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Junior Adventurer
Junior Adventurer
Sophia Song
Character Race:
Eikon Incarnate (Supposedly)
Little Meracydia (between Little China & Little Korea), Dockside, Rhy'Din City
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
Park Hye Min
Character Age:
Ageless (Really 22)
Triad Boss, Mad Widow of Meracydia
52 kg
157 cm
Blonde (dyed)
Light brown eyed

Fine fabrics
Shiny baubles
The latest and greatest in fashion and accessories

Always accompanied by some sort of entourage ranging from assistants to bodyguards and everything in between
The sigh of the shifting sea
The kiss of the salt-sweet breeze.
The white of her silken dress stained in red

A memory fading fast
Her mother sits, eyes downcast
A torn uniform in hand, farewells unsaid

That once a certainty, lost in grief
A daughter's desperate cries, unheard pleas
Forsaken, beaten, tried, on her knees
A prayer passes from her lips
Into her soul the Goddess whispers:

"A heartbeat without harmony
Is moonlight without dark
The heart seeketh equilibrium
With balance will your worry part"

"So still this broken melody
And therewith shoulder thee
One last step only leaving
An empty hearth down by the sea
An empty hearth down by the sea"

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