered her hand and smiled in return. "Michelle Montoya. It's Juniper, correct?"

Her hostess leaned over the bar and took her hand giving it a shake. “Yup that's me. Nice to meet you again Michelle. I do remember the meeting you! There are so many people around these parts it's hard to remember names but I don't forget a face” A delicate hand swept back the red hair before picking up a menu which was offered to Michelle. “Any sample you'd like to try let me know.”

"To be honest, I don't actually drink spirits. In fact, that's partly why I came. I've been invited to a luncheon and it is traditional to bring the hostess a gift. The hostess is a good friend of my mothers and is always looking for something from far off, and well, RhyDin is far off in a way. I was wondering if you might have any recommendations?"

“I can indeed help with that, but first” she gave two short claps “a drink!” Michelle was offered a nice selection of sodas - she took a ginger beer - while Juniper moved back to the shelves and started clinking bottles. The fae picked two and brought them to show her customer.

“We have a Firefae Mead in this bottle” she tilted one of the bottles to show a light purple colored liquor “this is a cinnamon, juniper, mint and herbs combination”. A glass was quickly brought out and placed before Michelle. Juniper poured a sample bottle into the glass. “I know you don't drink but humor me a moment.” The glass of dark purple liquid that shimmered like it was full of glitter. It was intrigued to see a beverage like this so Michelle reached out her hand, noting the rich hue and how it enticed you to taste it's equally - she assumed - fascinating flavour. “I believe you swirl it in a certain way?"

“Yes swirl the glass deosil.” The glass was gently swirled clockwise as directed. It turned the colour to red, and the glass began to warm up with the smell of cinnamon and spices wafting up with the comfort of a warm fireplace. “That's my favorite one. Now swirl the glass widdershins, when you are ready of course.”

Before swirling the glass again Michelle leaned in and took a long, slow inhale of the fragrance. "Well, this is quite amazing. I usually find cinnamon to be quite strong but this is incredibly tasteful." She then straightened a bit before swirling it counter-clockwise.

As the concoction twirled in the other direction the colour changes this time to a bright green and the glass felt as if it had sat in the chiller for a day. Little frost crystals had started to cover the glass, the aroma of mint and other herbs wafting from the tonic. Juniper couldn’t help but smile - she loved her lovers' enchantments no matter how many times she saw them.
"Absolutely remarkable! This will fit my hostess nicely." Michelle didn't mention that it would also match the hostesses personality. "How much for a bottle?"

Her bright red wings flowed behind her as Juniper looked down at her list and gave the price. “We only have two bottles left in stock right now because these can only be brewed during the full moon and Nicklaus just finished the enchantments last night and it's soaking up the moonlight one more night before the new batches can be racked and after being racked it will need to be settled for a week so you see it takes some time to make.” With a serious look, Juniper asked, “Your friend can she obey rules?”

Michelle sipped the ginger beer in hard thinking about her mother’s friend Grace. "Hmmm. Well, she's a seventy-five-year-old lady who makes her own rules to an extent. If she thinks the rules make sense she will follow them, but ... well, she has her own mind." How many times had she gotten in trouble at the old lady's home?

The bottle was turned around as Juniper directed her attention to the warning label “This is very important for her to follow.”

~WARNING: Swirl Mead only in single-serving glasses. DO NOT swirl mead in the bottle. Combustion, explosion, frostburn, or implosion may occur. UBC is not responsible for injuries caused by improper use of this product.~

A hearty laugh came up from Michelle’s belly and through her lips. "I don't know if she would try and do it just for the thrill of it in her old age or not. More than likely she will taste it and decide it's too good to waste on such a ... 'adolescent' experiment."

The bottles were purchased and wrapped up but Michelle hesitated before leaving the store. "I was also wondering if I could ask a small favour. Just a bit of... cross-promotion."

The face smiled and tilted her head curiously “and what would that be?"

"Well, I run a small enterprise out of my home. It's been low-key for some time now but I'm trying to expand beyond the valley near my home. I’ve recently purchased a bakery and we will be opening this week. I bake pies, tarts, that kind of thing. I have some business cards and I am looking for businesses with similar values where I can display them." She reached into a small bag and pulled out a stack of 50 simple business cards with the label of her new bakery Bak’d and a beautiful line sketch of a freshly baked pie. “I'm... I'm also looking for a place to display some art. Brewers tend to know most folks, and I was wondering if you know of a gallery that displays fine art. Typically of the traditional acrylic and oil variety."

