Suggestions for Sanity!

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Re: Suggestions for Sanity!

Post by Sulissurn » Thu Sep 10, 2020 12:01 pm

Casual Games that may help distract/quiet the mind:

KIND WORDS - You would think a game that is about sending and receiving anonymous letters would be filled with absolute worst of the worst. And, well. You would be happily wrong. Kind words is a game with chill beats and music where you log in to a comfortable room and settle in to your desk. At your desk, you go through letters written by real people, signed only with an initial. The letters range from heart-warming encouragement, to reaching out for help, to questions about life, advice and more. You answer the ones you wish, or send out a letter anonymously if you need it. As you answer or write, you can collect letter 'stickers,' that turn out to be objects you can decorate your room with.

The entire time in the game, folded paper notes fly by, and these short notes have always been words of positivity, encouragement, comfort, short poems, lyrics and other upbeat words.

Anytime I am feeling at the end of my rope, either energy or emotional, I fire this game up to write a few kind words.

LITTLEWOOD (steam) - Congratulations, hero. You've saved the world. It's time to retire and rebuild a village of your own. Albeit, without your memories for some reason. Fish, mine, gather, build, quest, upgrade, and layout your town while exploring the world. If you enjoyed Stardew valley, or Animal Crossing, then this adorable little game is worth your time. I have been playing this off and on at night after work to forget about things for a little while, building and crafting bit by bit. It is challenging a little in that you need to figure out what you want to spend your limited energy on--gathering or crafting--before your energy runs out and you need to sleep. ( LITTLEWOOD on )

SLIME RANCHER - Oldie, but still a goodie. You're a plucky young rancher setting out thousands of light years away from home and try to make your living wrangling slimes. The slimes are adorable. There are crafting, building and exploration options, and it is brightly colored and adorable.

Self - Care DIY's marginally safe (not counting allergies/ability, etc)
  • Get up from your desk/PC/Laptop/Bed/Chair and walk around if you can. If at work, take a quick break to get water, coffee, bathroom.
  • Wash your face. No energy to do so? Splash some water on that cute thing and dry off.
  • Speaking of water, don't forget--we're anxious little cucumbers. Drink a glass of it.
  • Open the blinds/shades and sit near the sun. Or even go outside for 10 minutes of doing nothing. Anxious cucumbers need light, too.
  • Do you like tea? Break out the tea. Pair it with a face mask/calming movie/nature sound/find a breath-along-with gif to take some much needed calming moments.
  • Create something. Not even talking artistic. Create some food. Create some doodles. Create a splash of color in a coloring book. Create a toothpick trebuchet, use the kids crayola paints.
  • If the clutter is starting to get to you but you are overwhelmed or your executive dysfunction is screaming: Pick ONE small surface. Remove the clutter and wipe it down. JUST the one. Baby steps. There. You did it. One less messy spot.
  • Take the longest most luxurious shower you can. Use the hair treatment you've been saving. Shave for no reason other than you want to, or let it grow. No judgement. Use the pretty soap. Break out the back scrubber and exfoliate gloves. Slather yourself in body lotion.
  • Not enough spoons/energy/in too much pain for a shower or bath? No shame in those baby wipes. Use them to the best of your ability.
  • What have you eaten today? Nothing? Omg. Go microwave something/boil the ramen/eat the s'ghetti noodles, whatever.
  • Tell someone something nice no matter how small. "Your hair smells great," or "You make me laugh until I pee a little," counts. You never know what we're all going through.
  • Get off social media for 1 hour, or 1 day. Log out, mentally and literally.

  • Parks and Rec.
  • Brooklyn 99
  • The Witcher
  • Favorite comedian/comedy/stand up
  • Favorite book that's been a while since you read/re-read it
  • Re-read your favorite RP logs/Posts
This is just off the top of my head. I can't add too much more to it as I am """at work"" right now """working""" :P so I have to go back to doing that. I will edit to add anything else I can think of. Also, feel free to suggest your favorite casual no-thinky-thoughts games, self-care, funny/lighthearted movies and books if you want to add to these lists. <3

Take care of you. I mean it. I can't do it from where I am and the internet hasn't invented "send soup of caring," to people. So for now, don't forget to give yourself a little love, even if you don't believe it. You do deserve it.
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Josette Wheeler
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Re: Suggestions for Sanity!

Post by Josette Wheeler » Thu Sep 10, 2020 12:10 pm

These are truly wonderful suggestions and important reminders. Love all of this! Thanks for sharing Suliss! ❤️
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