Grand Opening Celebration

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Grand Opening Celebration

Post by Ed » Sat May 30, 2020 2:55 pm

* * * GRAND OPENING * * *

This Monday, June 1st, starting at 10:00 AM Rhy’Din Standard Time! Come on over to 8105 River Road! We’re having a barbecue!

Now that things have finally settled down in the Old Market district, come join the Greensmith family and all their extended relatives as they celebrate the grand opening of their family owned and operated business!


The Greensmith family specializes in the restoration and repair of antique machinery as well as the repurposing of otherwise used and discarded treasures. Anything from the basic kitchen toaster to a good old-fashioned cigarette dispensary can be revitalized and brought back to life in their capable hands. Due to particular personal interest, they specialize in vintage video gaming cabinets and vending machines, but just about anything that can be pulled from a junkyard can be revived in the Greensmith garage. They can even repair your often dropped and busted telecommunications devices!

Proud papas Goshen and Ed Greensmith, along with their two-year-old daughter Polly and five-month-old son Paxton, will be available for photo opportunities and hugs. Bring the kids and let them play safely on the Greensmith family hand built home jungle gym located in their very backyard! Many additional extended family members will be on site helping with grilling, serving, and clean-up, as well as assisting with the purchase and delivery of any merchandise that may catch your eye!

(( Examples of possible restored items available for purchase shown below, but let your imagination run wild! ))

(( Potential NPC family members that may be encountered include Abby Jones, Jameson Mayer, Noodle, brothers Jack and Gus Wegman, along with Jack's girlfriend Beth and their children (1 year old Wesley and newborn Beatrice), Pert with 5-month-old baby Rooster, Starbuck Jones with 5-month old baby Nova, Nellie Dean with her gaggle of children: Cindy (12), Wade (10), Mabel (6), Warren (3), and Gary (1), Fox and Margot Greene with daughter Ginger (11), and the notorious Auntie Sizzle! ))

(( Please be respectful of the setting and our characters, be kind to each other and write responsibly. When in doubt, feel free to shoot any of us a PM. Thank you!))
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