Juniper set down the bottle and looked closely at the cards with a smile. “I'd be happy to display your cards and some of your art also, unfortunately, our clientele is still very small I think Nicklaus has been selling to the sisters at the Perch, and I think he's working with the proprietor of PUBLIC an art studio but I think Nicklaus was handling that since she mistook him for the owner.” There was a small chuckle at that. “Easily mistaken he's got the skill I just had the money. I would check at PUBLIC the woman's name was Lucy...Mitford I believe.”

Michelle took out a small notebook embossed with a simple blue A on the spine and wrote in the name PUBLIC - Lucy Mitford - Gallery in fine script on the first blank page, just after the address of the brewery. After a little more shop-talk (there would be some wine pairings arranged with Benny the Butcher) Michelle walked away with the bottle of wine and two dozen of the Unifiers business cards. Those business cards are proudly displayed at the front counter of Bak’d, right beside sample rack.

Adapted from live play with Juniper.
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Pi Day

Post by Michelle Montoya » Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:20 pm

It was a busy day at the bakery, for many of the people in Rhy'Din loved to celebrate math with pie. On the 14th Day of the 3rd Month, they would celebrate the irrational number Pi (3.141592...) And so Michelle had small tarts, mini-chocolate pie's, and regular sized baked pies with pi symbols along with strudels made to look like pi. Anyone who came into the bakery for a pi-themed product would receive 15% off their purchase.

OOC Note: I know it's short notice, but anyone who posts about getting some Pi-Day Pie from Bak'd will get a Pie Icon. If you specifically mention apple, blueberry or lemon you will get that icon.
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Re: Bak'd

Post by Amaris » Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:38 pm

Amaris would wonder around till she found the shop that Michelle ran. She'd heard people talking about pie day and well she did want the Cherry streusel tart, the Peanut butter pie, and her favorite Blueberry pie. When she entered her eyes went wide and she zoomed over to the cases looking at everything, heck wanting everything her mind went back and forth. Her hand would sink deep into her pockets only to bring out a bulging bag of coins. she'd been saving for something yummy but she had to narrow it down so she kept looking back and forth.

Once she had FINALLY decided what she wanted she looked around weaving and dodging between the other customers moving towards Michelle calling out because dang it was busy.

"I want a dozen mini cherry streusel tarts, a peanut butter pie, and my all-time favorite Blueberry pie, Please?"

Moving towards the register she'd heave the bag up on the counter beside it and wait patiently for her pastries and to pay for the items.
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Strudel and Pie for Amaris

Post by Michelle Montoya » Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:07 pm

Jojo, Summer, and Antony were all busy baking the next set of pies, tarts, and strudel. Mellie's kids, Bethany and Dan, were on decorating duty and then slipping the freshly made goods into the displays or behind the glass window. Michelle and Mellie handled the till. Mellie was busy wrapping up a gift box for another customer as Amaris stepped up with her order.

"Struesel Tarts, Peanut Butter Pie and Blueberry PIe coming up!"

As if they were all engaged in some fluid dance behind the counter Michelle moved around Mellie and Dan to collect Amaris' purchases. Everything was quickly boxed up, stickers with the Bak'd label to seal them up, and a nice blue ribbon to tie everything together. Michelle took the coin, rang it through the till and handed Amaris' her collection of baked good.

"Thanks for coming in Amaris! I'll see you again soon."
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Re: Pi Day Pie from Bak'd

Post by Jake » Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:08 pm

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Re: Bak'd

Post by Tenrowe » Sat Sep 12, 2020 2:45 pm

Having arrived early to Bak’d had given him time to enjoy his coffee, fuss over the list in his hand, and enjoy for a little while the streetside view of that corner of the Four Points. Not to mention it made sure he was first in line when the sign was flipped and the door unlocked right at the stroke of 11:00—and a good thing, too, since three others had already queued up behind him by the time they were let inside.

Having already had a brief exchange with Michelle the night before about his order and its purpose, he moved straightaway to the furthest end of the counter, nearest the office door, and with a beaming smile presented his list to the woman that came down to help him. She had dark, thick, curly hair, and a nametag which said Jojo. After reading the list she politely greeted him as Candidate Tenrowe, revealing she and Michelle had spoken.

The other woman behind the counter went to helping the line of customers behind him, which had already grown to five. The fresh smells coming from the cases were like a siren song. Jojo expressed surprise at the quantities he required. He shared with her his Let Them Have Breakfast program, which she seemed to enjoy the sound of. After a few things were signed and some numbers exchanged, his account with them was open and this beginning recurring order placed.

Though it took no small effort on his part not to fall in love with Jojo right there on the spot, he finally managed to tear himself away, bent on his further missions around town. “Thank You!” he said to everyone on his way out the door, throwing his very best Gubernatorial Peace Sign as he went.
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